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  1. Getting a Second horse?

    We are looking into something more efficient for removing the rocks than just by hand but can’t really find anything.
  2. Is He Still Possible?

    Ok, I misunderstood you, but I gotta start somewhere. Last year someone I knew bought three untrained yearling colts off the feedlot and asked me to work with them, I don’t know if that counts but I know that they were not at all nice horses when she got them and she revoked them afterwards. He has already been pretty rehabilitated well, but he is rude and spooky on the ground and Undersaddle, but I think that also partly due to the fact that he wasn’t very well trained before they got him and he has just been able to get away with those bad habits.
  3. Is He Still Possible?

    I’m not a beginner, I just wanted another opinion on it
  4. Getting a Second horse?

    I’m fifteen, but all my friends my age have two or more horses and they don’t have any trouble with it, but that’s not why I want a second horse, I want one so my current horse doesn’t have to work so much. I have not had a vet but I think it might be the rocks in her pasture that she gets sore from.
  5. Is He Still Possible?

    I am looking into getting a second horse from my friend, he need a LOT of work, he spooks at everything and is hard to catch in the pasture, they got him from an auction and where told he seemed fine there, he was abused before they got him and before the other people got him is what I have understood. I don't know his age but I would guess he is in his teens, I will find out before I buy him for sure. Is there any chance for him to become more than just a pasture ornament and be retrained to become a good calm horse or no?
  6. Getting a Second horse?

    Its so irritating though, they just say no they won't give me a reason.
  7. Getting a Second horse?

    My friend is selling the horse I want, he needs a lot of work and I thought it would be a fun summer project and my friends/Brothers could come ride with me too. I want to see if they will let me do a one month trial to see if they get along and if we get along and so my parents can see that I can handle two horses. My current horse isn't super old but she is in the 14-17 year old range, we will be getting her papers to confirm her age soon. I do believe that I could handle two horses, I do have a dog though so that may be a reason they don't want me to have another animal, but she comes out with me on my rides and loves to spend time with Lucy and I. She does have neighbor horses, but thats not the same as having a horse in the same pasture and in the summer she is in a different pasture with no neighbors so she does get quite lonely.
  8. Getting a Second horse?

    What are the pros and cons of owning two horses, I have a bay mare and would like to get a second horse. I don’t have to pay board and buy all hay and extra feed so my parents haven’t had to buy anything. What are some things that you could recommend to convince my parents to let me get a second horse, don’t get me wrong my current horse is great, but she is getting older, and does get sore quite easily.