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  1. They will only pay me what the cars worth with my full coverage insurance. Its taxed at about 2 grand so that's all they will pay me. And then I would still owe 3 grand to pay it off
  2. Ok thank you. I didn't know where to begin after calling my insurance company. So I need to get a lawyer to get the owner to pay the difference
  3. Yes we called the cops out and got a police report. He hit the horse maybe 100 yards from the owners house. The owner came out when they heard the wreck. He drug the deceased horse out of the road with a loader. I reported it to my insurance but the tax value is only worth 2 grand so that's all we will get for it from my insurance. So I was asking should I try to get their homeowners insurance to pay or what? Cause that's only 2 grand out of the 5 we still owe. And no this is very much real.
  4. Ok well my husband hit a horse uesterday morning on his way to work. These horses have got out alot the owner says his kids leave the gate slightly open and the horses push it open..... It totaled our car. And We still owe like 5 grand on it.... So what do We need to do? Hire a lawyer or what?