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  1. Pregnant donkey

    It means she's pretty close to foaling, although equines of all kinds LOVE fooling humans about just when they're going to drop. When the fluid goes thick, she's about ready to give birth.
  2. My horse might've eaten rubber bands, now what?

    Even for a cat, those small rubber bands would have a vet saying "wait and see". My idiot kitten ate a regular hair tie, and if it didn't have metal in it the vet said she would probably have waited it out rather than get him to vomit it back up.
  3. Feed/buying material for health

    Another thing I've seen and heard from people is they noticed their horses (especially lighter skinned ones) would sunburn a LOT easier when fed alfalfa, and acted a lot more hot than usual.
  4. Signs of spring?

    Went to the horse fair on Saturday, and while it was sunny it was COLD. The horses were all shedding out like mad though, so hopefully they know what's up. Rumor has it we'll see 70 degrees on Wednesday, but right now it's been snowing all night. >;/
  5. HC Member's house burnt down

    That's just awful.
  6. Signs of spring?

    That's great that the kitten is perking up! And yeah, having a pet to bond to like that will help him get through changes to his life. This morning it's 22 degrees, with a "feels like" of 14. Getting really tired of bundling up like some sort of Arctic explorer every time I want to step outdoors.
  7. Signs of spring?

    Awwww! I second everything Heidi said. He might be a bit over 10 days, but not by much. He looks like he's going to be a little chunker when he grows up! I got my surprise kitten last September. He's **** on wheels. Hope your little guy winds up being more easily managed than my ginger monster!
  8. Signs of spring?

    Ya know, I was HORRIFIED by "Hush Puppies" when I came to the midwest. "So...It's a clam cake, but with no clam? WHY. AND DOES IT HAVE PUPPIES IN IT?"
  9. Signs of spring?

    Brilliant! I actually do have one that I was going to repurpose into a rainbarrel! RRWoman, OH MAN those look squeaky fresh!
  10. Signs of spring?

    Jubal, the cheapo saddle I used is too narrow for her, she's sore right behind the withers (pinned ears and jerking her head when pressing/stroking over that area on both sides, and that was only after a pretty mild ride with a bit of trot/jog work) This saddle looks to be wider, or it would be if it weren't warped right now. I'm planning on doing a deep cleaning on it with plenty of lathered up saddle soap in hopes of bending it back into a proper shape. As it is, with the skirt flared out at the bottom there I worry that it will make the same hot spots on her shoulders since the weight wouldn't be distributed evenly. I think she also has a kink in her back somewhere going on, when I was on her bareback I could definitely feel a line of tension along the left side of her back going to her loin. It sounds like she's going to get her back worked on this week though so hopefully that will help, and the time off without a crummy saddle on her should help too. As for fishing, it looks like snow is in the forecast for tomorrow yet again. Looks to be just an inch though, so hopefully it'll bugger off sooner rather than later.
  11. Signs of spring?

    Sounds like everyone had a pretty nice weekend! I got to ride a bit on Sunday despite the chilly weather. Felt bad because Goblin was very obviously sore from the crummy saddle I used on her Friday, so I just hopped on her bareback, which did nicely to keep me warm. Just toodled around a bit, doing circles to stretch her out. The "new" saddle was inconclusive. It had been abused pretty bad, pretty sure it had been tossed in a garage while wet because it's badly flared out and covered in mould. So I have the fun job of cleaning and suppling it up to see if THEN it will fit properly.
  12. Signs of spring?

    RR Woman, your dogs are adorable (I'm sure you're fully aware of that ;) ) PD, I didn't get a chance to take any pics yesterday, but here's Goblin doing her favorite pass time, snoozing. Her second favorite pass time is being weird, as shown in the second pic of her resting her nose on my foot. I actually just lease her, but we get along pretty well. Funny thing is, I actually hate bald faces, I think it makes them look like cows! ;D She's a paintaloosa that came about through an accidental breeding when a massive flood came through some years ago and knocked down all the fences when they had an elderly stallion on the property.
  13. Signs of spring?

    Little Cow, check that detergent again and see if it says "lavender SCENTED". (you won't see "made with real lavender" anywhere) I have a friend who works for a major company as a chemist for stuff like that, and she says it's been common knowledge for years now that lavender is an estrogen emulator (which isn't good for women, either. Too much estrogen can cause all sorts of nasty side effects over time) and since they know that, they haven't been using actual lavender for any of their lavender scented products. Essential oils on the other hand, don't have that kind of restriction in place and will use actual lavender and will very likely be nailed for it in the near future. In any case, actually got out for a short ride yesterday! When the sun came out you could kinda pretend it was spring. The horses here aren't completely sure about it yet though and are only somewhat shedding. Best yet though, after my friend and I rode, we went to Tandy Leather Factory, and since we go there all the time we've gotten friendly with one of the employees. She comes out and asks if either of us are looking for a saddle! I've been using a crummy one at the barn that's not the best or borrowing a good saddle (or just riding bareback) so when I was told that I could take it to test out the fit on the mare I ride I was pretty chuffed.
  14. Signs of spring?

    It's not even going to break 50 today, but since it's not raining I'm going to try getting a ride in anyways! Starting to get desperate here, and of course the weekend's forecast is cruddy cold and rain. >;/ However, I have seen some green poking up from the ground from eager tulips, and a friend had her one crocus bloom.
  15. Hello - and a question

    Oh I don't blame you for buying it when you had no idea, I just think that she owes you your money back since she basically sold you stolen goods. (I don't know if all the fonts belong to someone else, but I'd be suspicious of it for sure. Kinda like if you bought a bunch of horse tack and it turns out the saddle was stolen from another barn, you'd be looking at the rest of the tack with a suspicious eye)
  16. Signs of spring?

    Pink, yes it's absolutely normal for any kind of stress to throw chickens off their laying. It takes 23 hours* for an egg to form, so those eggs on the first and second day were already in the chute, so to speak. So it could either be the stress of moving that's delaying the eggs, or just natural timing that they're all taking the day off. *23 hours minimum, in reality most hens take a fair bit longer between each yolk being released. Some will lay a few days in a row and take a day off, some every other day. WOAH I feel bad for that hen, Grimmie!
  17. Hello - and a question

    Absolutely, in fact they should NOT be selling you that file! Basically they pirated that design, and are making a profit off of someone else's work. No bueno.
  18. Hello - and a question

    Going to be the killjoy here on this (note: I have a background in art, so this has been hammered into me) be VERY careful about copywritten fonts and images (like Tinkerbell there). If you sell it, you can get a cease and desist in short order and possibly fined for all the money plus legal fees. Disney especially is REALLY good at hunting that down, since when it comes to copyright it's "use it or lose it". In other words, if they don't defend their copwritten material, they can lose the right to use it exclusively and then anyone and everyone can use it at whim. So legally, they HAVE to get after anyone selling stuff that's "theirs". Having said that, they don't own the rights to fairies, just THAT particular fairy. So if you did something to change it up, like say, add another set of wings just below the top ones to make it more like a butterfly, and change the bun to a ponytail, it's all good. As for the sign itself, nicely done! Really clean lines, makes it look very professional.
  19. I Have Had It!

    Reported the spam.
  20. Signs of spring?

    Changing seasons always remind me of this skit from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail:
  21. Signs of spring?

    I haven't had turkey eggs yet, but I'd love to try them. Spring has decided to retreat back into winter, it's cold and windy here and just generally unpleasant. Tomorrow is supposed to go back to spring, then by Sunday winter and snow will be back again. >;P
  22. Signs of spring?

    If I ever get property I really want to get a goose, their eggs are the BEST for omelettes. They're the perfect size per person, and they are lighter and fluffier than chicken egg omelettes.
  23. Signs of spring?

    Congratulations on your hens, Pink! If you have any questions about tending them, let me know! I've had mine a few years now, got some as pullets and some as chicks. What breed did you get? I sell the eggs I don't eat as well. You can also freeze eggs after cracking them open, but their consistency changes so they're really only good for baking after that (maybe scrambled as well). I save all my shells, crumble them up and toss them back to the hens for extra calcium. You might know this already, but the whole "vegetarian chicken" thing is a myth, they'll eat just about anything and everything that isn't nailed down (and they'll peck at that). Don't feed them avocados or chocolate (although WHY anyone would, I dunno) but everything else is pretty much fair game.
  24. Signs of spring?

    Yep, that's the nice thing about Easter Egger hens, every day is an egg hunt with pretty eggs. :) (Well, except winter when they take time off)
  25. Signs of spring?

    Sun is out here today too, reflecting off the snow for maximum blinding. The wet heavy snow was actually kinda good, in that it helped soften the ice underneath and made it easier to shovel up. Very glad I got new boots though, because even with new tread I could feel how slippery things were before salting. Guaranteed I would have gone *** over teakettle in my old boots. Proof that spring is at least close enough to fool my chickens, eight eggs out of nine hens! Not too shabby!