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  1. Contraception

    No one said the government is going to specifically pay for BC. They want employers health insurance to cover it for women. Including the catholic church. Religious freedom doesn't even enter into it for me, as they still refuse it if it has another function for a women, such as treating horrible periods, or ovarian cysts. and, they're imposing THEIR religion on other people. The exact opposite of religious freedom. If we labeled the BC pill something else, with the same ingredients, but listed it as treatment for cysts and the like, they wouldn't even notice. It's just the name and their perception of it thats setting them off. This is really about control in our patriarchal society. Women are being systematically degraded in the name of religion. Well...theres all of western history for you. All the said, even if my taxes did go specifically to paying someones BS,id rather pay for that than another unwanted kid growing up in a slum. My heart breaks for those kids. It's way more immoral to have children when your not financially or emotionally ready than to be responsible prevent the whole thing in the first place.
  2. School/sex Education For 9/10 Year Olds

    Kids should definitely be starting to learn things early. Not all the details all at once, but we need to stop treating sex as a taboo, and open the lines of communication. Otherwise they hear misinformation from other kids (kids are way dirtier than the parents ever expect), like some boy telling a girl they wont get pregnant, if they have sex, its all fine, no worries. Or glamorized sex in the media, that sends a certain message about sex. How are they to know better if that's the only place they're hearing about it? This issue is coming up because parents are not taking care of it. They believe their children are innocent little angels long after that phase has passed.
  3. Washington Equine Rescue

    I heard back from Second Hand Ranch, and Whidbey Island Rescue. Whidbey island doesnt have room, but they are putting the word and my number out there. Second hand ranch seems promising. They want a pic, my bestie has a couple recent ones of him. Also, I just found out from my cousin that my mom had animal control called on her last year because they were underweight. I am livid to say the least. when I talk to her and ask about the horses, "oh they're fine" I'm really done with that lady. Only a few months after i moved out, I went back for a visit. things were already going downhill for my dog and my horse. I cleaned them up best I could, and informed her I better not ever see that again. I should have known better...When I tried selling Cloud a couple years ago, she insisted that she needed to keep him to keep "her" horse company, and that my sister wanted to ride. I'm so sick of her using my sister as an excuse to fulfill her selfish wishes. Rant much? sorry.
  4. Face Moisturizer?

    I use Aveeno face moisturizer during the day, and alba nightcream. I use Loreal cleanser for sensitive skin, the one with the rubber scrubby, and mary kay microderm abrasion twice a week. My skin hasnt looked this good since before acne.
  5. Talk To Your Horse

    now I'm spending entirely too much time looking at cute animals. lol
  6. Found My Long Lost Horse

    That's an amazing story. I'm glad you're getting him back. :)
  7. Washington Equine Rescue

    Thank you. :) I've e-mailed Second Chance and this one
  8. Washington Equine Rescue

    Cross post
  9. Washington Equine Rescue

    First a reintroduction. My name is Rose, I was on HC all the time as a kid and through high school. I got Cloud when I was 12. We rode trails, lessons, and hung out. I moved to CA 3 years ago and started college. I left him for my little sister, mostly at the will of my mother. My sister likes horses, but was never as into it. My parents divorced last year, and the horses were left with my mom. The pasture doesn't look like this anymore, and neither does Cloud. My mom is not taking care of him, so I need to get him out asap. I can barely support myself, let alone a horse so I've turned to finding a horse rescue. I'm searching for some in the Olympia area right now, but anywhere in western WA would be fine. Finding places on google has turned out to be much harder than I thought...lots of them don't have updated websites.
  10. For Those Who Wanted More Info On Gmos.

    Umm... Like? lol
  11. Opinions?

    I like them both! But I agree, the green will probably stand out more, if thats what you want.
  12. Current Song Obsession?

    OMG I know, I love Pandora! It's pretty much how I find all my music. I *usualy* don't go for mainstream stuff. But I love Lady Gaga...haha She has spunk n is her own person.
  13. Ages On Here?

    I'm happy to hear Sarahs still does she facebook? I miss not having to dance around the words I really want to use... the ones that would get my real feelings across. haha
  14. Current Song Obsession?

    Every once in a while I come across a song that I have to listen to over and over again for Anyone else do that, or just have a song they love? Recently I've really gotten into reggae, I know it all rly sounds the same...but I never get bored with it! This isn't exactly reggae, but has the sound. Can't get enough! lol
  15. History Of Civilization

    Yeah,we're not very smart at all. We;ve even boxed oursevles in, so its almost impossible to change our ways. At least thats what it feels like to me. I HAVE to drive my car to work, and use electricity...I think global catastrophe, brought on by our actions, is going to be the end of our civilization. We're going to have to start all over again! To make our modern world, we need a lot of people with expertise in diferent things. To make cell phones for instance, we need hardware people, software people, and people to build and maintain cell towers and satelites. But people are going to have to focus on surviving, and all the knowledge would probably be lost. I've heard about the nephilium...creepy....maybe my aversion is just because I have a ridiculous phobia of aliens. Have you seen the show ancient aliens? It talks about that in the bible, ancient Indian documents, and ruins. Puma Punku is a really interesting site.