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  1. So this is where you are hiding ... It's been a while. I really want to know how many posts I have ...
  2. It's awesome to see you again. Where do you live now? Still in the same general area?
  3. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/4health-dog-food-dry/ Here you can read about it.
  4. Just say when ... I'll pick Char up and we're on our way!
  5. I'm so sorry
  6. I go to Napa. I didn't know you were there too ... I've met Kina and Sandi a couple of times already. Next time I have to get in touch with you too. It won't happen this fall though. Bummer. But I'm hoping to take a trip to Napa sometimes in the spring instead.
  7. Princess Diva is a most lovable little pain in the rear ... but totally well after the accident. Thank goodness!
  8. I had a cauliflower head and needed to do something with it. I steamed it, pureed it and added tahini, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper. YUM.
  9. The black bean burgers? I rinsed and mashed a can of black beans, added in a little onion and garlic I had chopped very finely. I mixed an egg with some seasoning, (a LOT of chili powder, some chili flakes, salt and ordinary pepper and a generous helping of cumin ... I think that was all) and a little bread crumbs until the mash felt good. I served them in a bun with softened chevre and a slice of tomato. I've just had the leftovers. lol
  10. A black bean burger with cheve cheese and a slice of tomato. It was really very yummy.
  11. First I burnt my dinner. Really burnt it. I had a fire in the oven. Then I over cooked fava beans ... I ate the disaster while watching foodnetwork ... Oh the irony. Now I'm having a glass of wine. Finally.
  12. Ribeye steak with a 'smashed' potato (the last in the veggie drawer) and eddoe mash with wine sauce. Very yummy!
  13. 'Potato pancakes' of sweet potato, zucchini, onion and eggs, to that a super hot sausage. Good ... but, wow! it was hot. lol
  14. Alaskan Coho salmon with a lemon sauce on top of pea puree. YUM!
  15. It's so nice to see everyone again ... but HC has certainly become quite slow ...