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  1. Signs of spring?

    Who else has been seeing signs of spring on the first day of spring? We were supposed to get more snow this morning but fortunately it went and bothered someone else. The past week the horses have been shedding, even the ones that are slow to start. Little bits of greenery are cropping up, the lilac bushes are looking serious about budding out, and my hens are ramping up their laying.
  2. The Front Porch

    Well it looks like it's decided to be spring here after all, got my first burn of the year on the one patch of skin I had exposed while riding yesterday. >_< It was over 60 and lightly breezy, the mares were sleepy and content, loved getting groomed on and had an excellent riding lesson with lots of trail obstacles in the arena. Found out Goblin has zero issues with dragging a barrel behind her, or dragging it while backing up. She actually broke a sweat under saddle, but I think that was mostly due to her winter coat still hanging in there more than any real exertion on her part. ;)
  3. Signs of spring?

    Yesterday it was warm enough that I skipped out early on work and ran to the barn with my friend. ;) We ended up spending 90% of the time grooming our filthy filthy mares, who had decided to celebrate the warmer weather and onset of shedding season by being pigs. There was still snow in the ditches, but the trees seem to think it's time to leaf out.
  4. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Oh if we're talking brits, then Sherlock is the one that had me locked on. One of the few versions where I liked Watson as much (if not more at times) than Sherlock. I also like anime, Attack on Titan has me raging that there isn't another season out yet, and Seven Deadly Sins is just amusing. I heard that Godless was good, should give that one a look. I watched most of Breaking Bad, but found it too depressing. I have netflix instead of cable, I LOATHE commercials and most shows are too stupid for me to handle. There's mindless fun, but then there's rot your brains dumb. I did like watching the Create station on regular tv though.
  5. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Badlands was just a bit too implausible for me. I could have handled that if they had stuck with the cool older guy, but they kept trying to make the storyline about the stupid boy who kept making bad decisions that I couldn't care less about. It's on Amazon Prime, but I just finished off Deadwood. Excellent acting on all parts, and darkly funny in parts. I hope they do manage to make a movie to wrap up some loose threads.
  6. Jacob the orphan kitten

    Wow he's doing great! Really thriving with all the work you and your son have put into him. :)
  7. Signs of spring?

    ::twitches:: As a professional artist/crafter, I beg you to reassess your business model. It devalues your work and the work of others. Are you taking into account the gas used to go to the store? Forecast says it's supposed to crawl up to 50 by Friday and pretty much stay there during the next week. I'll believe it when I see it. (but I'm going to buy plants anyways!)
  8. Signs of spring?

    Aloe is good for ulcers too, from what I've heard.
  9. Signs of spring?

    LC, could your mare be coming into heat? I've heard from a few people who have mares that have unexplained mild colic and figured out it coincided with them going into season. I think they found that raspberry leaves helped alleviate the hormonal issues.
  10. Too far gone?

    Good idea, I'll do some poking around.
  11. Too far gone?

    Hey I've been looking for a saddle for my mare without breaking the bank. Since I have no issues with cleaning and can even do a bit of leather working when I was handed this saddle and told I could have it cheap if I wanted to give it a try. I got some good leather conditioner and it seems to be doing pretty well, except when manipulating the front of the skirt I could feel a distinct hard bump through the shearling right where it would rest against the shoulder. (You can see in the photo where I made an indent with my finger tip) When peeking into the layers, I can see a bit of separation and what looks like a nail (If you can't see what I'm talking about on the pic, I'll circle it). Is this saddle worth even trying to salvage? Should I try tapping it back in/yanking it out?
  12. Signs of spring?

    Grimmie, all will be forgiven if you at least post pics. That way we can stare at the screen and pretend we'll get spring one day.
  13. Signs of spring?

    PD, definitely a good call to drive during the day. Lady I talked to today said she drove on Sunday and saw loads of cars in the ditch, and it wasn't even as bad here as where you're at.
  14. Is He Still Possible?

    So you want to pay actual money for a horse that can't be caught and ridden? A horse that might have physical issues behind his behavior? Unless it's a really NICE horse breeding or skill wise, I'd try my hand at training decent horses over and over again before diving in to wasting money on a problem horse. After all, as said above, there's plenty of horses out there without issues that would love a good owner. Some of them just need a bit of training, or get some wet saddle blankets. I absolutely wouldn't try rehabbing a horse like that without having a vet come out and look him over first to see if there's a physical reason why he's acting up and to check just how old he is.
  15. Signs of spring?

    What had some kitties, Painted Wishes! And I'm glad I wasn't the only one to react to being stuck inside by making a chocolate cake (although in my case it was 7 minute frosting cake). I told my husband it was an unbirthday cake. ;) This week is supposed to hober at a mere 20 degrees below the average instead of 30, so that's improvement I guess. The grass is valiantly trying to green up and trees are impatient here in any case.
  16. The Front Porch

    Aww, guilty pups! At least you get repentance! My jerk kitten gets into stuff and then backtalks me!
  17. Getting a Second horse?

    Heidi makes good points, and I've seen the whole "buddy sour" thing happen too. Of course, you could do things like pony your older horse along to give it some exercise without having weight on it. There's also the opposite problem of having them be too friendly with each other, what if one of them is bullying the other? Some horses just hate each other. Would you be able to see how they get along before deciding to keep the new horse?
  18. Pregnant donkey

    That's good about her being touched, and kinda funny about her being finicky about it when eating. I'd let the vet know that you have a pregnant donkey that's ready to pop, just so they have a heads up that you might need to give them a call. Do you have a baby monitor or something along those lines to put in her stall, so you're alerted if something goes wrong? A lot of mares foal in the middle of the night (preferably while there's a storm, for maximum unpleasantness for their human helpers) and if something goes sideways it's good to know quickly.
  19. Signs of spring?

    Today it might hit 70, but we have snow forecast on Sunday. Of course, that's the day I have a riding clinic I signed up for. >;/
  20. Pregnant donkey

    It varies quite a bit from mare to mare. If this is your first time, do you have a vet on-call? Do you know if this is her first foal, and how good a mother she was? She looks like she's very tolerant of being touched, but have you been handling her all over, including her udder? (new mothers can be antsy about some small creature suddenly going after that area).
  21. Pregnant donkey

    It means she's pretty close to foaling, although equines of all kinds LOVE fooling humans about just when they're going to drop. When the fluid goes thick, she's about ready to give birth.
  22. My horse might've eaten rubber bands, now what?

    Even for a cat, those small rubber bands would have a vet saying "wait and see". My idiot kitten ate a regular hair tie, and if it didn't have metal in it the vet said she would probably have waited it out rather than get him to vomit it back up.
  23. Feed/buying material for health

    Another thing I've seen and heard from people is they noticed their horses (especially lighter skinned ones) would sunburn a LOT easier when fed alfalfa, and acted a lot more hot than usual.
  24. Signs of spring?

    Went to the horse fair on Saturday, and while it was sunny it was COLD. The horses were all shedding out like mad though, so hopefully they know what's up. Rumor has it we'll see 70 degrees on Wednesday, but right now it's been snowing all night. >;/
  25. HC Member's house burnt down

    That's just awful.