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  1. Rescue Mare & Her Bump?

    I thought it was possibly that as well but this is more forward than where the typical hunters bump is located. Prime is a registered TB mare, 11 years old, never was raced. Was told she was schooled over jumps but I'm not sure if that is true. I got her and another mare out of a situation that was getting bad. I put up the money, vaccinations, transportation to get them. This mare was just too much horse and responsibility for the first girl that she went to that I had to take her back in. So I looked for other people that may want her and it would only last for a month or 2 then I was always asked to come get her. I've put a lot of TLC and money into this mare to get her to where she is now. She is a big mare that loves her groceries. She will now stand for the farrier, loads like a dream. I am just happy to have saved her and the other mare from a situation that was progressively getting worse.
  2. Rescue Mare & Her Bump?

  3. Rescue Mare & Her Bump?

  4. Rescue Mare & Her Bump?

  5. Rescue Mare & Her Bump?

    Yeah. I'm trying to remember how to post those. Been awhile.
  6. Rescue Mare & Her Bump?

    I have a rescue mare that has a bump on her back. I have rehomed her 3 times and she has been returned. The first 2 times the people realized that horses take a lot of time and money. The 3rd time the family said she had started to buck and rear up. Since her return I have noticed that the bump has gotten bigger. I'm not sure if this is the reason for the way she has been acting. She was also returned with a sore mouth. I'm not sure what kind of bit they were using but I feel that it may have been harsh or harshly used. So my question is does this bump seem like a sign or Bursitis or ? How do I treat this condition? Chiropractor, Message therapy, ect... I have worked this mare in the past and she has done great under saddle. She isn't sore to the touch. She has previously been seen by my country vet but he said that he can't find anything really wrong with her other than the visual bump. He said he could refer me to a specialist equine vet but I can't put that kind of money into her. She is a content mare when out in pasture with my other horses. Advise would be wonderful.
  7. I Can't Delete This

    I can't delete this posting. Sorry.
  8. Halter Class

    Her Sire is JustAFoxyCowboy. Her Dam is She's Country. I'll have to try to look up her bloodlines as I don't have them. I do have the Sires, but I really don't know much more then the names. I really just want to do this for fun.
  9. Halter Class

    Ok, this is a new thing for me. I want to start showing my Registered Appaloosa filly Bella in Halter Classes. Her sire was bred for it among other disciplines. I have never shown a horse before. I've shown Black Angus Cattle for a couple of years, but I guess that isn't the same thing is it. So where do I begin? What kind of training should I focus on with her? Grooming? Not only preparing her, but myself. I'm doing this for myself mostly, to break out of my comfort zone. I want to walk into that arena and prove to myself that I have the confidence to get in front of people again. First or last place doesn't matter to me. Just to prove to myself that I can will be payment enough. Not saying that I wouldn't try, but I wouldn?t be disappointed in myself or her. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks All.
  10. Silver Bells Aka Bella

    Bella the day we went to go see her again and then decided to buy her. A week later we loaded her up and brought her home.
  11. Silver Bells Aka Bella

    I will not be starting her undersaddle until late fall time frame. She is still on the small side so I want to give her time to catch up. I'm am starting her ground training soon. I would really like to show her, but I have no experiance in showing or what I would even do with her. Any ideas?
  12. Silver Bells Aka Bella

    Bella as a foal and her damBella's Sire when he was youngerBella's Sire when he's older
  13. Silver Bells Aka Bella

    This was the first time I saw bella. She like the others were skinny. Shoot that day we went out was hot, just about every pen had no water. We stayed to help him fill up all the tanks. To many horses. He was very overwelmed.
  14. My Spirits Are On The Up And Up =]

    Lol, I just put an ad on Craigslist to see if there was anyone in my area that wanted to come help and hang out with me and my horses. I'm not looking for a trainer but someone that truely wants to help out. Like cleaning, grooming, feeding, and of course riding.
  15. Saddle Silver

    I would say your best bet is to find someone that can make it custom for you. It will be spendy, but you will get exactly what you want. My husband knows a guy that is a silversmith and makes horse tack. I've never seen any of his peices, but my husband said that he make real nice stuff.