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  1. What Goes Through People's Minds?

    Mia says thank you everyone. Sorry I am so slow, I ended up with a horrific migraine yesterday and now I am sluggish. Mia got dewormed and a lot of attention at the store of course. Bless the cute thing she still tries to suckle water. DiluteMe, apparently I am attracted to them too (or vice versa) because my older cat is a dark tabby too. She gained some darker oranges as she got older which was interesting, kind of like a tortoise underlay. mehpenn, gorgeous kitty! Looks just like (one of) Cody's parent's cats. Reminds me of a small maine coon. Heidi, sometimes I wish I could do the same. Apparently one of the store associates did chase after the truck yelling some words I could not repeat on this board. I did not know there were different types of tabby patterns, I just thoughts it was that - tabby. Thank you for that and I am sure she will be providing many pictures. naughtykitty, in the year I've worked there I'm surprised there hasn't been more, but more than there should have been. Two cats (including Mia) and three dogs (all pit bulls - and super sweet). I completely agree with you on those that are just as bad bringing their dogs in to be shaved after who knows how long. Seems constant here, then worse when they get upset that the dog has to be shaved and cannot be brushed out.
  2. I went to work yesterday and I currently work at Petco as a dog bather. I have never really paid attention to Friday the 13th, but others do. When I went in, my manager comes in with a bundle and asks if I can wash it. It was a kitten. Apparently in the morning someone in a truck threw a box with this kitten in it out in front of the store. Didn't stop, slow down, just threw the kitten out. From what we figured out the kitten is only about 5 weeks old, she was infested with fleas and he skin is covered in scabs from flea bites. People assume because it is a pet store we will find the animal a home. We are not a shelter (in fact the shelter the manager called was full and knew no where else). People say 'poor thing', but can't take on another animal. People keep amazing me and it never seems positive. If you are wondering, yes I now have a new kitten. Technically she is Cody's kitten, I want him to have his own animal and he hates my cat. He named he Mia. I am hoping she will get along with my cat (or rather the other way around). We tried once and it did not work well, but the other cat was a bit of a bully. (now lives very happily with Cody's parents on 25 acres with 5 other cats) She seems wormy and there may be something else going on with her skin, but we have a vet clinic visiting my work today so Cody is taking her to get her looked at. Anyway, here is Mia: That left eye is a bit sleepy, there is some skin irritation around that is what I want figured out. Not sure if it is from fleas or something else. Cute (and loud) little thing. Edit - Sorry for multiple errors I have a cat sleeping on my hand!
  3. Making My Annual Visit It Seems

    Thank you all. I am glad they made everyone else hungry, because after making them nd photographing them, believe me you want nothing to do with food. (just sleep) If I get a chance I will try and get some more photos up. I am sadly studying for a social psychology quiz now with a headache I have had for a week, so I my ability to operate and process is a bit low. Eskie, I probably should have mention, that one with the hooves is actually during the day (which is why it is not part of the night series), but it is nice all on its own. Mestengo, perhaps you want rasberry ice cream, but I promise you don't want that rasberry ice cream. The joy of food photography - it must be edible, but you probably don't want to eat it! (except those brownies were fantastic)
  4. Making My Annual Visit It Seems

    I have many - many more, but I want to post a few others from a class I took last quarter that I loved. The class was stressful, time consuming and costly, but I adored it. It was food photography. Yummy pancakes and syrup with fresh berries. I made the pancakes... lots of pancakes in fact I am still sick of pancakes. Sushi, the one food project that wasn't prepared, but bought. (was of course eaten) I have no idea what these would be called, I just saw them, thought they were pretty and wanted to make them. It is chicken salad topped with chopped orange and dill and wrapped with zucchini. Seared scallops on a bed of greens. Thanks to my mom for the cooking as I have no idea how to do scallops. Brownies and ice cream with milk. I am also sick of brownies. I made these for the project, 4 batches for class finals and one for my boyfriend to keep. (then one last week for my mom for mothers day - no more brownies!) Breakfast sandwhich Rasberry ice cream with berries and mint ... don't eat it unless you want to clog your arteries and go into sugar coma. Shrimp and pasta. Thanks to my mom again for help on the shrimp. Guess that is about it without crashing computers, hope all is well with everyone else.
  5. I checked the last time I posted on here and apparently it has been over 5 months. I was told by my trainer that time flies when you're in college, but I was hoping that would be the school part and not the rest of life. School is taking forever and everything else is flying by! During that 'short' period I have apparently taken more photos than is realistic to post on here, but many have been horse related (some even have my horses, amazing) and I really wanted to share some. It has been exciting getting back into what I started with and I have found a new series that is really interesting me. Kris, Perry and Danny are doing well. Kris got body clipped a few weeks ago and I realized in 10 years of having him he has never been body clipped. Thank goodness he is an angel and could care less. Perry is fat, colicy, has allergies, but is a fantastic yet pricey model. Danny is being worked by my trainer and being good, I hopped on him maybe a month or so ago and couldn't trot for five minutes my muscles are so out of shape. (that and I was heaving from just recovering from bronchitis - I am a winner!) Now to add to my family of 3 horses, a cat and a flying squirrel, I now have a 6 month old (about) corn snake named Ophion. It does make me wish every animal was as easy to care for (and as cheap) as a snake. Ophion: Snakes are not cooperative for photos, especially when they insist on being on your hand when you need to hold the camera and focus manually. Horse photos, since I mentioned those. These are part of a black and white series. They were taken at night and Perry is the horse in all of them. This image is not part of the series, but I thought it was nice and should be included.
  6. I Am Here For A Visit

    Onto Studio. It was basically product photography, which is my new found love. (great for the perfectionist) One of my finals - kind of goofy. Kind of going for the stripping kiss, but everyone sees something different! This was a reproduction ad. I had to reproduce a product ad. I am proud I made that cupcake myself! Here is the original: http://www.halfpassgal.com/images/A3_Original.jpg Another final. I love it, it was worth the headache. My last final. I hope it is OK to post, since it is vodka. The last two finals are at the top of my favorites. The last one is my final from editorial. I had to create a magazine cover with a controversial subject. The imagery is quite dark (creepy), so I am posting a link rather than posting on here just in case. It really isn't that bad and it is all photoshop, but I don't assume everyone wants to see. http://www.halfpassgal.com/images/editorial_final.jpg
  7. I Am Here For A Visit

    If you thought it possible I was alive - hey, here I am! School simply put has consumed my life. Halfway there. I have a job working at Petco in the grooming salon. (I have no idea what I was thinking, beside "animal!") Grooming salon is like a mini version of horse world. Drama and dogs with a corporate twist. The animals aren't as big, but the teeth are pretty sharp. All my boys (... horses) are doing well. Kris is more sound than I have seen in years. Perry is ... Perry? I get to see them about once a week and dote. I also get to ride about that often. Not thrilling, but it makes me happy to at least be on a horse. Danny is enjoying his extremely extended break. (with some longing) He went lame not long ago, but it was pretty simple. He is longing again and maybe if I'm lucky I may get to ride him on my break. No horsey photos, I just enjoy the time right now. (Plus this is an ugly winter) I also have a new addition to the family. A classmate had an interesting 'pet' and could not keep him any longer. I am now owned by (usually how it goes, right?) a flying squirrel named Foamy. I don't have a good picture of him. For some reason after several months every time I see him I still go "SO CUTE!", stare, dote, and forget to grab my camera. So, my phone quality is all I have. This is also before he got his big cage. (6'x3'x3') So, heres Foamy: For size, that is not a dinner plate it is a saucer. (with his dinner of grape tomato, sugar snap peas, zucchini, grape, green beans, and nutrition block - yummy!) I do have new photos from school to show as that is all I do. I apparently didn't post from last quarter when I had a portrait class, so a few of those from finals first. I knew before the class I wanted to have a foundation in portraiture, but I am not great with portraits and being in the class just confirmed it. Co-worker and friend being a great model, on the floor, with stylin' hair. Fellow boarder with the best 40's look. There were a number of these that were great, but the lighting for this scene and outfit just popped. Another co-worker and friend in her mom-to-be look. She has since had a beautiful healthy baby girl. My 'Best-in-Show' (picked by guest judge for finals). My trainer's boyfriend with one of the crop dusters he builds and sells. I am going to reshoot this to get tweak some things, on top of it being a blast to photograph in the first place. Next are a few from my editorial class, basically more portrait. There are many more, but the class was more about the combination of photos and layout for reading. (magazine, newspaper, etc) Good excuse for me to be lazy. All the photos were from an assignment for fashion - designer and model. My good friend being a 'designer' for me. She designs western wear, can you tell? My ever wonderful and used boyfriend being the model. Looks nice doesn't he? I am biased of course. One more for good measure. One other post.
  8. Trying Out A Camera - Random Pics

    I would certainly check you manual for settings. Many of the point and shoots now do a lot of extra things to auto 'fix' things even if they aren't necessary. You also mentioned if has a higher range of zoom. Do you happen to know what range of your zoom is optical and what range is digital? Optical zoom is what the lens on your camera can physically zoom to, while the digital zoom well, digital zooms and enhances. It is much like trying to make a small picture bigger - it degrades. While the technology might be getting better, that may possibly be causing some of the issues.
  9. Photos And An Update

    Thank you all again! It is nice to come home to kind words after my last final. I should be excited, but I am hacking up my lungs and have no voice. (which was great for a 10 minute oral presentation) Heidi, I had a couple other people who said that photo looked like 'things' kissing. It wasn't my original itention, but I will go with it. For the strawberry photo, once it was setup it really wasn't that complicated. It was just a technique that anyone there had used, so it was more of the challenge because it was new. The strawberry was hooked to a stiff piece of wire and then hung in the tank. (I say hung, but apparently strawberries float so the wire essentially had to force it under water) Then I had my wonderful friend pour just a little bit of water over the strawberry. This disturbed the surface and threw bubbles. Getting the bubble formation was probably the most tricky area - just had to do it over and over until I got the shot I wanted. SC, I love looking at photography everwhere I got. It is amazing how much there is. It is also amazing how there is quite a bit that really isn't good too. [Crazy]
  10. Photos And An Update

    sweetaddiction, thank you very much! I am majoring in photography and working for a Bachelors of Fine Art. (wide variety of classes) It is called a BFA, but most of the classes are geared towards the commercial photography world. The technical tools can be useful anywhere though and that is what I am getting from it. Glad the tilted wine was figured out! If I get the proper toold for setup I am tempted to do a more extreme version of it. If only I had my own studio... to dream. If your friend agrees I would love to see some of his work. I am always interested in different styles and art.
  11. Photos And An Update

    Thank you everyone! Audrey, it isn't jello, though I have an interest in photographing jello now. It is water. It really isn't a big secret, I just tilted the mirror it is one and tilted my camera at the same angle. Voila. Mack, if running around like a headless chicken is creative - then yes, yes I am. feeeeline, I will try to pop in more. That would be nice because that would also mean I'm not as busy. (or I am sick... like now)
  12. Photos And An Update

    Phrase assignment, this was 'Barking up the wrong tree" This was part of the phrase assignment (chip on shoulder), but Imoved in back without the chip, because I like this more in the long run. This is my boyfriend, poor guy. Final. Had to do two advertisements and two surrealist. Not thrilled with this, but it works. This makes me laugh... maybe I need more rest. Surreal for the final. I create very dark surrealist images. This is another surreal, but for a surreal assignment. Apparently I missed that there was this assignment before the final and ended up having to do it with the final. This goes with the previous one. My favorite for the final. The hands were from a photo taken by a classmate for the advanced lighting class. He was nice enough to let me use the photo for my assignment. That is it, long as that was. If there too many photos, let me know and I will split them into another post. All comments welcome, I enjoy feedback.
  13. Photos And An Update

    Mmmmm. Not really, don't eat that. The marshmallows are fine, but the whipped cream is not whipped cream. This was part of my 'something' for the final. This is the evil martini glass with liquid, but it worked. This doesn't seem challenging unless you know how that glass has to be lit. In the bright field (and all those bright field photos before) the light is coming from behind the glass - bouncing off that white background. So, when I put in the limes they have no light. I had to add another light, but it can't touch the glass. If the front light gets on the glass it makes it shine and reflect rather than give smooth edges. Wasn't that exciting info? My favorite! I found a photographer who put this technique on his website. He showed how to do this and I had to try. This one shot took me 5 hours (some weird and silly mishaps), but was worth it. It is in a 10 gallon tank of water and was not dropped in, but suspended. I cannot wait to use this for future projects. (plus, I have to do something with a 10 gallon tank I bought!) Last class set is from my last photoshop class. It was 11 weeks of making many different compositions. My brains is fried from all the attempted creativity. Not all the photos used are mine, but those that are not at from free stock websites. If there are any issues, let me know. First assignment: anything. Not really helpful. Apparently this was my anything. Also part of the anything. (we havd 2-3 composition a week) Part of a love-hate-love/hate assignment. I got in trouble for using horses. This particular teacher always pushes me away from horses. I don't mind, it just happened I had a photo that worked for what I wanted and it was a horse. This is the hate. This is love. Love and hate. I was really tired.... Humor assignment. I don't usually work in humor, so this was difficult for me. I got a good grade, so I can't complain. Part 2 of humor. One more.
  14. Photos And An Update

    I want to thank one of my friends/classmates/slaves for the torture I put her through to pose these glasses. (and just about any 'posed' item - usually one of two wonderful and helpful people) Ah now dark field. Obvious, dark background and white edged glass. A pain compared for bright field, but can produce beautiful photos. Margarita glass. A good slav-friend helping for the dark field. Dark field with color. Two colors. I love how they swap sides. That frosted glass again. I learned that is upside down, but it is more appealing that way. More.... glass. I know this looks basic, but a martini glass is one of the most difficult glasses to photograph. The shape and way it grabs light is frustrating - so I wanted to photograph it. (it gets worse when you put liquid in it) White on white. This was part of my final. He wanted me to reshoot this particular project then do - something. (basically whatever I want) This is a real rose spray painted white. More.
  15. Photos And An Update

    More bright field. Bright field with liquid. No, the glass was not moved to make the liquid look like that. (the reflection is from it sitting on a mirror) The teacher showed us a photo similar to this and I wanted to recreate it. He couldn't figure it out. Maybe you guys can. More bright field with liquid. Bright field with liquid... in liquid. (The glass of green liquid is in the pitcher of clear liquid) Sick of bright field? Only one more. Champagne!...? No, Sprite and food coloring. Bright field? Yes. On something called a light table. This is what is does and pretty much the only thing it does. (the one trick pony) Put a light or two behind it, some color if you like and thats about it. More light table. Yup. This is a stir stick... thing. It is odd, but it really pops in any photo. More.