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  1. New stable RPG

    Sean glances behind him, and sees that Tim and Tina are still back there. He turns Dakota sharply, and canters back to them. "Aren't you up for a challenge?" he asks innocently. "Well, I didn't expect to stay there until midnight..." Jessica grins.
  2. Mounted Police RPG

    OOC: Ok, well... i dunno about this one. Might as well put it out of its misery.
  3. Ride for a Cause - Please join!

    "I don't think there's any left..." Alan says dejectedly. He looks around, shivering a little bit. Nike and Jinx head back in with a few more pieces of wood. "What next?" Jinx asks, shaking his head to get the water out, like a dog.
  4. A Scots Quair

    "So...." Spencer says, loking out into the distance. "Um..." He winces to himself. Taking a breath, he turns slightly to look at Elildh. "Hey, I wanted to apologize..." He looks away. "I'm sorry about how I've been acting for a while. I'm not really used to acting any other way than that."
  5. "Hmmm..." Jen looks around. "Well, i don't really want to wander about by myself, so I'll come with you." She smiles. "Besides, I'll probably find something I need." Riordan sighs. "Yep." He gathers up the cards again, shuffles and deals. "You want to play?" he asks Conall.
  6. Life in Whitewater, Montana (village rpg)

    Steve grins. "Of course not, but you won't ring up my groceries until you finish with this anyway." "Mommy, 'Laine and me are going to go play outside," Amarante says to Monique. "Alright, dear, but keep an eye on your sister," Monique answers. Raphael puts a finishing swirl on the blackboard, and goes to start some food cooking. Giggling delightedly, Amarante and Ghislaine run outside, bringing their toys with them. Looking carefully for traffic, they eventually get to where Danny and Derek are. "Can I play?" Ghislaine asks suddenly, trotting over to Danny's side.
  7. Life in Whitewater, Montana (village rpg)

    "I'm doing pretty well Mattie, thank you," Steve says, smiling. "I just realized I have nothing to eat at home." He chuckles and heads over to get some other non-perishable food items along with his soup. Once he's done, he places everything on the check-out counter, heading over to help Mattie with the rest of the sphagetti. OOC: the funny thing is, I work at a grocery store. I am friends with the stock manager. His name is Steve
  8. Life in Whitewater, Montana (village rpg)

    Raoul glances at the clock on he wall, shrugging when he sees that it's not really that much later. But he smiles at Cade, making funny faces and cooing at him, bouncing him up and down a little.
  9. Jen drives for a while, eventually getting downtown and parking the Jeep. "So, where to first?" she asks, getting out of the Jeep. Riordan looks up at Monty as he plays his turn. "You know, this is going to get boring pretty quickly..."
  10. New stable RPG

    "Well, there is a cool little bookstore down the road from here that's open until midnight... You want to check it out?" Jessica asks Ben, standing up. "Hunky dory!" Sean knees Dakota forward, the paint taking off at a fast canter.
  11. Mounted Police RPG

    The ambulance gets to where Kennedy is and quicky gets him in. A couple other guys check the rest of the guys. OOC: I think this one's dying...
  12. A Scots Quair

    OOC: Ah, then scrach Spencer's being an idiot. BIC: Spencer follows Elildh, looking around and taking in all the scenery. He takes a deep breath and exhales it slowly, still looking around. Hoshi smiles and heads for the shed. Once she gets close, she looks around. "You think they have it locked?" she asks Juan.
  13. Ride for a Cause - Please join!

    Jinx and Nike dash out of the shelter, coming back a couple times with large branches and such. Alan helps Grayson set up.
  14. Life in Whitewater, Montana (village rpg)

    Name: Steven "Steve" Thanhauser Age: 32 Gender: male Appearance: ash brown hair, vivid blue eyes, 5' 9", lanky, tanned skin Personality: talkative, almost too much sometimes, almost always happy; pretty much never gets mad, sensitive (in the way that girls absolutely adore ) Job: runs and does most of the work at the local gas station/garage Background: came to Whitewater with his family to visit, then came back the next year and stayed - without his family - everybody pretty much thinks something happened and he's in denial or something, but no one's really got the courage to talk to him about it. Family: wife, Dana (29); son, Steven Junior or Stevie (6 1/2); daughter April (2). Steve doesn't talk about them though, and when people bring them up, he changes the subject Other: N/A Name: Raphael Devereux Age: 39 (almost 40) Gender: male Appearance: strawberry blonde hair (yes, on a guy; it's in the genes), pale brown eyes, 5' 10", average build Personality: kind of a fun-loving guy, full of back-slaps and loud laughing in your face Job: owns C'est La Vie, the local pub/diner Background: American-born, but obsessed with his French heritage. Lived in France after college and met his wife there, then they moved to the US, to New Orleans. After that, they lived there for a while, moving to Whitewater after Raoul's ninth birthday Family: Wife, Monique; son, Raoul; daughters, Amarante and Ghislaine Other: is obsessed about his French heritage Name: Monique Devereux Age: 40 Gender: female Appearance: pale dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5' 6", petite Personality: quiet and gentle, keeps Raphael in line Job: teaches language classes (English, French, Spanish and German; whichever you prefer), in school and privately, while helping keeping a tight rein on Raphael and the pub Background: French-born, moved to the US after she married Raphael. Family: Husband, Raphael; son, Raoul; daughters, Amarante and Ghislaine Other: speaks English like a native Name: Raoul Devereux Age: 14 Gender: male Appearance: looks just like his mother; dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, but has already reached 5' 7", is also incredibly skinny, and eats like a horse Personality: kind of teenager-y, grouchy sometimes, but loves to help out at the vet's office Job: is trying to talk Rachel into actually hiring him as an assisant Background: Loved it in New Orleans (where he grew up), still misses his old friends Family: Dad, Raphael; mom, Monique; sisters, Amarante and Ghislaine Other: likes video games too Name: Amarante Devereux Age: 8 Gender: female Appearance: looks just like daddy with strawberry blonde hair and light brown eyes, average hight for an 8 year old Personality: sweet, yet of course mischevious Job: doesn't have one, though she would argue with that Background: was too little to remember the move to Whitewater, but seems to be content here Family: Dad, Raphael; mom, Monique; brother Raoul, and sister, Ghislaine Other: N/A Name: Ghislaine Devereux Age: 5 Gender: female Appearance: Looks like mer mother, drity blonde hair, hazel eyes, adorable dimples Personality: sweet, occasionally cranky and whiny (but who isn't?) when she's tired. Job: N/A Background: Monique was pregnant with Ghislaine when they made the move. Ghislaine's a native Whitewaterian Family: Dad, Raphael; mom, Monique; brother, Raoul, and sister, Amarante Other: N/A Name: Irina Press Age: 19 Gender: female Appearance: cropped hair dyed multiple shades of red, wide brown eyes Personality: quiet, never says anything Job: nothing Background: just showed up in Whitewater last night, in the middle of a rainstorm. No one's talked to her yet, being as not many of them know Family: who knows? Other: N/A Steve quickly pulls the door to the store open, walking in briskly. Smiling brightly, he waves at Cherry and Mattie. "Hey kiddos!" He calls to them, taking some soupd cans off the shelf. Raphael and Monique are in the main room of the diner, teasing each other as they write up the specials of the day in chalk on the chalk board outside the diner. A couple other people, bartenders and waiters/waitresses are wandering about, cleaning and waiting for the start of the day. Amarante and Ghislaine contentedly play with their dolls in a corner of the diner, oblivious to everything around them except their toys. Raoul sneaks past his parents, by heading out the back way, and walks towards the vet's office, finally coming to jog the last bit. He pulls the door open and pokes his head in, looking for Rachel. "Dr. Pike?" he calls. "Are you here?" He steps in the rest of the way, looking around. Irina is wandering about the city, looking a little lost, not to mention cold, grimy and hungry too. [ 09-05-2005, 08:31 PM: Message edited by: I am loyal to Boromir ]
  15. New stable RPG

    "OK," Jessica smiles. She reaches for her wallet and pulls out enough cash to cover her share of dinner. "So," she says, handing it to Ben, "where to now? Back to the farm?" Sean shrugs, and points down a path. "What about that one?"