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  1. Your Cat Name

    We called our cat "Ben" until it had kittens.Now we call it 'Ben Her'.
  2. Unknown Saddle? Can't Find Out Brand? Help?

  3. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    PD - I also like the oldies I liuke hearing "American Pie." Toward the end Don Mclean turns poet: 'I met a girl who sang the blues and asked her for some happy news..... she just smiled snd turned away....so i WEnT DOWN TO THE SACRED STORE, WHRE i'D HEARD THE MUSIC YEARS BEFORE, BUT THE MAN THERE SAID THE MUSIC WOULDN'T PLAY. iN THE STREETS THE CHILDREN SCREAMED, LOVEERS CRIED AND THE POETS DREAMED. BUT NOT A WORD WAS SPOKEN, THE CHURCH BELLS ALL WERE BROKEN...aND THE THREE MEN i admired the most, the Father, Son and the holy Ghost, caught thE last train for the coast the day the music died."
  4. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    My wife found a painting contractor to paint the house.. He goes by the handle "O.J" He and a cohort have been coming out every day after their regular work day to do some work here. He has a big boombox that he needed to plug in..I showed him an outlet on an enclosure around the chimney on the back deck. My radio is tuned to an FM station that plays oldies.
  5. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Chilly out there this morning, with about a quarter-inch of snow on the back deck.
  6. Antique Bit

    I've heard of a Mexican ring bit, but never saw one before. Could this be it?
  7. Anyone Know Maker Of This Bit

    Could the BC mean Baja California, Mexico?
  8. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Well, the trip to Shipsy didn't come off as planned. We'd talked on Wednesday about when they'd pick me up and agreed on 7:00 -7:30 Friday morning. I was up at 5:30 AM and got ready to go. Around 7:00AM I sat on a chair near our front door with my coat on and a hat and waited. ...and waited. ..... and waited. Time went away and the birds sang.I lept looking and wondering. Along about 9:00AM, my wife decided to give them a call. The report I got was that the husband wasn't feeling well and the wife was recovering from dental surgery, so they decided not to go. Reminded me of a time back in '82. We were supposed to leave on a Friday afternoon to go north for the Michigan Trail Ride. I was all packed up and ready to go, and waited all weekend They finally showed up as my kids were getting off the school bus on Monday afternoon. Late that night we pulled in at Sheck's Camp. I had a miserable time and decided not to go along with someone else ever again for a trail ride.
  9. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Dale and Becky are picking me up in the morning to go to the Good Friday sale at Shipshewana, Indiana. It will be a zoo, with all the people who attend, but we probably won't buy much of anything. I used to bid on a lot of saddles with makers' marks, but got outbid by people who wanted them more than I. Visalias, Circle Y's, Hereford Brands, etc, etc.
  10. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    I used to be an associate non-member* of the Sheriff's Posse, Didn't have to pay my way into the fair.Spent some time hanging around the posse barn.Sold some horses and tack to posse members. *When I was discharged fom the Air Force, I made myself a promise that I would never again wear a uniform of any kind. When a friend asked me to join the Sheriff's Posse, they were already wearing the types of uniforms they wear now. Wranglers, boots and a felt hat are all the uniform I need!
  11. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Had a good time at the Bowling Green tack swap, horsemen's hoo-hah and brain-fry. Ran into a lot of old friends and only bought a show headstall with a futurity browband and some other (used) stuff. They had everything going on in three big buildings, but I made it into just two.
  12. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    I'm planning to go to the big 4H horsemen's tack swap meet, flea market and commercial vendors at the fairgrounds in Bowling Green, Ohio, this coming Sunday. It's a big dea, using two buildings to set up everything. Don't know how much it costs to have a table inside. Last time I was there, a vendor told me they had upped the charge for having tables to sell from.Waaaaaay more than it used to be. Seems like the fairgtounds people took it over from the 4H people and figured they'd cut a fat hog in the posterior. Good way to drive buyers away. I usually make a lowball offer on something I might be interested in. If it's refused, I walk. Next time I walk past, the person is eager to see if I'm still interested. I once took my daughter's first husband along with me. On the way home, he said, "When you make an offer, your'e an ****** barracuda!" I explained that when I walk, that's it. I'm gone. People can refuse offers. He was amazed at how much stuff I got bought. I took everything to the next horse auction and split the increase with him. He liked that.
  13. I saw some "Bumper snickers" on the back of a horse trailer. One said, "Our horses go where they're towed."
  14. Horse Meat In Ravioli?

    I imagine if my nostrils begin to flare when I'm around mares, I'll begin paying more attention to what I'm eating. I've never knowingly had horse meat, but a friend once old me some of the best eating he ever had was the loin of a yearling colt. That was back when beef was rationed during WWll.
  15. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    I got an e-mail from Linda Tucker (rwdodgerblue) Sunday morning informing me of Bun's death. Those two became good friends when Linda was looking for place to rent or lease. I think Linda stayed at Bun's for a while. Condolences to the family.