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  1. Basically here is where you can reply & leave helpful information about caring for a horse! It’s very useful& helpful to me and the family!
  2. Feed/buying material for health

    Thank you everyone for all the help! My horse is thriving and doing great! Keep commenting if ud like because it sure is helpful!
  3. Feed/buying material for health

    yes. That part is obvious.
  4. Feed/buying material for health

    thank you sooo much. Ur truly helpful. God bless you.
  5. Feed/buying material for health

    Thank you Jubal and nonponies. As you can tell I’m a new owner. I know how to ride, but feed is a little tougher than I thought.
  6. Feed/buying material for health

    So my horse will be in a pipe coral have shaded lightly ridden each day. I might start showing. But it will be turned out once a day I’d say for bout an hour. Get back to me soon this is really helpfu
  7. Feed/buying material for health

    Noponies will it still be okay if I used alfalfa and not grass hay?
  8. Distracted By Other Horses?

    I totally agree with Nick Joan although I would NEVER harm a horse, reminding the, who’s boss is a good way of teaching.
  9. Feed/buying material for health

    I NEED LOTS OF HELP! I am buying a horse, if you look up thunder acres it sells alfalfa. The alfalfa will be used as PART of the meal! But how many pounds of alfalfa am I gonna need per month? IF IT IS USED AS PART OF THE FEED THERE ARE THREE PARTS OF ONE MEAL, ALFALFA,PELLETS,VITAMIN PROTEIN. Help?