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  1. Sensitive teats

    I never pulled on them. I’m only feeling them to see if there is any milk that’s all. I’m definitely not trying to make her foal sooner. But thanks for the info
  2. Sensitive teats

    I have a donkey who has been pregnant for 374 days now and just recently when I try to check her teats she lifts up her leg and try’s to kick.She started to bag up a couple of weeks ago but now her utters aren’t full so I wouldn’t think they would be that sensitive. Does anybody have any ideas..I’m a first time donkey momma.
  3. Photos Needed!

  4. Pregnant donkey

    I’m pretty sure this is her first time. I don’t have one on call but do have a vet I can call. Yeah she loves to be touched as long as she’s not eating sweet feed. And yes I have been touching her teats and she’s ok with it. As long as she’s not eating.
  5. Pregnant donkey

    So I’m so excited and ready to see this new baby I can hardly wait! Does the vulva really turn a bright red? Cause hers is still a bubblegum pink.
  6. Pregnant donkey

    I have a donkey who is pregnant(368) days and she has clear fluid coming from her teats. She seems to be getting more irritated as the days go. And her rump is jelly like and it looks like she has dropped. Anybody have any idea what the clear fluid means? And how much long do I have to wait to see this foal? And I believe this is her first foal. Thansk