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  1. Whoaaaa...it let me in!

    It Let me in too! I haven't been here in years! Nice to see some "oldies"!
  2. Terrible Tuesday

  3. So..monday?

    Yes, we cool down later this week, too. But not below zero, thank God! The older I get the more I hate the cold.
  4. What's Up Weekend

    I didn't do a darn thing this weekend. It's been warm though....melting. PD, that snow will miss us, and that's OK. Oz, mosquitos? Yuck.
  5. So..monday?

    I didn't realize that it's a leap year. I woke up early, too. But, I went to bed early, so I don't feel too groggy. It's been warm here lately. What's your weather like, Oz?
  6. Heat Lamps In The Barn.

    LOL. One time a few winters ago, I went out to feed after working all day. Here, the horses had a whole bale outside of the barn. I couldn't imagine who had gone out there, and given them whole bale of hay! Finally, I climbed up into the loft to check it out, and realized a bale must have fallen down on it's own. The horses must have grabbed that thing and dragged out of the barn to chow down on.
  7. Heat Lamps In The Barn.

    I suppose it depends on the horse. Some like shelter more than others. Mine usually stay out in any weather, except really cold and windy. During the day they will stay out in heavy rain and hail, even. They just put their heads down and butts to the wind. When they do go in, it's usually during the night.
  8. Heat Lamps In The Barn.

    Mine were standing inside this morning. The rain turned to snow, and it's windy. They know enough to go where it's more comfortable. Poop all over!
  9. Heat Lamps In The Barn.

    It's been steady rain here for the last two days. It is been between 40 and 50 degrees, though. Last night I was tempted to put their hay nets inside to give them a break from the rain, as they looked soaked to the skin. But I parted Jedi's hair and it is dry underneath. Rosie has less thick hair, but she was fine, too. So, I put the hay outside as usual. Saves me from a barn full of poop anyway!
  10. Heat Lamps In The Barn.

    Armpits work, but down your pants works better! I have tried hand warmers but they don't work in gloves....fingers still freeze.
  11. Heat Lamps In The Barn.

    I agree with Oz. The only time I'd want some heat in the barn is for my fingers when I'm filling hay nets.
  12. Spirited Experiences

    My brother and his wife lived in New Ulm, MN for a short time when he worked for GE. My husband and I and our daughter went there to visit one weekend. We had an upstairs bedroom that had door that went out to a balcony. The balcony was old and weak and not used, and the door had a hook on the inside. I remember seeing that it was hooked before we went to bed. During the night I woke up and saw a German officer (looked like an officer to me) in a WWII uniform standing by the bed just looking at me. I looked at him for short while, then said to myself, "If you're just going to stand there, I'm going back to sleep". New Ulm is a very German area.
  13. Fear of Riding

    Thanks, PD and nick. Yes, I do enjoy just having them, and riding is not a tremendously important thing to me. Even if I were confident rider, I probably wouldn't go out on the trails much at all, so getting on Jedi now and then is good enough for me. And seeing my grand daughter become better and better is a thrill!
  14. Fear of Riding

    nick, not really nervous, but I have low self confidence in lots of things.
  15. Fear of Riding

    PD, the fear has been there for years. Well, at first it was just nervousness now and then. Then when I got Chief, things were fine. He was such a great horse for me. Yes, at times I got nervous on him, too, but nothing I couldn't handle. Then when I got Rosie, things went bad. She is so good at reading MY nervousness, that things just went from bad to worse. I won't go into all the details, but the last time I rode, she spooked and started slowly cantering and I bailed off. Hurt my ankle really bad. I haven't been on her since and that was in 2010. Jedi doesn't seem to care if I'm nervous or not! And that makes all the difference.