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  1. Promise of Heatwave

    Believe it or not we could use some colder weather. It has been unusually warm and dry around here. We did get some good rain the last couple days and they say next week it is supposed to cool down. For now it is mostly sunny and 46 outside this morning. I’m headed out to grab a critter and ride! Happy Saturday everybody!!
  2. Rat Traps and Tears UPDATE 1/5!!

    Awesome update!
  3. New Years Weekend

    Just wondering what everyone is up to this weekend? One of my New Years resolutions is to try to come out of lurkdome and join in around here. I enjoy reading what everyone is up to so I might as well participate. Hubby and I are getting a load ready for the dump this morning. Cleaned a lot of stuff out of both of our garages from the previous owner and need to dump our refrigerator that died a few weeks ago. I actually love going to the dump and getting rid of stuff. I hate clutter and unused items hanging around. For New Year’s Eve we will go to bed early as hubby has to get up early and work New Year’s Day. I plan to go to a New Years resolution run and do the 5k. I’m not fit but I think that might be some of the point of resolution run. After that I’m hoping to trailer over to a friends house and ride.
  4. My Wife Mozelle.

    PD so sorry for your loss. I know I’m a nobody to you but I’ve been following along and cheering for you and your wife through the ups and downs. I’m a old time member/lurker turned long term lurker as I forgot my login info. I’ve been considering joining again with the small group left and seeing this post I just had to convey my condolences. Your wife sounded like an amazing woman! RIP Mozelle