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  1. 3 Year Old Apha Gelding

    Hes a total MESS.. a conformational nightmare.... Ugly ... I think you need to stick him in a trailer and ship him to me...
  2. Covering Up Sunburn On Horse's Face

    You have to get My Pony Sunblock . It was developed for paint show horses . Not only to protect from sunburn but to also whiten noses etc. I use this on my bald faced gelding and its awesome stuff. I bought the medium size tub and it has lasted me 2 summers. This stuff is amazing!!!! Believe me you won't be sorry.
  3. Putting A Mare Under Lights... Questions :)

    Plug them into an automatic timer. ...set and forget!
  4. Shade For Your Horses Nose

    I saw those. Personally I do not like to leave a halter on , which you have to so you can attach the shade. They also stick out and would be easy for another horse to grab . I will continue to use the Cashel Long Nosed Fly mask. They do the same thing and also protect eyes from sun and flies.
  5. All I Want For Christmas ...

    ...a job...
  6. Show Your Dogs!

    Heres Tucker.. a Corgi/Carin terrier cross. Adopted from the pound as a puppy. Hes my Best bud!!!! First pic is when I brought him home This now at 11 yrs old.
  7. Animal Communicator

    I had my horses "read" and she was right on in everything she told me. Even things she could not have known or even guessed. Made the hair on the back off my neck definately stand up. With out a long story... she helped me solve some of issues and problems I was having. Now we ( my horse and I ) are both on the same page. It was a great and I would have any new horses I get "read" also.
  8. Need Advice

    ..what to do... thats easy....I'd say... BYE BYE!!! Thanks the cookie was good.
  9. Don't You Wish You Could Sleep Like This

    Tuck only sleeps like this in the summer when its hot out. Guess he likes the fan blowing....
  10. Photoshop Help!? Pretty Please

    got it... sent pic. I cleaned up the horsey poop in the snow too... lol
  11. Photoshop Help!? Pretty Please

    I did it for you but can't get the photo to copy here.
  12. Collection Of Urine Specimen

    I have been trying to collect one for 3 days. I sit and watch and the minute I leave and I come back and there's a wet spot on the ground... I think he knows.....
  13. Sweating Salt?

    Its so hot here ..mine look like they have had salt dumped on them.. lol I hose mine down every nite to get the "crust" off of them.
  14. Squeaky Tack!

    Turn your saddle upside down. Since most saddle squeaks come from the friction of leather rubbing on leather. Pour baby powder into all the leather-on-leather areas underneath your saddle that you can find. This will reduce the friction and eliminate the squeaks. Pour baby powder into every nook and crevice you can find (between the skirt and stirrup fender, between the stirrup fender and the seat jockey, etc.). If you can pry it open with your hand or fingers, pour baby powder into it. Be generous, and pour it from one end of the saddle to the other. You will want to make sure the baby powder settles as deeply into the saddle as you can get it. Probably the easiest way to do this is to pick the saddle up and thump it back down again, several times. You don't want to scratch or scuff your saddle, which is why you're doing this on a blanket or pad. Turn it right side up and pound on it to shake out the extra powder. It may shed the powder for a few rides but it brushes off. and you will also smell good...
  15. Hay Bales Anyone?