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    I'm an optimist. I think most people are half full of it.

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  1. I just had to sign in for this. NO. You haven't. I would have noticed. And you know where I live. Still there.
  2. Perhaps, but she could have said so.
  3. Seriously? I'd have much rather had a bit of cheer from the decent folk here, than a slam in the face because I'm sick to death of being shut in the house alone. Tell me, sweetie, WHO fired the first nasty shot? Wasn't me. Or can't you read?
  4. Direct link hasn't worked in a couple years. They keep saying they will fix it, heh. Easier than Photobucket is tinypic.com. MUCH easier
  5. I have to think on that for a while....
  6. Pie isn't on my diet. I have no desire to weigh 200 pounds. But I'd say YOU ate a yard of something nasty for breakfast. Hope you can choke it down.
  7. Happy birthday QB. NOTHING beats good crablegs!
  8. Miss Mary Sunshine aren't ya? At least you can go play with your ponies instead of sitting in the house sucking on a machine. Enjoy it while you can.
  9. Frankly, there's more life in the local graveyard............
  10. Why do I keep doing this?
  11. Just glad to know you are ok. Hang in there.
  12. That can be hard n a good nights sleep.
  13. Thats rough! Hope you enjoy your ice cream.
  14. thank you SR.
  15. Is everything ok with you?