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  1. Really Good Face Washes!

    Hey! I haven't posted on here in forever, but I need advice! I am prescribed to a very expensive face wash ($100 a bottle) and I really need to cut back on my spending and I dont want to go back to the doctor to get another prescription, so I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a new CHEAPER over the counter one. It has 4% Benzoyl peroxide in it which is pretty high, but I dont think I absolutely need something that high. Anyway Thanks for the help! My skin will appreciate it!
  2. I am trying to sell my lovely AQHA mare. I have been riding her english for the past year and she has started jumping a bit. She has a very nice pedigree for barrel racing(Ronas Ryon Granddaughter) and I want her to go to a great home. With the pedigree, I think I could sell her for a decent amount and kind of insure she goes to a loving family. However, I have no clue where to market a barrel horse! Back when I barrel raced (the whole reason I bought her) I never wanted to sell my horses so i never found where to market them! Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Horse Walking On Heels

    I just got her. I would never allow my horses hooves to get like this!
  4. Horse Walking On Heels

    Yes.. that is how her feet are! She has never foundered from what can be told from her hooves and she doesnt get fed.
  5. Horse Walking On Heels

    She is over weight, but she saw the vet and the vet said she needs to lose weight, but wont founder unless she gains about 50 or so pounds (she is a mini, so 50 pounds is a lot!) And I dont think she is avoiding it, just can stand on it. when I would get her foot flat, she would have to kinda bend her pastern to get get it flat... Not a lot, just a little. I couldnt get a picture because my phone died as soon as I went out to get one, but let me describe what I see... Her toe has kind of rolled up, which I believe has set her back on her heel.
  6. Horse Walking On Heels

    I just obtained a pony, who is walking on her heels from her toe being too long. I have been trimming my horses for a little over a year now (with on and off supervision of my farrier) and I was wondering if it will take more then one trimming to get her to walk flat again. I trimmed her yesterday when I brought her home and her back feet are great now, but her front feet.. she is still walking on her heels. Do I have to do anything extra or do I have to wait for everything to gro out and trim her again? He sole isnt being worn down because it isnt touching the ground, I filed her down a bit to put the wear on her sole.. should I file more?
  7. Appendix Mare Confo And Pedi

    No, she was never a brood mare. Just super out of shape and she collects lovely.
  8. Appendix Mare Confo And Pedi

    haha and to think she is for sale for $1500! haha She was bought as my next barrel horse, but after just a few runs (well trots) at the local saddle club it wasn't the same as running my old gelding. I have had her about a year and a half and she hasnt done much. I ride her mostly dressage when I do ride her, but most of the time she is chilling out in thei field doing nothing. She is about to go to her first event, but only because my main horse went lame and she is my back up. hahaha. She is super sweet, but kinda a spazz at times! She is a lovely mover if you make her move, but she would much rather pretend she is a llama with her nose stuck in the air! If I worked her regularly she could easily do 3rd level dressage if not higher(I haven't ridden higher then 3rd level so idk if she could go higher!)
  9. Here is her Pedigree^ And here is she!
  10. College Tips And Advice?

    Her name is Ashley. She is from TN. in a a rural-ish town north of nashville. I dont want to give all her information out, but there cant possibly be too many ashleys coming from this area, so you may catch on! haha
  11. College Tips And Advice?

    hey my friends sister is going there!!! They are driving her down today! maybe you will meet her!! Isnt it a small school?
  12. Show Your Tattoos...;id=1510860127 I got this to have my first show horse with me at every show now that he is retired! I love him and am very sad we can no longer compete together!
  13. Pony Pictures! :)

    I would recommend moving your hackmore up more. It's too far down on his nose
  14. Taylor Swift

    Nah he wasn't drew, but his name was Colby. It is possible I was the girl driving the truck in her picture to burn song because I did drive Colby's truck all the time! HAHA but I doubt it was. Drew on the other had had to leave school and go to another one because she got so stalkerish! She is quite a joke around here
  15. Taylor Swift

    Thought all of yall would find this interesting. I grew up in the town next to hers and in high school I dated a guy she dated and she was ticked! She litterally stalked him constantly and anytime she would run into us she would always make a scene and say we were following her everywhere. Then she became famous. Now she shows up in town (I hangout in Hendersonville because it's the only place to do anything) and always freaks out about people who come up to her. infact one day when I was working she ordered to go from the restraunt and my friend saw her and then he "driver" came in and was like Taylor wants ya'll to stop taking pictures of her. We just looked at him and said "what the heck? We are working! We don't have a camara!!!" She is rather amusing when she is in town and everyone around here knows how crazy she is, but with all that said. I like her music and have her CD's. I just wish she werent crazy.