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  1. Believe it's been almost 4 years sense I've been on here.. Have 4 more grandkids and couple more horse's added to our family last 4 years... See Tuck from time to time but never really connected with anyone else on here... So HI>...:).
  2. I Said Goodbye..

    So sorry, been there done that, getting ready to have to do it again. I lost my special boy to an accident almost 24 years ago and it still hurts. My youngest is due to have her first child anyday and she is fighting haveing to make the decision to put her special boy down now...hoping he can make it until after the baby gets here and at least make it a little bit easier on her. Feel your pain and hope it get a little better soon....BIG HUG>
  3. Buy Or Not To Buy?

    Found a nice bay mare for sale from an old friend that is getting out of the business.... She's 12 years old, broke as a 2 year old never rode again and has just raised a few foals. I don't really want to get in the breeding business but thought about maybe raising one or two. I've got a friend that has a great stud that I've loved for years but just really don't care for the breeding on the mares he has so don't really want to buy a colt from him but would love to have a colt from his stud. The mare I'm thanking of buying has Three Bars and Peppy on her papers and I've always loved the Three Bars close up, and thats getting really hard to find. I keep telling myself I don't need another horse and I don't need to raise a colt but I really like this mare and thank she would cross good with the stud I like...... Best part, the guy will sell me the mare for $200.00 because he just wants out of the business, and we've know each other for years. I hate when my little voice tells me one thing and my brain tells me some thing different...LOL
  4. Buy Or Not To Buy?

    Well that's one of the reasons I'm looking at buying this mare..I believe her breeding and his will be a great match. I have a friend that has just as nice of a stallion that I could breed to for a lot less money but I don't thank they would be that good of a match. I could buy one of the stallions colts for less than it would cost me to breed to him and feed the mare for a year, but I like her breeding better than most of his mares. I guess I'm really old school and just love the close up Three Bars and Peppy. I would be looking at keeping the foal but you never know for sure what life is going to throw at you down the road. I have enough pasture and only have one other horse so feed and room will not be an issue. Thank I'm going to buy the mare for sure and decide after I get to know her better weither to breed her or not.
  5. Love the truck drawings nice, and the color of your stud is great..nice pictures all the way around...
  6. Random Picture Thread

    My crazy BC Tuck, can't ever get a good picture because she has to be right there with me.
  7. Thought I'd Stick My Head In And Say Hi

    Wow, sorry about the trainer. I had a friend just go through almost the same thing, with one of her fillies. I've always loved your horses, great pictures. Thank you for sharing your wonderful horses with us.
  8. Hc Oldies

    Well I'm kind of an old timer (compared to some), although I didn't post much when I was on here. But one of the reasons was because a couple of people on here hit me wrong or people seemed to read stuff into my post that I didn't even write or ask about, so just stoped posting. I come back every great once in a while and check up on things, just don't comment or post. Glad to see some of the others posting and know they are still around.
  9. Hay Prices

    I gave basically twice as much as I did last year for round bales. I still need about 7 round bales but can't find anyone around northern Oklahoma that has hay and the stuff coming in on trucks they want you to buy the whole truck. I've tried contacting people to see if someone wants to go in on a truck load but so far no luck... Even tried selling my two horses and no ones buying because of the lack of hay and grass.
  10. Catching Up

    Haven't been on here in forever, but check in now and again to see whats up...Just wanted to say "Hi".
  11. Dear Santa, I Want

    Dear Santa, Give my family good health, and happiness. And give me the strength to do the right things and be a good person. Thanks You. PS. Try not to wake the dogs up when you come flying by.
  12. Chia Head Tuck Pictures

    Tuck I almost never get on here anymore, to much going on in life. THe hair looks great, you look great. Glad to see that big smile.
  13. Gulliver's New Place And Few Riding Pictures

    You both look great....good for you for getting back into dressage and getting some help. Good luck.
  14. Dog People - Help!

    Good luck with her, she looks so sweet.
  15. Mountain Lion Attacking Horses - 3 Attacks Now

    Had a girlfriend have problems with a cougar several years ago. Game Warden tried to tell her there weren't any in our area...ya what ever....thats why another friend that lives a mile away put her car in the ditch missing a mother and her two kittens running across the road. Ever hear a cougar scream.....scarry as heck. Glad you have him some were safe and sorry your BO's mare got hurt. Hopefully they will catch him/her soon.
  16. Is This Funny..

    I don't care if he has air bags, he could still get hurt on that pony and bad. He's a good little rider but come on parents find him a horse that he can ride and not practice being a stunt man.
  17. Our Sweet Boy Is Gone...

    So sorry, its never easy even when you know its for the best. [Huggy]
  18. Fun Day With A Board Buddy

    Must say you have a great looking bunch. THe only thang is I don't think Sky fits in very well. Maybe you should send him to me down here in Oklahoma, yes thats it I bet he would fit right in.....LOL
  19. We Did It, We Opened A Gate!

    Been working on side passing, she will move front end great and hips great but both together...well lets just say "we are working on it". Well last night we opened and closed the gate to the round pen without me taking my hand off of it. She hates that gate and was nervous as heck but we worked slow and got it done. Trying to work on stuff other than Western Pleasure, just to get her mind working lets say "out side of the box". I'm proud of her.
  20. Amber And Kitty Pictures

    Love the pics.... but I thank you need a bigger sink.....LOL
  21. Mountain Lion Attacking Horses - 3 Attacks Now

    Scary stuff..I'm sure he'll be fine. He is a nice big strong boy and I really think a bear would leave him alone as he is a strong horse. More than likely he may have went after the other horse because he was old and slow.
  22. But I Donotwanna

    [Yay] Way to go Tuck [Yay]
  23. Wonderful Horse Day

  24. Part Of My Journey

    Tuck your so awesome. [Yay]
  25. Bought a paint mare 6 weeks ago that is a finished western plesure mare but thats all she does is western pleasure. She is 6 years old about 14.2 hands (little small for me, but would be good for the grandaughter to move up to) and spooks at everything outside of the ring. She is getting better around the pasture at paying attention to me and not looking for spooks everywhere, but we haven't went to our first show yet. So I'm real concerned about the spookeness, especially if I plan on the grandaughter taking her over in a couple of years. So the lady I bought her from knows I'm not happy and is willing to trade for another mare she has. This mare is paint, 15 years old , a little bigger and has been shown but not as good of a mover as the mare I have now. She would be ok for open and 4-H but not breed shows like the mare I have now. She says she is not spooky and can be rode up and down the road etc... just older and not as good of a WP horse. What would you do?