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    All critters, barrel racing, pedigree, gardening, dancing, music, writing, good books, movies, cooking for my grown kids, food, collecting granite ware, swimming, boating, hanging with friends, sweet tea with mint, great tequila, moto cross (spectator), gathering different view points, meeting new friends.
  1. Omak Stampede Rodeo....pics!

    Oh .... and those buffalo? Bulls. Purchased off of the range in northern SD as long yearlings. The seller said what John had in mind couldn't be done .... and where that live power line failed in keeping him dead? The buffs would succeed. They haven't claimed any limbs, like the live power line did ..... but they've punctured him a few times, caused lots of wrecks, killed a few of his horses while loose, just for giggles. Bad dudes ..... I give them a WIDE berth. Part of the show for the 'indian' rider is to step into them until they charge, then rein off. You can get them to light up on you from about 75 to 100 feet away. I turned down the riding gig only once .... I was sick, running a fever and couldn't breathe. Weak as a cat and the horse I was to ride (a 4 yo belonging to the 6666 Ranch) had never seen a buffalo. WAY too many strikes against a good potential outcome. I stayed on the ground with help from Apps4Life. We were happy there.
  2. Omak Stampede Rodeo....pics!

    I know we just love people who resurrect old posts .... but I'm googling for fresh pics of the One Arm Bandit & Co show for their FB page and came across this. I'd really like to use the one of Moe the Mule loping out across the pen with John pointing at his buffalo, with photo credit to you. I met John a year ago at the Rosebud Fair and PowWow in Rosebud, SD. Had never seen the show before and sort of smirked when he told me he'd have to do it extra well that day. I'm SUCH a burn out .... jaded .... groan at clown jokes, you know the kind. I smiled and said 'Bring it.' When he and the little paint 'Outlaw' tore into the arena to open the show with that 'hands free', full throttle exhibition, I was straddling the bucking chutes with my camera. On his first pass, John spun his head to look me in the eye and pointed at me, then went on to do what he does which includes the pure magic of making every individual in the crowd believe that he's worked his special kind of horseman's magic especially for them. So much for being a burn out. I was hired on as the company publicist, have worked various events including riding as 'the indian' in the act and have fallen head over heels in love with the whole family from John's parents on through to the grandkids. It's a privilege. Thousands of times here on HC I've said that associating with good horsemen improves our horsemanship. At RTTH last year, Clinton Anderson asked John if he'd have him at his place for a few weeks to work with him. John smiled and said 'sure!' If I had a nickel for everyone who's approached John to say 'you are the best cowboy in the world' I'd be rich. As it is .... I have this. 'Lori, you have me. I'll teach you anything you want to know any time you want to learn it.' ~ John Payne That ..... and on grand occasions, I'm handed the reins to one of his horses. Riding behind a huge talent is a gift. Being genuinely asked what I thought of the horse and seeing my opinions acted on in schooling? Humbling and educational. Point here? Never think you're too old ... never think you've reached a place in your world where access to great knowledge is impossible. AND .... NEVER think that 'Moe' the Mule .... or those freakin' buffalo are anything like predictable or manageable by any less a hand than The Bandit. Moe's a dang bronc .... a SMART one with a long memory and a bag of tricks unlike any other and those buffs? Stone cold killers if given the chance.
  3. Road To The Horse Video

    Guy won my heart at NFR two years ago .... and not just reminded me why, but 'leveled up' exponentially at RTTH. GREAT event .... great horseman. Thanks, HC for helping bring more people to Tootie's FINE tribute/production. Norm McLean and John Payne hanging out being proud of the kid.
  4. and I think she's a member here, though I doh't know her nick. If anyone knows her .... could you have her call me at 636.679.3141? It's regarding a great pic of her son and Cody DeMoss she's posted on CD's fan page. Thanks!
  5. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    Mama's & Babies! Thanks, Andi!
  6. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    God BLESS you! Red ... happy birthday! (I know I'll be a mess in the weeks to come putting together a show that will knock our brand right out of the park .... so here's that in advance. )
  7. Pit Bulls

    My point is the nurture can be as good as it gets .... and you can still have a psycho dog. Breeding (in terms of direct ancestry) most definately plays a part. To the OP, think Greyhound. Great dogs ... rescues come fully trained and they are the quintessential couch potato. Leashes or fenced yard kinds because they're sight hounds and will bolt, but that's their only negative. They longe quite nicely, too. Aussie/Heelers ... GREAT dogs. NEED jobs or they'll make up their own.
  8. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    Thank you, HorseCity friends! The BRN page has topped 2000 'LIKES'. For an unadvertised, organically grown page ... I'm taking that as a positive & building on it. :notworthy:
  9. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    Thank you, Just Me. :)
  10. Pit Bulls

    I WAS able to track down the breeder of my dog. I asked him for the 101 PB course and about 'Spirit' (KT's babyname). He told me specifically that his program was showbred, though he started with just good looking dogs. Agressive good looking dogs. He started over with show lines. Viola KT! Why is it hard to believe that in many breeds, aggression would be carefully bred for? Great raising will always result in a stabler dog. It won't change the fact that the dog has the wrong kind of relatives.
  11. Pit Bulls

    In my world ... every one of my dogs reacts when I become emotional in any way. I'm wondering why that seems odd? They're my dogs. I sort of pay them to be invested in me. The point is ... when my Chi x Heeler cross lights up it's a whole different ball of wax than when KT decides I need her help. MY bad for focusing only on fixing my stupid gelding and not taking the time to put my dog out of harm's way. New rules from the experience ... lesson well learned.
  12. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    Thank you SO much, Brownie. There's a shareable link or two down on the page if you'd like to help us bring those fan numbers up. Deeply appreciated!
  13. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    Fastfilly ... bucking horses DO have long, great careers and you're idea is yet another good way to involve other 'disciplines' and audiences. I like it. Many of these old champions wither and die when they're retired ... their hearts SO big for their jobs. A part of our plan is to use these good ones at the occasional free school using First Nation (Indian rez's) locations. As we horse lovers know ... once a star, always a star in their hearts.
  14. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    ">Thank you, Ladies! Thank you especially for speaking for these amazing horses to people who haven't had the opportunity to meet them for themselves. I've recently posted pics of champion horses Miss Congenialtiy and Chuckulator in their natural habitats of big, rolling grasslands .... the mare with her foal and the stallion with his mare band. Of course, there are working pictures of them, too! The Burch horse 'Yellow Hair' is a favourite of mine. At 16 years old and a stallion, this Trigger look alike will catch on to your camera adoration, flirt and profile ... then go use every dirty trick in his bag to win each and every match up. I'm sure he's been ridden successfully ... but I've yet to see it. I don't care who's on his back, I root for him every time. I'll post an old pic of him and his Miles City Matched Bronc ride team mates here. If you can't drool over this one ... something's dramatically wrong with your drooler. Kina ... I know the PRCA has a lot of information, but I don't know that it's not kind of 'rodeo technical'. I need to repost that rowel picture on the FB page. We'll be doing a lot of education stuff on the tack, it's reason and effects once underway. The SB riding spur rowell is very close to the rosebud rowell I prefer ... blunt, free spinning and I've yet to see any damage done. And no ... BRN doesn't and won't have a formal website until we are financed and promoting our events, horses, riders, the Native dance troupe that's joined us, our HOT specialty acts like Big Horse Productions Eric Montanovich ... the gorgeous Chec man who trick rides and plays with fire on his Belgians and Brandi Alexander who's currently riding for the Riata Ranch and working on a bull whip/trick riding act that's kind of PG 13. When our 'Rain Fire' tour is schedul (the Premier Tour that is the ultimate goal) we'll go public with a passion. Until then .... just building the pyre, fanning some very solid coals and working hard to promote the vision. Wise man told me early on 'you can fire them up once .... and continue to fan the flames, but let that original fire die down and the perception of failure is persistant.' I'm down with that.
  15. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    Thank you, fastfilly! I appreciate you!