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  1. Hi Amy, I am Tracey new to HC and live in Augusta. =)

  2. ** Happy Birthday Amy Parker Kiel **

    How sweet! Thanks you guys! [Huggy]
  3. Did You Hear The News?! Bragging!

    Thanks, you guys! I'm overwhelmed by this and just don't know what else to say but thanks! I never expected this! And thanks so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. [Huggy]
  4. Mustang Challenge & Women Luv Horses

    Draftie, It was so great to meet you! I must apologize for being distracted, though, you caught me at what could have been the worst possible moment - I'd thought I'd lost my cell phone! That's almost like losing an arm to me! Wish I'd caught up with you on Sunday. I'd also like to say that your photos are AMAZING! You did a great job! And to fill you guys in on my friend and trainer, Gilbert Gonzales, he and LaRey?a ended up placing 15th, not quite good enough to make it back to the finals, but considering how sick she was on Friday, and that she placed next-to-last in the in-hand competition, I think they did admirably well to come back that much! Had she not been sick, they would have been in the finals. As for Gilbert being in pain, yes, he was... During the opening ceremony, all of the mustangs and trainers were in the arena. LaRey?a was awesome, and Gilbert was standing up in the saddle and showing off a bit. The second time he did it, another mustang came up behind her, and she moved, he jumped down. He went to swing back up on her (no stirrups) and at the same time something else happened that made her move, causing him to collide with the saddle horn in his chest really hard. We thought he'd broken something, but he refused to see a doctor. A few beers and some horse liniment later, he was able to take a deep breath. He was still hurting pretty badly on Sunday but had planned to ride her during the auction, but she took a weird step one time and he realized he didn't need to be on her. His friends and wife bought LaRey?a for him and they're all back home now. She's turned out for two weeks to "be a horse" and I think Gilbert needs the break too. Draftie, I'm guessing you weren't there to get pics of the very last horse? This gal wanted her horse so bad, her friends were trying to buy her, but these three women on the front row just kept outbidding everyone. They ended up getting her for $2500, and poor Katie was in tears. Turns out, they had bought the mare for Katie! One of the other trainers, Jan Jasion Cross, has called in some favors with three of her charitable friends who happened to have the money to do such a thing. They had never met Katie, but were moved enough by the bond between this mustang and her trainer to outbid all of her friends and family to get this mare for Katie. I've got to find out more about that story.
  5. Hope you have a wonderful day !!!!

  6. Can't Upload Pic To The Bulletin Post

    What is the link that you're trying to post? Just paste it in here and I'll see if I can figure out what's going on.
  7. Mustang Freeze Mark/neck Tag Question...

    I'm toying with progress blogs, but not quite sure I want to go there, exactly. He's not the least bit interested in touching a computer! I'd love for my hubby to do it since he's watching it all happen, but there's a reason the two of them are friends, I suppose - strict "no computer" policy. Now that I know you're doing the same thing, I need to find time to go read yours as well, and maybe I can get Gilbert to read it, too. Maybe. He's doing about 40-45 minutes with them right now, and was hoping to do twice a day starting today, but I'm afraid the rain might have shown up too early. I did email your friend, Nancy, and she got back to me with some GREAT info. Now I just need to sit down and start writing!
  8. Mustang Freeze Mark/neck Tag Question...

    Great Advice, DH, and thanks, I'll pass it along to him. I was just telling my husband the same thing. He's been trying to get out there and watch the training sessions every day when he can (he has a lawn care business, and doesn't do a lot this time of year), and he was just telling me at lunch about how different they are, and which one he thinks is going to be the best and why... I reminded him that what he's watching is something that you don't get to see often - two horses with the exact same background being started in the exact same way at the same time by the same person. They aren't going to move along through training at the same rate. They're each going to handle things differently, and learn in different ways. I just wish I could be there to watch more of it! Starting today, Gilbert is going to try to work them both twice every day - in the mornings and in the evenings, if they seem to be able to handle it. Hopefully, that will speed things along a bit for him. 68 days is going to sneak up really fast!
  9. Mustang Freeze Mark/neck Tag Question...

    I got the paperwork... YAY! Here's what I've figured out so far.. The last four digits of the freezemark are indeed the numbers on her neck tag. The first two numbers (05 in both cases) are the year they were born, and the next two numbers on both horses (59) must be indicative of the state and/or field office (Ely, NV). They were captured in July and August of '06 as yearlings in White Pine, NV. One's paperwork refers to Capture Location as Buck-Bald NV403 and the other as Butte: NV407 (Herd Management Areas?) Anyway, just wanted to thank all of you again for your help, and let you know what we've found so far.. will keep you posted. Thanks again!
  10. Mustang Freeze Mark/neck Tag Question...

    Were you able to read here freezemark? That's the biggest problem in this case.. we can't read them.. at the very best, we can guess what they say. That's why I'm trying to figure out what the mark says, I know that once we have it, we can find out everything we need...
  11. Mustang Freeze Mark/neck Tag Question...

    I have something about Parallel Valley in my notes and something else about Buck and Bald..? Does that make any sense? I'm going to try to get my hands on those papers this weekend. Unfortunately, that's the best photo we can get of that first one, she's a handful. The other one won't be so difficult, except that her mane covers a lot of it, so it'll be a few more days before we can get a really good shot, probably. They did say that they came from Nevada, but not sure off of which HMA (is that right?). I'm wondering if that's where Parallel Valley and Buck and Bald come in? And they said they're three year olds, but I'd like to verify that as well. Thank you all for your help so far, keep it coming! Much appreciated!
  12. Short version... My trainer/friend is participating in one of the Extreme Mustang Makeovers (the one in Florida at the Lynn Palm Clinic in April), and he picked up his 'stangs over the weekend. I'm going to be doing a series of articles on the progress, but would like to start off with some back ground on the mustangs, unfortunately, we've got nothing. I would think that the freezemark/registration info would be on the paperwork that they received from the EMM folks on Saturday, but they say not. (I haven't seen the paperwork) We can clearly read their neck tags, but they are 4-digit numbers and the freeze marks are a series of numbers much longer. Below is a close-up of one of the freezemarks (Photographer is searching for the other one) and the neck tag. Also attached is the BLM Alpha Angle Symbol key (I could decipher if I could read the danged thing!). Oh, and no, shaving the neck is NOT an option at this time! LOL! Is there a coorelation between the neck tag number and the freezemark? Here's the key Thanks in advance for any help you can give! Amy
  13. Pics Too Big!

    If you are "attaching" photos to a post, then you have a limited amount of space that you can use - 500K, to be exact. If you exceed that amount, you cannot upload/attach another one without first deleting some of your attachments. Best solution is to upload to your Gallery, and then just post the BBcode from that image (provided to you on the gallery page of each image) into your post. To manage your attachments, go to "My Controls" and then scroll down the left rail to "Manage Your Attachments" which is the second option underneath the "Options" section towards the bottom of the page. Here you can delete your attachments so that you can add more. Remember, though, if you've got those attachments displayed on a post somewhere, then they will no longer work if you delete them. As I said, best to link to the image in your gallery than to use it as an attachment. Easiest way to do all of this is to utilize your browser's Tab function (CTRL-T) and open your gallery in one tab, and the post that you're posting to in the other.
  14. Help! I Am Going Crazy Uploading Video Problem

    You cannot transfer images or videos from another site directly to here. You will need to upload from your local computer hard drive or removable storage device (cd, dvd, thumb drive, disk, etc). It is not possible to move files from one web site to your gallery here.
  15. Just letting you guys know that the Holiday Classic Barrel Race in Jackson, MS is going on right now, if you want to watch! click to watch