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  1. R.i.p Earney

    Some of you may remember Earney.....he was the horse I had when I posted on HC long, long ago. He passed away a couple days ago. My dad rode him when he was younger, sold him, and we bought him back as a 19 year old. When he was 27 years old, we sold him to a kid who rode him and excelled on him in the roping and goat tying events. He won the Little Britches National Finals rodeo two times in a row in the breakaway roping. He took good care of him. A few weeks ago, he really started to show his age and they had a hard time keeping weight on but he was still full of piss and vinegar when turned out in the field. But I guess last week the kid could tell he was tired when he didn't practically run him over when being turned out, and made the decision to put him down. He was 31 years young. He taught me how to rope; the whole family rode him. He worked awesome on the grass at the Pendleton Roundup pro rodeo; one year, 8 guys made it back to the short go on him. From Junior rodeo, to pro rodeo, he was all business. He'll be missed.
  2. It's So Dead!1!

    I remember when this place was hoppin'. There was drama left and right but it was awesome. My theory is that Facebook took over. Haha. I miss the good 'ol days!
  3. Who Here Is Old?

    23 now. This board is SOOOO slow compared to what it used to be....oh man..... I would love to talk to Sharon again and see how she is doing. As well as HalfPassGal...
  4. Face Moisturizer?

    MAC Studio Moisture. Still kinda expensive....but it works. Cleared up some of what seemed to be permanent dry skin around my dimple area. My skin has never looked better since I started using it.
  5. Mascara

    This is the one I use as well. It separates well. I also use the bright pink Mabelline one.
  6. Who Here Is Old?

    Me. 23 now. Been here since I was.....13. Dear God.
  7. Face Moisturizer?

    ST. IVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use St. Ives, Intensive Healing. It's has the RED label. I was SUPER worried that it would clog my pores and make me break out, but it didn't! I feels really light and WILL moisturize. My face looks like an ashtray in the winter and it helped turn that around when my Proactiv wasn't doing the trick!!! And it's cheaper than the department store stuff. I purchased the Clinique knockoff of made my skin worse. I went back to just using Proactiv face wash and St. Ives lotion and my face has never looked better. Aveeno still works better for moisturizing, but not on the face. Hands only. I've been around the block when it comes to dry hands and face......try St. Ives. I'm trying to find something with SPF in it now because I'm outside ALOT in the sun and need protection! Especially as a redhead.
  8. Lots Of Changes!

    Gosh Sage was gorgeous. My favorite colored paint...and I don't like paints that much! But she was SOMETHING to look at..... Thanks for updating! Good to hear from you. You've accomplished alot---great job!!!!
  9. The Official Workout Thread

    I did the Insanity workout.....with Shaun T. If you are looking for cardio.....this is your workout!!! It is HARD! It kicked my butt, left me feeling like I wanted to die---but I did it. I completed 6 weeks of it before my knee started hurting really bad for no reason. It's finally healed up and I might start it over again. Not a whole lot of motivation over here though........ But yeah, it's hard. But effective. It works your WHOLE body. And the entire workout (warm up, workout, cool down) only takes 45 minutes and you can do it in your own home. Otherwise I just rollerblade up and down the beach boardwalk where I live now.
  10. Let The Planning Begin

    Not engaged. Not married. But practically. My colors will be purple and orange. Outdoor wedding. Heels for wedding, boots for reception. Not totally western-y but hints of it here and there. Still debating on going to Vegas and just getting hitched there and having a reception after the honeymoon......not really one to be the center of attention. DID go try and rings though. It was too much. Too real. Too scary. But at least I know what style I like. ;)
  11. Hello Oldies!

    I don't remember Doron? I do remember Sharon from Ireland though. I wish she would come back and update. Who was the one with Perry the big sorrel? And the older white Arabian? Always had good pictures?? Was it Curmudgeon?
  12. What Are You Getting Your Mom For Christmas?

    I'm getting mine a flat iron since she always uses mine when I visit.....and probably a new skillet or saucepan that she's been eying. The ones she has are seriously dated. And probably the latest Bill O'Reilly book.
  13. Hello Oldies!

    I would LOVE to talk to Amber again! (SnowCowgirl) or at least see what she's up to!! Anyone have her on FB?
  14. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Videos missy!!!!!
  15. Pick A Dress With Me

    I would get a dress that would look good with leggings. You really don't know what kind of condition you will end up in....and it may be sprawled all over in a bathroom stall. I'd avoid heels, or at least change out of them before you hit the bars.