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  1. HC Member's house burnt down

    In case this hasn't already been mentioned.
  2. Youtube Video

    It was only when the gal sent me a pic of the horse that I was a bit shocked that she had lost weight. There is no doubt this horse is a hard keeper - but the poor low quality grass hay she was getting before didn't help whatever else is going on. Where she is now she gets a grass alfalfa mix - and the owner of the place - an actual HORSE person - checks her daily and gives her a chiro/massage adjustment as needed. * * * * The owner of the horse is ALSO giving her some sort of herb thing JUST IN CASE.........ulcers are in there causing some issues as well N.P.
  3. Youtube Video

    UPDATE: The horse was moved to a different boarding place. The feed was improved 300 percent. She is getting adjustments.........or......what the heck would a person call this thing.......hmmm.......because as I understand it "energy" redistribution is involved. What can I say. (shrug) The horse is moving a crapload better. Videos will follow.
  4. Youtube Video

    Ahhh - I see what you mean. I will pass the comments on.......thank you. (The grey horse in the vid is mine - the mare with the issues belongs to a friend). * * * * * In discussion with a vet right now about possible hock x-rays.
  5. Youtube Video

    The skirting isn't too long for her back...........there's no white marks on the withers........I dunno........from what I've seen the saddle fits her quite well. But I tell ya - watching the vid again........(cringe) alive she is moving like the letter "U".
  6. Youtube Video

    Thank you Jubal. We are starting to wonder if in fact it IS a hock issue - but the back sensitivity is starting to get all the attention.
  7. Youtube Video

    You have brought up something that we just might consider the other way around NP. The back pain is the more demonstrative and tends to be the focus - however it might be secondary and caused by improper movement from down below. Because believe me - this horse knows how to round up and move properly...........when she's not in pain.
  8. Youtube Video

    Thank you so much for replying NP. I'm going to play devil's advocate here and ask if you notice any favoring of any of the legs front or rear? Because this short stridedness is more an EFFECT.........rather than cause.......of something that isn't quite right in one of the areas in the poll above. All opinions are very welcomed.
  9. Youtube Video

    If you've had a similar problem - if you've seen other horses with this issue - if you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated.
  10. Update....

    Yikes Ann ! You've been through the ringer ! Fingers crossed that this year brings better things..........
  11. Nagolder

    Ditto DM. She really was unforgettable - in her opinionated strong willed self. 69 is way too young to leave the planet.
  12. ...........I'm not here very dang often either. Wavin' hey atcha from the carbon tax capital of Canada ! * * * * * * Just over at debate.................reading the TITLES of posts. Ya - I figured there'd be lots to talk about..........LMBO
  13. Thursday Morning

    I simply HAD to post on Dad's thread. That's the seasons for you PD. Snow in winter........weeds in summer. Sometimes both feel like spinning your wheels. I mean it's not like you have really accomplish anything long lasting once your done - it's not like building a fence.
  14. Filed For Divorce Today

    You said he has acknowledged he needs help. That is a step in the right direction. Maybe this is just a setback..........? Keep yourself healthy and strong. You are of no use to anyone else unless you do...............
  15. It Thursday, Almost The Weekend Again....

    Thursday **IS** my Friday now that my oldness is down to four days a week. Chilly, breezy and cloudy here today. But that's all right. It's a nice change from the heat and humidity (rains every evening) we've been having for some time.