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    Pitbulls, Boxers(dog), Snakes, Rottweilers, Ice Skating, Cats, YouTube, Skiing, Swimming, Creepypasta, and Roblox (these are my interests that I can think of right now xD)
  1. ..

    Hello darkness my old friend.... Random picture below \/ (lol)
  2. I Love all dogs no matter how bad people say they are.

    Omg. Pitbulls aren't bad. It depends on how you raise them. My friend has a pitbull and it's the nicest dog ever. I know people have different opinions on Different dogs but what I am trying to say is any dog can be aggressive but it doesn't mean all of that breed is.
  3. My pets... (Pictures included)

    Casper (cat) ((all white, blue eyes. Breed:Turkish Angora)) Franklyn (cat) ((grey/black/brownish Tabby)) Zoey (dog) ((brown with a patch of white on chest. Breed:Boxer)) Bella (dog) ((mixture of different shades of brown. Breed: Pomeranian. Denis (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a green shell. [MY BROTHER NAMED HIM THIS])) Alex (Hermit Crab) ((red hermit crab with a yellow shell. [My brother also named that one.])) My animals that have died Scooter (cat) ((all black [a tiny barely noticeable patch white on chest] with yellow eyes. We think the breed was Bombay Cat)) Dakota (dog) ((brown with a patch of white on chest. Breed:Boxer)) Swiper (cat) (orange and white Tabby. I forget his eye color. [PS. I was like 5 around that time when we got him and at the time I also like Dora so I named him swiper xD])) Oreo (Gerbil) (I think she was a black and white Gerbil. I forget the eye color) Coco (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab in a cream shell)) Blaze (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a Spider-Man shell....)) [My brother picked out that one] Ocean (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a red sparkling shell)) Romen (hermit crab) ((red hermit crab with a green shell)) Little bear (ferret) ((I think he was a brownish with a white stomach. I forget the eye color)) There was one more ferret I forgot her name, but I think she was either all white or all brown. (((Also I do not have pictures of the ferrets, gerbil, or swiper)) Blaze /\ Romen /\ Coco /\ Ocean /\ Scooter /\ ((sorry about the Instagram thingy)) Dakota /\ Alex /\Denis /\Casper /\Franklyn /\Zoey /\Bella /\
  4. My cat loves chewing Q-Tips.. Why???

    So I got a cat named Casper (she is all white with blue eyes) She's about 9 months old, and We have the Q-Tips up so she can't get them (she can't even get to them) And everyday I find at least 1 Q-Tip Casper chews. Does any one else's cat do this, and how can I stop her from doing this?
  5. Why I *extremely dislike* Boxers

    I have a boxer named Zoey. I've had a boxer before we got Zoey as well. His name was Dakota. They were both the friendliest dogs ever, they will be stubborn sometimes though. Boxers are very loyal, and loving pets. Everybody has different opinions but I mean All dogs should be loved. Whenever people say pitbulls are bad I get mad because there really not bad dogs. Boxers are really not bad dogs either.