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  1. Gpa Speed Air

    I have a Samshield and love it- I have a hard to fit head and it was the only one I could get to work that I was happy with. Its the black with black leather and black chrome, so fairly tame look wise.
  2. Unique Way To Do A Grand Prix

    They also ran a $10,000 mini prix- (0.75m, 0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m) I don't know if there is any other place that offers that much prize money to classes of that height. They also did a nations cup class- you needed a rider of each height, every one rode- then the top 4 teams got to do a second round, then if needed a jump off. I think the smaller nations cup had a $5000 prize and the larger on $10,000. 2 of the girls from our barn did the smaller nations cup, won, and came home with $500 each- not bad for a 0.75m and 0.8m rider! The parents loved it, they all sat with pens writing down times/faults to see where their kids would be. It was fun.
  3. Fly Sheet Recommendations?

    I've had a lot of luck with my Kensington flysheets- and my horse and his pasture mate play some serious tug of war with it! We have the Rambo Protector on another horse at the barn that I love, and eventually when my kensington one dies I'll be looking to replace it with that as it has the neck and belly guard. The ones that constantly seem to break/tear here are the Amigo or Weatherbeeta (cant remember which) sheet that says "Buzz-Off" on it. The absolute most indestructable one we seem to have is a Big D flysheet. On to at least season 3 with us (got it used) and it doesnt have a rip or tear anywhere.
  4. Competed 1.20M For The First Time On Elis!

    I did- just the bitty stuff (0.9m clear rounds and the 0.85m/0.9m on Fri), but I have an event this weekend so didn't need to stress my guy out and it was our first outing this year. The sand ring was good, and at least the grass ring only had the one day on it. I would imagine it would have not been fun otherwise, it was pretty water logged! It did make for a long day though- but I suppose any which way you look at it it would have been long, the hunter ring went all day.
  5. Competed 1.20M For The First Time On Elis!

    You looked good- the fences were pretty solid at 1.20m and the footing especially on Thurs was enough to unsettle any greener horse, ICK! He's going to be a fun guy to bring along. At least the morning classes (except for Thurs) seemed to miss out on the worst of the wet. I think the tack store did really well on the sale of the riding rain pants this weekend
  6. Wtb: Horse That Does W/t/c, 2'6", Trail Rides. Sane.

    I've got a great one that fits that description, has done a bit of everything- H/J, events, pony club, use for lesson horse, drives, trail rides, young, fit, sound, registered... and I can't even get anyone out to look at her. The problem here is everyone wants to go from riding the schoolies, to a horse that is capable of at least the 1.10m- not much market for the 2'6-3' horse as far as my luck has been. My girl did the 1.0m with me in jumpers and then I've evented her training level- but 1.10m isn't what she'd be happy with. Ask her to pack you around from x-rails to 3ft and she's a happy camper though! Strange market... Of course I'm also not in a panic to give her away for nothing either.
  7. New Painting

    Thanks all! Been super busy, so havent really picked up a paintbrush since... BUT finally got copies of the childrens book I illustrated, so that was super exciting. Now to find the time to get some new stuff done.
  8. Need Advice On Painting Jumps

    Marine or Rust paint (Tremclad) Works great, very shiny "Spruce Meadows" style paint job that holds up well to the abuse that horses can give the poles!
  9. Alberta Riders: Equine Herpes Virus

    www.equinecanada.ca Up to date, accurate info on nEHV-1 in Canada. www.mooreequine.ca AB based, has fairly current updates.
  10. Saddle Plates

    I can have a lot of fun with it- does it make it any funnier knowing my last name is Smart? I guess there will have to be a trend of "novelty saddle plates" someone could make a whole bunch of generic ones to sell at the tack shops, make some decent $! I had a second Smart *** plate made for one of my belts as well :) I was quite amused to get a text at work from a friend saying I was "Tumblr famous" with the photo (I'd not heard of the site before- but it seems to have gotten out there)
  11. Saddle Plates

    I bought a new saddle this spring and randomly decided I needed a saddle plate for it- unusual as I don't tend to put saddle plates on any of mine. So I thought long and hard and decided to order one that suited it (and myself) perfectly. Its always good for a few chuckles at the shows!
  12. On The Hunt For Tall Boots

    Why is it so impossible to find tall boots that fit? Does anyone know where one can find: Ladies 12/ Mens 10.5 (Euro 43-44) Wide TALL Would like without zips if possible (sick of replacing them!) Currently have a pair of Ariat Crowne Pro's (Mens 10.5 foot, 16" calf, 20 1/2" tall) that fit pretty well but the heel has collapsed on one side, making walking in them brutal. Not to thrilled on current quality of the same boots. Would like to keep price under $600 if possible... Or do I just suck it up and go custom?
  13. Bringing A Classic Back

    If I could find them around here I'd do it- but only if I could sport these http://www.justchapsus.com/shop1.cfm?ITEMID=5&CFID=8614024&CFTOKEN=40359322 and either http://data5.blog.de/media/471/3892471_7d1aacc88f_m.jpg or http://willyfogg.com/search/helmet-cover/ Only to complete with a pink sparkly crop (with ribbon tassles and a star shapped popper) and plenty of http://www.twinkleglitter.com/ to round it off. We'd be show stoppers!
  14. How Should A Show Coat Fit?

    Which hunter show are you headed too?
  15. Just A Few Pictures

    Both you and Todd look fabulous- great before and after shots of the two of you!