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  1. My Daughters Barrel Horse Loses Weight On The Road

    That amount of weight loss is typically water weight. Invest in Ulcergard.
  2. Have you talked with your OB about your concerns?
  3. Old Retainer For Teeth?

    I'm no dentist by any means (at least on the human side....) but I'm presuming there's been some time since high school and when that retainer was fit. You have changed in those years and that retainer likely doesn't fit properly any longer, hence the pain. If the gap really bothers you, do it properly and take the retainer to your current dentist and have it fit/sized or remolded to fit you at this point in time.
  4. Well, most of you have watched this process from the start in Baskette's Breeding Blog in the Breeding forum and its time to start her Foal Watch thread!! We're at day 327 today. She's just starting to get udder development. The foal is active; watched it do an impressive tap dance this morning and the poor mare literally has bite marks in her flank from biting herself! She's eating great, feeling pretty good and now its just hurry up and wait. The foaling stall is cleaned out; just need to remove the center partition and get the cameras up. I don't have appropriate Internet to offer a MareStare option, but we'll certainly keep you updated. As incentive to keep watching, I've offered a "contest" on our Farm Facebok page (Wild Side Arabians). Name the date, time, gender & color of the foal and the winner will win an 8x10 print of one of my pictures. Just like our page and add your guess. The back history: She is chestnut (AAee) bred to a heterozygous grey that was bay at birth. She had 1 breeding on May 10th, ovulation was confirmed that next morning. 340 days is April 15. Last pregnancy went 363 days. Pictures from today: and Bugatti, the SEXY Baby Daddy:
  5. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Registered name is Burlesque WSA
  6. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Yes....definitely going to grey. She has greys all through the head & neck. She's going to be slow doing it though. :)
  7. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Bugatti is a solid 15.2-15.3hh. With a real stick, not the Arab stick. :)
  8. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Been a while since I've updated pictures!! She is just the coolest filly. Now 3 1/2 months old Absolutely ADORES my husband (who claims he doesn't like horses....)
  9. Do Bred Mares Sometimes Cycle For A Day Here And There?

    She "acted like she took". Does that mean you haven't actually confirmed pregnancy? That aside, yes, even pregnant mares will show signs of behavioral estrus, depending on ovarian activity, stage of pregnancy and fetal hormones.
  10. Wireless Camera For Backup And Trailer

    Just watch compatibility on the wiring! We had a Swann's wireless camera we used as a dialing cam that we tried to rig on the trailer. Ended up frying the electronics!!
  11. What Supplements/feed Do You Guys Feed Your Pregnant Mares?

    No change to her diet--as long as she's in good body condition--is necessary until the last couple of months of gestation. Feed to body condition in the mean time. I switch to Ultium Growth around 9 months gestation and feed that throughout lactation.
  12. Seroma On Forearm

    Hot compresses, DMSO, light activity and time. The more times you stick a needle in that thing, the greater the risk of inducing infection. Surgicallly opening it and placing a drain tube is the fastest way of getting them to resolve, but will also require antibiotics.
  13. Dog Ear Infection

    Vet call. Ear mites are very rare in otherwise healthy dogs. Yeast and bacterial infections are extremely common. You need to find out what you're dealing with to get it treated appropriately.
  14. Cvm

    Sorry, I've been out of town and horrendously busy with a professional photo shoot. I can't tell anything from this picture, but it needs treatment post-haste. FC is correct. Nothing with steroids (dexamethasone, hydrocortisone or prednisone) until a vet has performed an exam and corneal stain.
  15. Video *baby Is Here* Update On Prego Pony

    These symptoms are classic hallmarks of placentitis. A normal placenta should NOT be detaching at ALL from the uterus until the birthing process begins and thickening will impede oxygen and nutrient transfer. I would be calling that vet up and inquiring about that and ideally get her on appropriate medication (typically sulfa antibiotics & Regumate)
  16. Horses have 3 sets of incisors. The 01, 02, & 03 teeth (each of 4 quadrants) from the center of the mouth outwards. Central is the 01, middle is the 02, lateral is the 03 tooth with the canines being 04. I'm sure the human dental field uses a different numbering system; veterinary dentistry uses the Triadan system. Right upper quadrant is the 100s, Left upper 200, left lower 300, right lower 400 with each individual tooth having a 2 digit code. The left lower canine being the 304 for example.
  17. Typically the central incisors are lost by 2 1/2, adult tooth in occlussion by 3years. Middle incisors at 3 1/2-4. Lateral at 4 1/2-5. If you can post pictures, we can help a little more.
  18. Photography Gurus

    This has been my only experience with a 3rd party lens, so I may have just gotten a dud. Every time I pick up that lens though, I think "I wish I had bought the Canon...". My biggest beef? It zooms OPPOSITE of every other lens I've ever used...annoying as all get out!!!
  19. Photography Gurus

    I think the "off" brand lenses can be hit and miss though. I went back and forth when I had to replace a 18-55mm Canon kit lens. Was between the Tamron f/2.8 17-50mm and the Canon f/2.8 17-40mm. I went with the Tamron and have regretted it ever since. I think its sluggish, gives vignetting and is not as sharp. I know that Tamron & Sigma (the 2 that I'm most familiar with) have tested well, but I personally stick to name whenever possible.
  20. Photography Gurus

    For my horse portraiture, I almost exclusively use my 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM lens (Canon lingo....). Cost me about $1600 new.
  21. Photography Gurus

    I don't know all the specs on either of those lenses, but I can guarantee that for $300 they are not the highest grade. I did a quick search and I can find the 55-200mm in an image stabilized format, whereas the 55-300 is not. Its a trade off; the extra 100mm of zoom versus the stabilization. Personally I would rather have clear, in-focus shots from the stabilization (unless you're shooting off a tripod every time). Appears that they are in the f/4.0-5.6 focal range which is ok for daylight, but you'll likely have trouble with action and low light. The other consideration is how image quality may "fall off" at the ends of the spectrum. Meaning that if you're shooing at f/4.0 at 300mm, your images will likely not be very sharp especially with a lower quality lens. Its not uncommon for your glass to be more expensive than the actual camera, and its typically worth it in the long run.
  22. Pregnant Mare Soon To Deliver Has Raging Case Of Threadworms

    Deworm now, repeat at foaling.
  23. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Ok!! New pictures!!! She's 5 weeks old now and has been moved into the big grass pasture. She loves the room (as do all the girls), but drives me nuts that 1) She's not up right by the house and 2) I can't see her when she's lying down sleeping in the grass
  24. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Doing excellent!! I've been working my butt off and haven't had much chance to get out and do pictures. She picks up all 4 feet on command and I actually did a head & neck clip on her without so much as her batting an eye. A little fussy about her ears, but really well behaved. She and Michaela are best buddies. This filly is SO incredible in the personality department. She's just a love bug!! I'll get new pics soon on my own. I am having a professional photographer out in early July for shots of her, Antham & Bunny so more will be available soon!
  25. Was Fescue The Cause Or Something Else?

    There's a lot going on in this post, so I'll try to address everything the best I can. First off, the mare: Endophyte contaminated fescue will typically lead to prolonged gestational lengths, retained placenta, red bag deliveries and lack of milk production. If she has milk, it was not fescue. Any number of causes for retained placenta, we don't know about a red bag delivery, and prolonged gestation in some mares is just normal (my own for example goes long normally....). As far as "squirting", its more than likely just the uterus cleaning itself out. A lot of mares will discharge a lot of fluid, especially with activity for a good week post-foaling. The foal: Many concerns here too.....Have you had an IgG level checked? Is he passing yellow milk stools? By this age (3 days) the meconium should be long gone and the pasty, yellow milk stools should be normally passed. If he's still straining and isn't nursing well, you need a vet out. High meconium impactions are nothing to fool around with. Its not uncommon for them to only nurse a few seconds at a time, but very frequently. Especially as they're learning to nurse from BOTH sides of the udder while staying on one side of the mare. I would advise you get both mom and baby checked if there are any concerns.