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  1. Wa State Legalizes Gay Marriage

    You know I just can't resist a gay debate ;)
  2. Hello Oldies!

  3. Showing Respect To The Dead

    I try to respect dead things...maybe it's just the way I was brought up. My mom will swerve (if it is safe) to avoid a dead animal in the road, and if she accidentally hits it or can't avoid hitting it she always says "Oooh! Sorry opposum/bunny/kitty/bird/raccoon." When my horse Willow passed away last week, my father was bound and determined to ensure that she was taken to be cremated intact and with respect. She died in her stall, so there was some worry about how the man was going to get her out, and my dad pleaded with the man to be gentle with her and take care of her. And he did. Gently hoisted her body up with a pulley, turned her so he could guide her out of the stall, and loaded her onto the truck with great care. He ensured us that he would treat her body respectfully after he took it away. So do I think it's tactless what was done with the snake? Yeah, I guess. Whenever I've dissected animals in class it's always been a rule that the bodies must be treated respectfully, whether it was a shellfish, a worm, or a cat. It's just...I don't know, behaving with tact and a little bit of respect for the dead.
  4. Interesting...

    I guess I don't know how to feel about it. I went to a small school in the country where lots of kids wore Confederate flags on their belt buckles, shirts, hats, and had them flying from their trucks. I personally don't like them; I think they're tacky and slightly offensive, but I guess I don't really care if someone wears one. So I don't know if the teacher should have opened that can of worms in the first place. On the other hand, some people could construe them to be a message of intolerance and thus be very offended by them, whereas the rainbow flag that the student brought up is meant to be a symbol of inclusiveness, tolerance, and acceptance. So the messages could be construed differently, at least in my eyes. In general, though, I think I support the teacher on this one. He warned the student, and when the student pressed the issue and didn't follow instructions (ie, stop talking about it, we're not discussing this in class), he was removed. That, I would think, is appropriate action to take for a student not following directions. Think about if this student had said "I don't like blacks" or "I don't like women" or "I don't like handicapped people." That would not have been tolerated, and neither should such a comment against homosexuals. That teacher has a responsibility to construct a safe and secure learning environment for his students. Students cannot learn if they are in a hostile environment where they feel they aren't accepted and are subject to bullying and hate speech. This was, as the teacher said, a very teachable moment. So in talking myself through this, I say, props to the teacher. Perhaps he should have made it more clear that the student may have his beliefs, but that he must respect everybody regardless, with his actions AND his words, and that such talk would not be tolerated in the classroom. However, I think the teacher did the best he could with the situation and made a statement that showed LGBT students that they have an ally and supporter in their school, which, for some children, can be a matter of life and death.
  5. Totally Devastated..our New Mare Is Gone!

    So sorry for your loss =(
  6. Willow Died.

    Thank you all for your continuing support. I means a lot. My mom came down to Columbus last night and my best friend drove over 2 hours just to come be with me. Today my mom, my best friend, Cherie, and I all went to a craft store to pick out some beads so we can have a bracelet made with the tail hair my dad collected for me. I talked to my dad about the electricity. He actually called the guy who wired our barn and he assured us that everything was done to code and that GFCI plugs were used. He did say something about dust possibly causing something to be wrong with the breaker box, and if that's the case it makes me really angry. He installed it in a BARN, of COURSE there's going to be dust--why wouldn't he mention that it needed to be cleaned regularly or something to us very non-mechanical folk who might not know that? Sigh. Oh well. I asked my dad to get the name of the company off the bucket so I can give them a heads up that this happened.
  7. Willow Died.

    In all honesty, mack, I don't know a lot. My horses live with my parents while I'm away at college. The girls who clean stalls for my parents found her, and my dad discovered the cord in her mouth when he went in the stall. He had her body taken away within a few hours. It was an individual bucket, not a trough, heated by an internal mechanism. So it just plugs in and warms up. What my dad said happened is that it looks like she managed to pull the whole cord out from its insertion point to the bucket, and got a hold of the live end. The cord itself is very heavy duty and is wrapped in a metal spiral-type thingie. The outlet should have a breaker no matter what. It should be in a breaker box somewhere in the barn. Clearly mine was malfunctioning. My dad is having our neighbor, who is an electrical engineer, come and look at it this weekend. Until we figure out what's up my dad got rid of the heated buckets.
  8. Willow Died.

    Thank you all for the support. It means a lot. By the way, my dad thinks it had something to do with the electric in our barn-like a breaker didn't switch off, because he said that when he went out there the lights were all still on and the radio was playing. If the breaker had been working correctly, the electric would have shut off when she got zapped, and this wouldn't have happened. Here's one of my favorite pictures of her:
  9. Willow Died.

    I know I don't post on here much anymore, but there are some people here that I don't get the chance to talk to anywhere else and you guys knew her well so I thought I'd let you know. She was electrocuted by her heated water bucket cord. Please, please, please, be careful this winter if you use an electric bucket to heat your horses' water. It could save you the immense heartache I'm experiencing right now. My heart is completely broken. I feel terrible. Rest In Peace, Will.
  10. "my Son Is Gay"

    LOL I know right? So messed up.
  11. "my Son Is Gay"

    Seriously. One thing she really pounded into our heads was when you knock on the door and someone asks "Who is it?" the appropriate response is not "It's me" it's "It's I." That one kills me.
  12. "my Son Is Gay"

    LOL Kina I had an EVIL English teacher in high school who made my life miserable. But she did instill in me the difference between I and me like you would never believe!
  13. "my Son Is Gay"

    Wait we don't get along?? I think I missed something! LOL Oh well. I'll just be confused. And for the record, I actually really like you a lot Chris. I think you're a good, brave guy.
  14. "my Son Is Gay"

    Let what go? We're debating...isn't that what the debate board is for? I mean, to some it may seem long and drawn out, but nobody is twisting anyone's arm to come look at the if somebody feels like we're beating a dead horse, it's not that difficult for them to remove themselves from the debate but just not coming to the thread. Those of us who enjoy a vigorous debate are doing just fine. With all due respect, I don't really see what the problem is. As long as there is debating to be done, I'll continue to debate. Spacytracy-I know. I don't know what's wrong with these people and their lack of cream soda drinking. It's preposterous.