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  1. Signs of spring?

    Did I say spring? I meant wet heavy snow preceeded by and ice storm.
  2. Signs of spring?

    Wow, that's so pretty!
  3. Signs of spring?

    There was a dusting of snow on the ground this morning, but the air has that feel like it is THINKING about warming up. Might have to bail out on work early and try getting a ride in.
  4. The Front Porch

    I've heard of cart goats, but not really pack goats, although it makes sense. How neat! Did she just take to it, or did you have to do a lot of training with her?
  5. Signs of spring?

    Urg, well a happy spring to you both! It MIGHT break 40 here tomorrow.
  6. Lopsided Hoof

    Yeah she has some very light cracks in her fronts, they are growing out fortunately. Looking back, the aren't obvious because it was so dry, but they were there. I do think I need to bevel her feet better though.
  7. Lopsided Hoof

    So I'm leasing a mare who's been barefoot all her life (as far as I know) and when I started riding her, she had some pretty badly contracted heels which were underslung, with overgrown hoof wall and some really badly folded over bars. Every now and again she would trip (in a fairly flat arena!) and she paddles in the front, just like her mother. Now, whether they paddle because they both happen to have the same build, or the same kind of feet, I don't know. What I do know is that I've been taking a rasp (and more recently a hoof knife) to their feet (Goblin far more often because I ride her) and the tripping as well as the paddling have improved. (I'm sure some of that is due to building up muscle though) In any case, I know the front feet are thrushy even though they have varied terrain in their paddock including high ground that's pretty dry. I've been treating for thrush in the past week and I'm starting to see some improvement already so I'll keep at that, and I figure getting the heels down and bringing the frog down to give it a chance to contact the ground has been helping with that. The super deep overgrown bars were NOT helping either, since it allowed crud to pack tight in there with no chance of getting out. Anyways, here's some pictures, let me know if you need better ones for assessment. The left fore is the hoof that concerns me the most, it's probably related that until very recently Goblin would NOT pick up the left lead, no matter how strongly I set her up for it. (it doesn't help that I'm a re-rider after quite a few years off) So an experienced rider could make her pick up the left, but only with a LOT of coaxing. I'm sure it's a spiral of her avoiding going on that lead, which made her feel unbalanced when on that lead, so she'd avoid it even more, etc. In any case, I'm kind of stymied by just how weird this foot is, I'm a lot happier with the bars now, but the inside of the hoof looks super narrow compared to the outside of the hoof, which has that funky thing going on. Is that grown out flare? An old abscess? Last year in the fall she came up lame if I remember right, that might have had something to do with it. Right fore is better than the left, but still not 100%. Again, those bars used to be wayyyy up at the tip of the frog, so I'm actually pretty happy with how her feet look even though I'm sure everyone here will see a hot mess. Here's the left hind, both of her hinds are WAY better than her fores, but if you see anything off please let me know! What I see is that the inside is again, narrower than the outside edge of the hoof. And here's her right hind, which I'm happiest with.

    Had a great leftover corned beef sandwich with thick cheddar slices on it for lunch today. ;D
  9. Lopsided Hoof

    Here's the right fore again. As with the other front, I think there's been some changes in it since that one I posted most recently. I realized after the fact that I wasn't completely square to the sole on the first (top) pic. Here's my question though, if her heels are too short/should't be touched anymore, how do I get rid of those super deep grooves on either side of the frog? Just carve away with the hoof knife? It seems like would cause different problems. It bothers me that her toes are so snubbed in the front too, her sole is touching the ground completely even while the quarters are splayed out on the lateral side as in the other front foot. Fortunately the ground is quite soft for spring and with all the mud we're not doing a lot of riding, so she should get some more hoof in if I did go too far with trimming.
  10. Lopsided Hoof

    Ok got out on Sunday and took some better pics, despite all the mud. I'm glad I did because even those few days changed her feet quite a bit, each hoof was more concave, and I was able to treat her feet for thrush by packing soaked cotton balls around her frog. Man I hate how that stuff smells! What I'm seeing is her frog has widened a bit from the winter pics and while has super deep groves to either side it is a BIT better. Her bars aren't so ridiculously pulled forward and flopped over anymore. Her walls on the lateral quarter is still stretched, and that's where I get tripped up over myself. It seems counter intuitive to go in at an angle and rasp that away, it FEELS like will make that side even wider. Or is it that if I get rid of it, the tighter hoof will be waiting there and actually bring that wall back closer to the center? (will post other hooves as I get them sorted out)
  11. The Front Porch

    WOW Queen BAW, I can't even imagine being a kid and having that kind of attitude around horses! I would have been polishing the horse's hooves just for the chance of being near them, never mind getting rides! Sounds like you're been exceedingly patient and haven't exactly been rewarded for it. Maybe one day she'll mature a bit and give you a real apology, it doesn't sound like she even believes she did anything wrong. That's a comfy looking saddle!
  12. What color would look good on this dun paint?

    A strong mint/aquamarine could do very nice on him. A good way to test it would be to get 1 square foot of fabric in the color you want to try in cotton. Just drape it over him and take a picture to look at later and see what stands out. Then if you're crafty, you can make a small bag out of the fabric to put grooming stuff or treats in. ;)
  13. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Was I talking about you? If you're feeling guilty for that, maybe there's a reason. Didn't realize NOT judging women on how they dress is er, being judgemental.
  14. Lopsided Hoof

    Oof. Well fortunately I stopped when I did, and wasn't planning on going any further with the heels. I did message Missy again, thanks for the reminder.
  15. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    And THAT is also what I've seen on this thread, LC, not one single person has said "oh well, it's ok if a woman assaults a man" or "in certain cases, a man has it coming". Can't say the reverse of that is true by a couple people here.
  16. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    You know, I would take your "being offended" more seriously if I didn't see you pulling that false offended feelings earlier in this thread.
  17. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I can't call chicks dudes either? Get with the times, dude is gender neutral. But lemme get this straight, I say something, you overreact to it because you thought I was someone I wasn't, you backtrack and claim that wasn't the case when I point out your error. Got it.
  18. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Dude? You're so **** bent on being RIGHT that you don't even realize that this is the first time I've posted in this forum. How about you try re-reading what I wrote, where do I say that a woman abusing a man is a good thing? In fact, I explicitly say it is BAD. I put that disclaimer in there (not that I should need to, when doing horrible things to other people is quite clearly wrong) but I knew you'd latch onto that idea like a bulldog.
  19. Hello - and a question

    Ah sorry about not commenting on pricing the sign, I somehow missed that part. Absolute base line, you want to have the raw materials paid for, the wood, paint, **** even the pencil used to sketch it out. Take into account secondary costs, like electricity for drilling the board, gas to go to the store for those materials, and THEN add in all the time doing each step of the project. That of course is reduced if you crank out a few at a time (less cleaning brushes/picking up and putting away/waiting for paint to dry) You want to make sure it's worth your time, and don't shortchange the value of your skills. My sister makes jewelry and is ALWAYS charging less than she should for her things, I tell her to come up with a price, then either double it and post it for sale. If someone wants to haggle over the price then she can go a bit lower and still feel good about getting paid for her time and skills, instead of feeling crummy about scraping by and people STILL asking to pay less. So that was a whole lot of information with no hard numbers. ;D Sorry about that, but it really does depend on where you live and what you see going for that kind of thing locally, and then compare materials/skills to those things that are selling to see if you should adjust the price up or down, and have a reason WHY you're pricing it that way.
  20. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I have to say I was pretty dismayed while reading through this how it devolved to "BUT WOMEN ABUSE TOO". Yeah, they do, and that is WRONG. They also abuse at a FAR lower rate than men, and saying "but women" each time a woman writes about her personal experience of being assaulted or harassed is a way of saying "your pain doesn't matter as much as a man's pain". I know multiple women who have been violently raped, some of which are relatives. EVERY woman I know has been harassed, some worse than others. The men I know, some have been stalked, some were harassed. Those things were wrong, and RARE compared to the bombardment that happens to women. I've personally stepped in to stop abuse from happening right out in the open, and the guy looked utterly shocked that anyone would dare step up to him and tell him what he was doing was wrong. I can only imagine how many times he had done that with nobody saying a peep to him, because it's "normal" for a woman to be weeping in public while being berated by a man. Little Cow, I feel for you. As I said, I have known women who were abused, some in very similar situation to yours. It will affect you forever, but then again, all the good things in your life will also affect you forever. What you're doing now is what's healthy for you, and distancing yourself from a toxic person is NOT being a "bad daughter", or any other nonsense. Your mother failed you, as did your half brother, not once but throughout your life, and from what you've written that will not change. You can't make them be better people, and immersing yourself in their fantasy version of the world is just a waste of your life and energy. You gave fair warning to his wife, and what she does with that information is now on her.

    Got a green shirt on and cooking corned beef and cabbage for supper. ^_^
  22. Hello - and a question

    It's just as true every time I see it. Earlier ice pellets were getting found from the sky, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny in the upper 40's. :[ Pink, I can't even remember the last time it was 70 out. I guess that's better than the year we hit 80 on St.Patrick's day, though. That screwed up all the fruit trees badly, ruined a lot of harvests.
  23. How long

    ^ Every time we exercise in the dance room, we find "craft herpes" infesting the place. I'm working on making bags out of my no-longer-wearable jeans, mostly because I can't stand letting them go to waste when there's only one bad area on them. Double recycling for the win!
  24. Hello - and a question

    Having hens, that sign did make me laugh. ;) And everyone where I'm at is also sick of winter, we had a tease of 50 degrees the other day, and today it's windy and 37, feels like it's way colder because of it. >;/
  25. Lopsided Hoof

    I was just told that the farrier came by, but didn't trim her feet because he thought that too much heel was missing from her. o_O Did I go too far with that, then? I thought it was important to get her heels backed up to where the widest part of the frog is, but considering how pinched her frog is, did I not see where that actually should be?