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  1. What Color Is This Colt?

    Chestnut. Chestnut to chestnut breedings (whether you call it sorrel or whatever) can only result in chestnut offspring. One of the few absolutes when it comes to equine color genetics. He'll get the pigment in around his eyes in a couple days.
  2. What Has Happened To The Supply Of Adequan I. M. ?

    Allegedly FDA investigation on manufacturing processes that lead to "renovation" of one of the production plants
  3. Need Suggestions/advice

    How high is "just above the normal range"? Even hard exercise can cause elevations in CK.
  4. Pudgy Puruvian

    Good quality hay, forage balancer for protein, vitamins & minerals.
  5. T V News Story Gave Me A Fright.

    My husband is working up in Burlington this week and crossed that bridge about 15 minutes before it went down. His hotel is in view of the scene. Scarey stuff, but thankfully no fatalities and only a couple minor injuries.
  6. Stifle Lock- What Have I Missed?

    The term "Float" comes from carpentry which means "to level"
  7. Skin Problems

    Is she having loose stools at all? In my book, rectal palp and a belly tap with analysis are the next steps. ETA: Skin comes AFTER determining why she's losing weight.
  8. Need Help With Knee/bone Growth

    Likely epiphysitis from "over" nutrition and too rapid of growth. Need to cut back on the feed quality.
  9. New Foal On The Farm

    Hoku, the "down in the pasterns" appearance is very, very common. Typically with a few days to "unfold" and bear weight, the tendons will tighten up just fine.
  10. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    She's pretty much ALL Bugatti.....His foals are pretty much all cookie cutter. His owner had posted a picture of another filly out of a VERY different mare that literally looked exactly like this one, right down to the markings. Scary prepotency there!! But in a good way, of course!
  11. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Ok, ok.....Finally got the pictures over here. With Aunt Bunny in the background.... Another with Bunny playing babysitter She plays with toys as much as Big Brother Wolf does!! Baskette, convinced her kids are nuts....
  12. My New Stallion, Antham

    So, those of you who frequent the Health board may have seen my post that I was going to be MIA for a while due to some personal upheaval. On December 3rd, while in Portland for a long anniversary weekend, I received a call from the attorney of a very dear friend of mine, Gari Dill-Marlow. Gari had been suffering with brain & metastatic liver cancer for some time and sadly, it finally got the better of her. As of that Monday, she had been placed in hospice and was not expected to make it through the next 24 hours. For those in the Arabian horse community, Gari was a pillar and and absolute expert on pedigrees. She owned my colt Wolf's sire Antham and grandsire *Rushan. Antham was the culmination of her breeding program and sadly, her disease struck right as he was being promoted Nationally. He acheived a Canadian National Top Ten Stallion award in the process. Long story short, in her will, Gari left Antham to my care. She passed very early on December 4th. We had very little time to make arrangements for the horse; he was in Arizona, south of Scottsdale, whereas we are up in Washington State. Arranagments were made to get him from Arizona to Southern California where he would be boarded for a little over a week until my husband and I could travel down to get him. We left the evening of Saturday the 15th, drove pretty much straight through until Sunday afternoon to Murrieta, CA. Stayed overnight down there and started the journey North on Monday morning. We were lucky enough to be able to haul a 2nd horse for a co-worker of mine for half the trip. Regardless, he hauled incredibly well; drank and ate the entire trip. Thankfully Wolf had just been gelded and is currently off in training, so my stallion-free existance is now no longer and I have this incredibly beautiful and kind stallion. Where the future takes us, I'm not sure, but I've had requests for breeding from around the country and even more "Antham fans" tracking our progress. So that's where I've been. Now that Christmas is essentially behind us, hopefully life can return to some semblance of normal as we now try to make plans for building appropriate facilties. Without further ado, this is Wolf's sire, Antham: For interests sake, here's Wolf at 2 1/2 years for comparison. Strong gene pool you think??
  13. Foal With Injection Site Abcess

    Unfortunately, we have multiple problems here.....First and foremost, Mu-Se is a BOVINE Vitamin E & Selenium product and its use is not labelled for horses. E-Se is the equine product and the concentration of selenium is much lower and the preservatives are a bit different as horses are more sensitive in general than cattle. Use of MuSe in horses will--with no surprise--induce abscesses. Secondly, there is NO indication for vaccinating a 2-week old foal. Foals are unable to mount adequate immune reactions to vaccines and their use will adversely interact with circulating maternal antibody from the colostrum, which ultimately yields the foal LESS protected. Even in unvaccinated mares, the foals should not be vaccinated until a minimum of 4 months. Mares vaccinated prior to foaling and whose foals check of adequate IgG levels do not need to be vaccinated until 6-7 months of age. In this case, it wasn't how something was injected, it was WHAT was injected. As far as the abscess management goes, hot pack to promote drainage, flush the hole with dilute antiseptic. This may also be an indication for use of tetanus anti-toxin given the age of the foal, despite the risk of liver disease as a result.....
  14. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Hahahaha......Maybe this weekend....
  15. Anesthetic Seizures

    This absolutely does not happen everywhere and if an animal is "fighting" anesthetic, then proper premedications have not been used. WIth multiple animals having the same issue and the use of xylazine, this practice is obviously not practicing standard-of-care medicine. In either the dexdomitor/ketamine or the xylazine/ketamine protocol, NOTHING is being given to these dogs for pain management. Is that ALL they're getting?
  16. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    She will be her dam's replacement and ultimately part of Antham's harem.
  17. Anesthetic Seizures

    No masked inductions!! Very stressful, lots of waste anesthetic gas (hazard to people). Look into propofol induction. Very safe in proper dosing, rapidly metabolized. And why the heck was ANYONE using xylazine in a dog??
  18. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    New pictures from her first venture outside:
  19. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Congratulations on your blob!! I hate to say though, but the advice on the Regumate is flat out wrong!! It is NORMAL for follicles to continue to develop and are critical in the production of natural progesterone. Secondary follicles will develop, leutinize without ovulating as a persistant source of progesterone.
  20. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    It does appear that she's going to grey. I didn't think so at first, but once I could get a good look at her in the daylight and once she dried off, the underside of her tail is silver. We had a bit of an issue with meconium impaction and not wanting to nurse. A couple of enemas and a smidge of Banamine and she's much better today.
  21. Lumps Under The Jaw

    Still strangles in my book, especially given the age. although worrisome that they are recurring. Was the culture obtained while on antibiotics? Needs proper culture & antibiotic sensitivity performed and potentially x-rays to rule out tooth or guttural pouch abnormalities
  22. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    In regards to induction, its is rarely a good idea. Horses do not have "due dates" per se. The due date of 340 days is merely an average for gestation. Since fetal hormones signal when its ready to be born, if you start messing up the works, you often times end up with a dysmature foal. Inductions are associated with a high rate of dystocia, red bag deliveries (premature placental separation) and retained placentas. Puts the mare and foal in too great of risk unless there is a medical need for it. There are very strict guidelines that need to be met before induction should be considered, including gestation length, milk concentration and cervical softening.
  23. Gelding A Crypto Pony...cvm Or Anyone

    No way to answer that without knowing where the offending testicle is, what the scenario is for surgery, etc. Ideally, its done as a sterile surgery, often laparoscopically in a hospital situation. Plan a good $1200-1400 at least for that. A couple of our doctors will do cryptorchid castrations in the field but it requires general anesthesia and a clean situation. Our price is around $500. Obviously location (both testicle location and geography) will make a difference in the cost.
  24. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    After much farting around between Facebook & Photobucket, here we go. :) Introducing Burlesque WSA, barn name Vixen. Born at 358 days gestation just before 3:00 this morning. Bay, small star, left hind pastern, right fore coronet (I think.....I can't remember....I've had no sleep). Mamma and baby doing well