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  1. My Body's Not Liking Ft Bliss

    Mine is organic expeller pressed, refined coconut oil. So I know it's not the ideal kind, but it's what I had on hand when I found out about oil pulling, so I figure I'll use up what's left in this jar and then get an unrefined, etc version :) I'm too cheap to not use up what I have, and it does work just maybe not as well as the 'correct' kind haha
  2. My Body's Not Liking Ft Bliss

    I've been oil pulling for maybe a week and I'm seeing whiter teeth, which is really nice for me since I'm pretty self conscious about my teeth/smile. I don't use white strips and such because it makes my teeth too sensitive but the coconut oil doesn't. I've also done oil pulling when I'm starting to get a bad headache and it really helps me, had the start of a migraine and it felt SO much better after 20 minutes oil pulling, I was able to function instead of just curling up in bed haha. Also seems to start drainage from my sinuses, so if you get sinus/nasal congestion it might help with that... :)
  3. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    Well, I'm back, again :) Looks like lots of you are making progress, so congrats! Since moving in February I've been keeping with my Weight Watchers (over the trip there was lots of sedentary days and eating unhealthy food) I've lost that moving weight and a bit more. I've been trying to incorporate a little bit of exercise as well, and I walk my daughter to and from school almost every weekday. Can't wait to be below the 190 mark but I probably have a couple weeks. I'll try to push it to make my first goal I think that will really help with my motivation to continue even when I get to plateau spots.
  4. My Body's Not Liking Ft Bliss

    Haha! Oil pulling doesn't really bother me but I know it does for some people. Seems to really help me if I'm getting a headache.
  5. My Body's Not Liking Ft Bliss

    You could just eat stuff with coconut oil, rub it on like a lotion, try oil pulling which is swishing it around in your mouth and then spitting it out after 20 minutes(some people report improved dry skin from this).
  6. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Sadly since we rent and move around fairly often, I don't get to have chickens right now. But in the past we got chicks when we were staying at my parents house where they have some land. Once we got about 25 chicks from a hatchery and raised them to almost ready to start laying, then sold off all but about 10 which helped pay for buying and feeding our own chickens. We got Barred Rock and really liked them. Then my parents started having trouble with raccoons coming after the chickens and eventually lost most of them. Then they got several golden sex link chicks when the local feed store had about 10 leftover chicks (that's an awesome way to do it! They put the chicks on sale when they've been around too long, so you save money that way, plus the feed store has fed them for you for a couple weeks and they're hardier, getting feathers, etc :) ) And they really liked those. That was a few years back and now they only have about 3 left.
  7. What Size Truck?

    Personally I would find a mechanic that you can trust and have THEM take a look at whatever you consider buying, even if it's a few hundred bucks extra, it could be money saved later :) . Even at car lots, you can't always trust that they are in good working condition. When my husband and I were truck shopping we test drove a truck that ended up having a fuel leak (we could smell it in the cab and alerted them when we got back to the lot) and that truck had already been serviced and deemed ready to go. Not all of the problems will be that obvious OR it could be things that will obviously need to be replaced in the near future but not yet. Luckily I am married to a diesel mechanic (or maybe that's UN luckily since he's always got some idea about what wonderful truck he NEEDS or whatever) He is partial to Ford's 7.3L and you might be able to find one at a decent price since the last year for them is 2003.
  8. Routes Across The Country?

    Nope, not hauling any horses. We'll be driving a van and a truck with a motorcycle in the bed, but not pulling any trailers or anything. :)
  9. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    I'm back Over the holidays and everything I gained some back, but I've been back on my Weight Watchers for a couple weeks and am back down a bit. Still an over-all gain of a few pounds but... I figure if I was doing absolutely nothing I'd be worse off than I am now. So even if I'm not where I want to be, I have to look at the positives. How many tries does it take to lose and keep off weight? Many for me, haha. It's been a few years since I've been a weight that I was actually happy with so I'm going for it again. Trying to get a bit of exercise in but mostly looking at my eating especially with our move coming up, I know I'll be pretty busy... Congrats to all who have been making progress! Good luck to those newly on the weight loss journey. And keep on fighting for what you want!
  10. Mikes Latest Cakes *pics Up*

    Very nice! Is he using a steamer or something now? They look shinier and it gives it a nice finish :) I really wish I could make pretty cakes. Cakes that taste good I can do, but looks... sigh. Maybe I can take a cake decorating class in the future
  11. Who All Is Going To Rolex?

    Wish I was! I volunteered in the past so got free entrance and LOVED it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat but no longer live in the area.
  12. Routes Across The Country?

    siseley, that's such a generous offer, thank you! Unfortunately (or fortunately for traveling?) I don't have any horses to bring with me at this point. Just 2 dogs, 2 kids, possibly 2 parents (who offered to help with kids/driving) and a husband haha. It looks like we'll be winging it until we get closer and can look at national weather reports when it's time to leave. Gah! I hate leaving it up in the air, but the added mileage of going farther South isn't what we really want to take on if we don't have to. Thank you for all of the ideas, advice, and well wishes!
  13. Routes Across The Country?

    Thanks everyone! We are excited to live somewhere a bit warmer :) Heidi, that's my vote on routes, plus we would see some parts of the country that we haven't really been through before. But it is a bit longer, mileage wise. I think we have 9 days for our move technically... but that's days paid in a hotel, so if we stay with some family and such along the way we'll be able to take a little bit longer. Yikes, QH! I'll take a look at that, that's what I'm afraid of and sometimes it's hard to imagine blizzards in Texas since I haven't really been there before and all I imagine is warm/desert land. lol I'm sure part of our planning will have to be a bit last minute depending on national weather report stuff. Ugg. Couldn't tell us to move in June and make it easy, lol.
  14. Routes Across The Country?

    Hey everyone, been a while! We're busy getting ready to move and with Christmas and everything it's just been a lot! So, at the beginning of February we'll be moving from near Olympia, WA to Savannah, GA. We've been looking at routes and how we want to drive but still haven't decided. Mostly we're worried that weather will be a problem and don't want to be stuck in any 'polar vortex' weather or anything lol. I don't know if it would be best to head South first and then cut to the East down in AZ, across TX and such, or if we should go for a more direct diagonal route. Any ideas or experiences with what weather/road condition will be the first week of Feb on cross country routes? Thanks everyone!
  15. Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

    Happy for your Texas plans moving forward, congrats! We're getting ready for a move to Georgia in February