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  1. let me in!

    I can barely remember what I had for lunch last night, but I remembered my log in!
  2. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    How wonderful!!!! Love his pink cheeks. A very dear friend of mine go the call last night around 1am that a heart was going to be available for him and to get his behind to the hospital asap. I know that feeling, that OMG poo just got real and time to get a move on. We just received word that the surgery went well and his new heart is working perfectly. Extra prayers for you and your family.
  3. Buddy Meet January 2015

  4. Recipes From The Herd - Hc Cookbook!

    Hunter green and tan. If I could post pictures here anymore I would show you.
  5. Remember When.......

    Who remembers "The Ring" and it's travels?
  6. Remember When.......

    I remember a time when I could read a post and not roll my eyes. Imagine that. I also remember the Turd Wars and the board buddy meet ups. and how at any time of the night you could find support of any kind.
  7. Recipes From The Herd - Hc Cookbook!

    Thank you Char, and Thank you too PT!
  8. Recipes From The Herd - Hc Cookbook!

    Hey char, any chance of some baseball hats still hanging around? I've had one for years and it was my hand down favorite hat but sadly I left it on the coffee table and anything left there is fair game for Bruno and he had half of it destroyed before I found it. Darn puppies. I've looked in the store but can't seem to find them. thanks!
  9. I've Got Gas...

    Still $3.39-$3.49 here, depending on if you go 2 miles up the hill. (to the same Sheetz gas station)
  10. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Come to PA and help me put up fence LOL!
  11. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    I love that picture. Pretty sure I recognize where that pic was taken too
  12. Poop Vibes Please

    I hope he keeps on a poopin!
  13. Als Ice Bucket Challenge

    I did something similar this spring. The Cold Water Challenge and it was with our local volunteer fire departments (Pink Tractor, I should of challenged you then lol) and we chose do jump in the local lake that the ice had just come off of. It was either take the plunge or donate to a charity of your choice (preferably something like the Fallen Firefighters Fund) it was fun but only went "viral" around here. 2 of our chiefs also did it as a fundraiser. Meaning they would do it if enough people pledged to donate, and then there was an outfit involved, ect. Whatever brings awareness.
  14. Hives

    Thanks nick. Right now for the next 3 or 4 days she will be getting some that doesn't have the preservative (it is something that they spray on the hay before it is baled which makes it so they can bale it at a higher moisture content without worrying about mold) and then after that I will try finding some for myself. I have no idea where I will store it though. Guess I will clean out a corner of the garage lol.
  15. Hives

    It has been a very long time since I've posted on HC. Unfortunately my 13 y/o QH mare, Honey, has started to break out in hives. She has been at a new barn for a year now and has been fine. Utd on vaccines and deworming and all vitals are normal for her. the only thing that has changed is the hay that she is now getting has a preservative on it. My barn owner said that the hay that she had been getting up until about 2 weeks ago (when the hives first showed up) had the preservative on it too, but it had "been cured longer" whatever that means. I do know that her hay supplier had a fire and lost all of this years first cutting and the hay she has now is right off the field with the preservative. they put up the huge bales that take a bobcat to move them, something like 15 small bales are in 1 of theirs. She is not itchy at all, just looks horrible.... I mean she looks like she has a chenille blanket on. I have a call into the vet but of course she is on vacation right now. Thinking of trying some Benadryll.