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  1. Second Lesson On Rex W/dean Graham

    THis horse, is absolutely STUNNING!! And his trot...looks to die for! Man, I cant wait to see what he develops into!!
  2. Apha World Show Fall Show Whos Going

    I went! Angie Morrow and Assets and Emeralds We ended up making it into the finals for our NA WP pleasure! And didnt make the finals in Amature Horsemanship...tough to make it in without a flying lead change..and on a 3 year old against other fellow seasoned competitiors!
  3. Did You Know?

    LOL thats too cute!! My guy, gets WAY too excited in the winter about being fed! Goes bucking and running around till he gets fed...and in the summer he just stands there like, "oh..food" LOL! Silly boy!
  4. So...sold. Update 11/26!

    Awe! Its sad to see him go but by the sounds of things he is going to go to a home that loves him!! Hey, dont feel bad about dropping his price a grand...I did the same thing for Ivory..and she went to a GREAT home..and thats why I did it!
  5. My Colt "harvey" Turned 6 Months Last Week !

    oh my he is CUTE!!
  6. Long Time Lurker Coming Out Of The Shadows ;)

    welcome!!! Where do you show your paints? (states) I am from canada, but I show down in the US with mine as well.
  7. Back After A Long Time!

    Sage passed away in 2008...... but had her colt, Peanut that year...hes 2 now..can you believe that? I also have Katie....not sure if you rmember her...shes a 3 year old this year and doing AMAZING. And then I have Ivory a grullo/overo filly....shes also a 2 year old. She is doing very well too!
  8. Pictures!

    She is GORGEOUS!!
  9. Back After A Long Time!

    Welcome!! I remember you AND both your old horses! Congrats on the new purchase! Who is your fillies sire? He is STUNNING! We definitally need pictures of your filly when she gets home!!
  10. It's Been Forever!

    Katie and I won the Zone 1 NA WP Buckle!
  11. Professional Pictures Of Muah

    holly smokers!! You are beautiful!!! LOVE the pics!
  12. Update! Proposal And Baby Horse:-)

    congrats!! and HOLLY LEGS on your colt! WOW is he gorgeous!!!
  13. It's Been Forever!

    Lets see...I didnt see you in Idaho when I was there this year!! I was disapointed I wanted to come out and see your boys!!...Next year? Glad all is well!!
  14. Riding Camp, New Ponies, Big Shows

    Awsome update, other than Logan and his sheath problem! Logan is GORGEOUS btw !! And Teddy, I have a soft spot for paints/pintos and he is adoreale!
  15. Confirmation Help.. Please!

    YOu know he isnt that bad looking. Not the best pictures to critique from, but just because he doesnt place in halter doesnt mean hes a bad horse. I have a gelding here that under the right judge *may* place in halter, but for the most part usually doesnt but doesnt mean he is a bad conformed horse. He does have his faults but he is a really nice ride and thats what I want, a rider not a halter horse.