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  1. Do You Like Dragons?

    Hey all! Thought I'd drop by and see how everyone was doing during the great lag. It's been so long since I've been able to do anything on DC, that I'v almost weined myself off of it! I've been spending my time over at Stock Horse these past couple of weeks. I'm glad the cave is back up. I'll just be glad when we can start breeding to finish our projects. Talk to ya'll soon! Remember, if anyone needs any Golds, Silvers, Geodes or Dorkface lineage, send me a pm on DC under buckskinmist. I'll be happy to pass on some of my eggs.
  2. Do You Like Dragons?

    Thought I'd drop by and see how everyone is doing. I'm still doing the "dragon" thingy, lol. I see a couple of ya'll are having trouble snagging silvers/golds. If you need any, just send me a IM and I'll try to hook you up. My silvers are better breeders, in fact, it's almost to the point that there is no one to gift to. I gave Driftin one the other day on YIM. I already had a silver from this one and had been trying to gift it for 3 days. My Golds are so/so, may take a while to get one if anyone wants one. I have the next 3 spoken for, but after that, I'm open. Here are my IM's. aim: mistydun yim: reomist Add me if you want. It will make dragon gifting a lot easier. Talk to ya'll later! [smiley Wavey]
  3. Do You Like Dragons?

    Mornin all! AP seems cleared out now. At least its not all Peptobismal Pink! lol Besides, at least with blacks/vines you get a choice of genders. And, my blacks and vines are breeding again!!! Woot!!! On the way to finish clickys. Hope everyone has a good day!
  4. Do You Like Dragons?

    Mornin all! It's been awhile. On my way to work, but just wanted to drop in and say all scrolls have been clicked!! Catch up on everyone later! Thanks Dixie for taking those two hatchlings! [Jump]
  5. Do You Like Dragons?

    One of the members started a thread. Really, really dressed him down for the "supposed vamp killings". How he shouldn't take out his frustrations on the forums, wipe threads without giving any explainations and such. TJ actually came online and posted that the poster was right. That he was taking real life frustrations out on the forums, and that he was going to step away from the forums for a while and cool off. I wish now I had saved the thread. Those words aren't word for word, but close. People ran around saying TJ was leaving "for good", that he was shutting down DC and other stuff. He has a life. He needs to take care of other stuff, and I'm sure the DC crap gets to him at times. Seems like people blow stuff all out of perportion. The reason for the vamp killings: as far as I can figure out, one person used the "rainbow sort" and it says the type of dragon. Well, this person posted it on DC, and it pissed TJ off. Or at least that is what I've read. But who really knows??
  6. Do You Like Dragons?

    Mornin all. DC is still down. Sad thing is, I just unfogged everything right before it went down. And everything was new. New hatchies and new eggs. TracyA~ If your new vine egg is the one on your incubator, it is indeed an Alt Vine. What I do is, save the pic of an egg I think is an Alt, then pull it up on my computer. Then I will click on my SAVED Alt pic, and click back and forth. That way, the image keeps coming up in the same spot, and then you will be able to tell if one is darker/lighter/same as the other. Does that make sense? Hopefully the site will be back up soon, and then we can get our morning clickys done. I'm heading over to DCHF now to check out Driftin's changes. Laters.
  7. This or That REVIVED!!

    Snow (because we hardly ever see it, lol) hamburgers or hotdogs?
  8. Do You Like Dragons?

    Hey everyone! I finally got my internet fixed, so now I can load HC with no problems!!! I actually dropped my dail-up and got highspeed wireless. Luv it!!!! I know I've missed a lot. I even missed gifting Scapoose an Alt Vine. Sorry I couldn't connect with you to give it to you. [Me Cry] The only thing I hate about my new system is the fact that all my favorites are gone!! lol I hope ya'll will let me come back here and start posting again. I feel almost like a n00b since I've been gone so long. Driftin~ I think our own "Giving Tree" would be nice. Make is easier for us horse nuts to help each other. I was going to do clicky's tonight, but the cave is down, so I'll have to make up for it tomorrow. Talk to ya'll later!
  9. Do You Like Dragons?

    Mornin all! [smiley Wavey] Dixie~ If you don't mind, I think I'm going to try and get that female cave silver. Is that OK with you? I went ahead and let the egg hatch this morning, so with an alt hatchling, I should have a little bit more pull power. If I don't get any bites, then I'll go ahead and trade you before it grows up. Is that ok? I went ahead and dropped my Mint this morning and decided to cruise the abandoned page before I unfogged my Alt Vine. Guess what?? I snagged another Alt Vine!!! [Yay] Scapoose~ Get ready, I've got an Alt Vine for ya!!! [Jump] I have AIM. I'm trying to download Yahoo, but my connection is slow. We may have to get on the DC site and do it thru PM's. Unless ya'll have any other ideas? Off to do clickys, BBL.
  10. Do You Like Dragons?

    Dixie~ Your vine IS an Alt Vine!!! [Yay] I wanted a female cave silver, but I'll trade with ya and take a chance if you want. I've got it fogged right now to keep it from hatching. I was thinking about putting it on the trade thread, so need to keep it from hatching. Scapoose~ Next Alt vine I get, I'll let ya have it. Someone gave me mine, I bred one and gifted it, and this one I snagged off of the abandoned page. Alley~ I got a black hatchie off of the abandoned page this morning also!! I think the blacks are so cute! I also have a full-blood mint egg if anyone is interested. Off to feed the horses and cook supper. I guess I need to download my yahoo again. What IM do you use Dixie? bbl
  11. Do You Like Dragons?

    WoooT!!! [Yay] I just bred my first Silver!! [Yay] It was the second time I bred my female Silver. The males haven't given me anything but a white and a mint. Alley~ Yes it's an Alt Vine. I snagged it on the abandoned page. If it's a female, I might keep it. I'm leaning toward trading it for a cave-born Silver female. Anyone have one on here? If so, I'll trade ya. It should hatch this afternoon around 5-6 pm. If you have a cave-caught Silver Female, I will trade you the Alt-Vine egg. PM me on DC as buckskinmist. Or leave a message here on on the HC dragon home. Off to do morning clickys. [smiley Wavey]
  12. Do You Like Dragons?

    Hey all! [smiley Wavey] I haven't been able to get on HC. It just wouldn't load up for me for some reason. Yaaayyyyy Driftin! Congrats on your first Silver!!! [Yay] I have yet to breed one. lol [Crazy] MM~ I think the chickys are cute also. If you like it as a baby, then freeze it. There's nothing wrong with it. I just don't think I would freeze someone elses bred dragon. I have froze one of mine and a cave born. I plan on freezing a hatchie of each dragon. Jenn~ Congrats on the alt!! Off to do evening clickys!