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  1. Lopsided Hoof

    Ok let me go over what I've absorbed so far: 1.Keep treating thrush 2. Leave frogs alone aside from treating for thrush (was pretty much doing that. Farrier was the one who cleaned up the frogs aside from the left front, which he must have seen needed to be left alone since it's the most shriveled) 3. Put a better more consistent bevel on each hoof, making sure it's 45 degrees from 10 to 2 (completely my bad, but easy enough to improve on) 4. Get heels an even height (Not sure how much of that is me and how much of that is where Goblin's feet started from. I've been trying to rasp a few times more on the sides towards her belly since I know it's a lot easier to go too lightly there, but at the same time Goblin used to be BAD about picking up and holding up her feet. She's improved a ton since I started regularly touching up her feet though, so I should now concentrate on LOOKING first and then going after it) 5. Keep knocking the bars back to where they should be (this is the part that I have the most problems with, since her bars were REALLY bad. It was only a few weeks ago that I managed to finally find where the bars had folded over and trapped a line of dirt under them. Those deep ramps leading down to the frog bother me a lot but I'm not sure how to get rid of them aside from scraping away a bit of the bar each time I mess with her feet. I figure overgrown bars are a bit like an ingrown toenail, REALLY painful if left to jam into everything but also really painful to just yank the whole thing out!) Still haven't gotten out to the barn, work has been crazy but I'm riding her in a clinic/lesson tomorrow, and Sunday I should be able to get a good look at her feet again.
  2. Lopsided Hoof

    Thanks so much for the input, both of you! Each time I ride her she's led over a gravel driveway, every now and again I do ride her on it but she takes an "ouch" step every now and again so I was avoiding doing that too much, plus I only ride outside the arena if I'm riding with someone, which isn't often. I don't own the property (or the horse, for that matter, I'm lucky in that they let me mess with her feet) but I'll encourage getting pea gravel around the waterer, she's always good about going for a big drink after each ride, and since it's under shelter it should last a good while before getting swept away. I'll re-read all of the posts a few times before I get to her feet again, since daylight is short and I'm stuck at work until dusk with the holiday rush. :/ Might not be until Sunday that I can mess with them again, although I did treat them for thrush again the last couple times I was out.
  3. Lopsided Hoof

    I ride mostly in the sand arena, her hooves are always easy to pick out at the end of riding there. The paddock has a large dry area that tends to be heavy on the clay side, mixed with manure of course. :/ That leads to nasty stuff packed in tight, which was easy to happen with those deep grooves by the frogs.
  4. Lopsided Hoof

    Thanks, and yes a fair bit of retained sole has been coming out over the past month. I ride her 3x a week and usually take the rasp/knife to her for just a few swipes on each foot, letting her slowly adjust to her feet coming back to different angles than what they've been at. So do you think that where the bars were at messed with her foot all this time, and now that they're trimmed back that her hoof will grow out to a better shape? I'll definitely give Missy a PM, I've read up on her other posts and was pretty impressed with her eye.
  5. Lopsided Hoof

    So I'm leasing a mare who's been barefoot all her life (as far as I know) and when I started riding her, she had some pretty badly contracted heels which were underslung, with overgrown hoof wall and some really badly folded over bars. Every now and again she would trip (in a fairly flat arena!) and she paddles in the front, just like her mother. Now, whether they paddle because they both happen to have the same build, or the same kind of feet, I don't know. What I do know is that I've been taking a rasp (and more recently a hoof knife) to their feet (Goblin far more often because I ride her) and the tripping as well as the paddling have improved. (I'm sure some of that is due to building up muscle though) In any case, I know the front feet are thrushy even though they have varied terrain in their paddock including high ground that's pretty dry. I've been treating for thrush in the past week and I'm starting to see some improvement already so I'll keep at that, and I figure getting the heels down and bringing the frog down to give it a chance to contact the ground has been helping with that. The super deep overgrown bars were NOT helping either, since it allowed crud to pack tight in there with no chance of getting out. Anyways, here's some pictures, let me know if you need better ones for assessment. The left fore is the hoof that concerns me the most, it's probably related that until very recently Goblin would NOT pick up the left lead, no matter how strongly I set her up for it. (it doesn't help that I'm a re-rider after quite a few years off) So an experienced rider could make her pick up the left, but only with a LOT of coaxing. I'm sure it's a spiral of her avoiding going on that lead, which made her feel unbalanced when on that lead, so she'd avoid it even more, etc. In any case, I'm kind of stymied by just how weird this foot is, I'm a lot happier with the bars now, but the inside of the hoof looks super narrow compared to the outside of the hoof, which has that funky thing going on. Is that grown out flare? An old abscess? Last year in the fall she came up lame if I remember right, that might have had something to do with it. Right fore is better than the left, but still not 100%. Again, those bars used to be wayyyy up at the tip of the frog, so I'm actually pretty happy with how her feet look even though I'm sure everyone here will see a hot mess. Here's the left hind, both of her hinds are WAY better than her fores, but if you see anything off please let me know! What I see is that the inside is again, narrower than the outside edge of the hoof. And here's her right hind, which I'm happiest with.