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  1. Moved Again

    We're in Riverside County. Peppy is here now.
  2. Moved Again

    Last fall we moved to Kansas from N. Idaho. Hubby got a job offer we couldn't pass up, so now we are oddly stationed in Southern California. Never even wanted to visit here, but we like it so far. Peppy had to stay behind for a while, but she's being delivered tomorrow. Excited to be able to ride all year!
  3. How Many Board Members In Kansas? We're Moving

    Guess not, lol! That's ok, Still moving :-) hubby leaves the 26th, girls and I a month or so later. Gonna be an adventure!
  4. We are headed towards Wichita in the next month or so, curious if there's any board buddies in the area? I still have my Peppy and she's coming with! Anyone have advice about parts of town to avoid? We're gonna try to end up in Derby or Rose Hill.
  5. Need Long-Distance Transport Suggestions!

    Thanks! I think we found a local hauler who's willing to do long haul. I know the guy and feel comfortable, nothing but great references. One less thing to worry about! Kansas here we come! !
  6. Tell Us About Your Purebred!

    We love our GSDs. We started with a purebred white male. We bred him to a purebred female and kept one of the boys. The pup is standard marked. will add pics another time. They're loyal, intensely smart, gentle with their family and devoted to protection. Not sure we'll own another breed.
  7. I'm looking at moving to Kansas from north Idaho, of course Peppy needs to go. I think for such a long haul, having a professional rig do it would be easier on her. I'm looking at several, but am really afraid of something going wrong. So, suggestions? Truth? Good or bad experiences?
  8. Breaking Question

    I'm sorry but even a gladiator is not going to stop a horse from throwing a buck. Physics. The point that I don't think you understand is that posting on a public forum, you are giving advice to EVERYONE. The whole "forget about the groundwork and see how it goes" will work for an established horse person who has instincts and insight about how the horse thinks, feels, and moves. On the other hand, this advice is the worst possible thing you could say to someone who isn't as advanced. It's giving someone permission to be an idiot basically. I have a life and don't have time to sit here and spell out all the fine intricacies of why your statement is ludicrous, but please remember that you're not only advising advanced horse handlers, but also people who are brand new to horses. People who don't know how to "read" a horse or predict what's going to happen next, or how to handle it when it does.
  9. Breaking Question

    "Forget all the groundwork, get on and see how it goes" Are you serious? Excellent way to instruct people on how to become seriously injured or worse.
  10. I Finally Got A Horse!

    Ditto the treats thing. Makes a huge difference.
  11. Pet Peeves

    Very real. Google it. I find myself going to extremes to avoid situations too.
  12. Pet Peeves

    ALL of the above. I also have a condition called "misophonia". Mouth noises invoke an almost involuntary rage response. I've learned to control it so that I'm not randomly bludgeoning strangers in the head, but I do get quite annoyed. Exposure is the best treatment, unfortunately, and it doesn't bother me nearly as much when it's someone who can't help it so my job in an assisted living facility helps. However, capable people really get under my skin. Especially cashiers or customer service people smacking on gum. O.M.G. I could kill.
  13. Horse And Dog Trail Riding

    Ivory, it may simply be how close the dog is. My mare Peppy is the same, totally fine when the dog is doing his thing, but very grumpy and pissy when he's too close. She will give him the stink eye and wrinkle her nose at him. Can you use a longer lead so that the dog can be a little further away?
  14. Starting A Young Horse Correctly

    Is this guy serious? I'm just speechless.
  15. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    I raised 30 cornish cross last year. I ordered from Ideal Poultry. Fast ship, only 1 chick arrived dead and there were extras to cover. I basically free ranged them. They brooded till 3 weeks, then went out into a big pen with the goats. To make sure the goats didn't get all their food, I broadcast it pretty far and they had to hunt and scratch for it. I chose not to use the meat bird food, just scratch grains and a general purpose poultry feed, plus bugs and worms to their hearts content. I managed to butcher 26 (by myself) then got tired of butchering. I have 4 more out there. They're 8 months old now and enormous birds. My method of feeding kept them fit enough that I had no health issues. I also waited till 12-14 weeks to butcher and averaged a 9 lb carcass (all roosters). I'm just finishing out brooding 5 silver laced wyandotte. I've had them before, they lay quite steady, are a good sized dual purpose bird and tend to be really friendly. I plan to keep at least one of these Cornish roos and see if I cant get some chicks out of him and the wyandotte hens.