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  1. Ulcer epidemic ?

  2. Ulcer epidemic ?

    There are other things you can use that are much cheaper. Aloe very juice is one alternative that works well and is very cheap. Also we have a product around here called gut health. It's an aloe Vera based supplement that has time release crystal's that help even hind gut ulcers. That's what I use on my mare bc I figure it can't hurt and since it's an all natural product I just give it to her to help with the ulcers or prevent them.
  3. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    He will be two in may 21st
  4. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    Thanks!!! So glad I took a chance on the pitiful little guy! Big plans for him in the future...
  5. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    Him today :-)
  6. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    Here is a video i took of him and my son the other day, my son loves him and he really is amazing with him. unfortunately, i think im losing him, my son is probably going to steal him from me! https://www.facebook.com/amanda.blackburn1/videos/891912968750/?l=3086079667956337198
  7. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    Yes sure!
  8. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    Thanks. I love him very much. After his gelding we are going to enter in an in hand mountain trail course. :-)
  9. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    In my first post i stated that hes getting gelded the end of september......
  10. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    Thanks guys, its honestly just been basic care, worming, feeding and farrier. Thats it, nothing super crazy. And hes actually only getting fed once a day until the pasture is eaten down. Hes on Nutrena Safe Choice Original. Hes been to two extreme trail clinics(in hand) and has had a mini saddle on him and turned loose in the pasture and he didnt even blink. Hes going to make one heck of a horse.
  11. Diamond In The Rough :-)

    In December I ended up with a seven month old colt. He was malnourished. Covered in lice. He had only survived by nursing his mother (who was also very rough). He had no idea how to chew and didn't have a clue what grain was. Well 8 months later with just the most basic of care I would say i got a good one. Also. He was less then $100. I saw something in him through the caked crap and rough state he was in. He's also got a personality to die for. Takes everything in stride and my three year old can lead him and handle him. He is getting gelded next month. Why is it so hard for ppl to do the right thing and feed animals. ♡ my boy
  12. Ex Carnival Pony Ride Pony **video Added**

    Haha by the way for anyone who doesn't know. My son is only three. :-)
  13. Ex Carnival Pony Ride Pony **video Added**

    Thanks. He really loves his horses. Even lobes cleaning stalls and all the less glamorous parts of horse ownership. He wants to be a roper when he grows up he says. He will hAve to get lessons bc I can't rope to save my life.
  14. Ex Carnival Pony Ride Pony **video Added**

    well, its been a tiny bit over a year since we brought dj home. Lets say winter was very "kind" to him in the weight department lol!!
  15. Charlie Sheen

    Then theres those who say its all a mass media cover story to get our eyes off the ISIS stuff going on. At least the radio show i had on this morning implied that.