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  1. Feed/buying material for health

    I NEED LOTS OF HELP! I am buying a horse, if you look up thunder acres it sells alfalfa. The alfalfa will be used as PART of the meal! But how many pounds of alfalfa am I gonna need per month? IF IT IS USED AS PART OF THE FEED THERE ARE THREE PARTS OF ONE MEAL, ALFALFA,PELLETS,VITAMIN PROTEIN. Help?
  2. Basically here is where you can reply & leave helpful information about caring for a horse! It’s very useful& helpful to me and the family!
  3. Feed/buying material for health

    Thank you everyone for all the help! My horse is thriving and doing great! Keep commenting if ud like because it sure is helpful!
  4. Feed/buying material for health

    yes. That part is obvious.
  5. Feed/buying material for health

    thank you sooo much. Ur truly helpful. God bless you.
  6. Feed/buying material for health

    Thank you Jubal and nonponies. As you can tell I’m a new owner. I know how to ride, but feed is a little tougher than I thought.
  7. Feed/buying material for health

    So my horse will be in a pipe coral have shaded lightly ridden each day. I might start showing. But it will be turned out once a day I’d say for bout an hour. Get back to me soon this is really helpfu
  8. Feed/buying material for health

    Noponies will it still be okay if I used alfalfa and not grass hay?
  9. Distracted By Other Horses?

    I totally agree with Nick Joan although I would NEVER harm a horse, reminding the, who’s boss is a good way of teaching.