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  1. Can I Get Some Help- Pahleeze?

    WBduet 1) *If* I did the math correctly, it's somewhere around 1000. 2) C 3) 684? 4) C - 70% working 30% easy, like trail rides. 5) I guess E? 6) Schooling anywhere between 3ft to 3'6", showing 2'6" - 3ft (mare has her days) 7) Short: get going in the 3ft hunters and do pretty well. Long: Show as high as my nerves allow me or until my horse maxes out. Pref moving into the jumpers. 8) Combination 9) C - 90% of the time it's in lessons. 10% it's just me, schooling small stuff to help with my eye, ect ect. 10) Oh dear. um. 600? 11) I was 12 when I seriously started riding. 12) 22 13) Seven 14) 11/08 15) Yes USEF, USHJA, Tucson Hunter Jumper Association, Arizona Hunter Jumper Association, have done a *few* Southern Arizona Appaloosa Promoters and Souther Arizona Half Arabian Association (that was fun on my warmbloods!) :)
  2. Disrespectful Or Not?

    Two words: HORSE FORUM. This is a HORSE FORUM for godssakes! I don't want to hear about you eating your freaking horse! I'm here because I love horses. Not because I want to hear about you eating them and making jokes about it. Good lord. Spanish, you were TRYING to start problems. I mean honestly, who posts something like that on a horse forum? SERIOUSLY. Unless they WANT to start problems! Why not PM the people who want in on the meat, like Andi, ect instead of making it PUBLIC. This is NOT only a horse forum, but also a FAMILY forum. If I had kids, I wouldn't want them reading about how someone is going to shoot and eat their horse. Maybe if they were my age (22), but not like 12 (age that I started coming here). I mean COME ON. I will not go into if I think it is disrespectful or not as I'm sure many can tell my opinion. However, I do think this is a better fate than going through slaughter. BUT I'm not going to post "Soooo I hate my horse so I'm going to send her to slaughter" just because I can... FAMILY HORSE FORUM!!!
  3. Gloves

    I never wear gloves when schooling. Horse shows I normally do. But not all the time lol. They annoy the heck out of me.
  4. Tori Pics/update

    Tori is coming along super well. We've been doing lots of course work and raising the fences. Trainer took her over some 3ft - 3'3" fences the other day and I got some videos and some pictures of it. She was being a bit of a brat that day, she was being marish lol. But she was still Super good. We hope to take her to the annual show here and take her in the hunter derby (it's 2'6" with 3ft options, should be easy for her) and it's a $300 class! So that will be fun :) Trainer will ride her of course lol. Anyway... Since it's not me riding, no critique on the rider ;) but you can critique the baby I guess. Oh, and some of the fences are tiny lol. Oh, and I'm aware I sound like a total loser.... LOL. Warming up trot... she eventually did give thru the poll. Sorry for awful quality in advance. Canter with a lead change Warm up fence Doing a little 'course' Course again... and getting in trouble for not wanting to switch leads lol We wanted her to pay attention and listen a bit better, so we popped the second jump up to about 3'3" And again And some stills... and a pic my friend got. And two pics of the same fence, but at different angles... haha this was the last fence she did.
  5. Something Is Bothering Me..

    It's funny, but usually when my dentist (read: vet) comes out and "finds something" she, uh, normally takes care of it... He might have had ulceration which caused him to lose more weight (being older, ya know). I've stepped up and said stuff to people before, offered advice. HOWEVER, Stars, this is NOT the way to go about it!!!! This is VERY rude. Instead of offering advice you're trying to get together a bunch of people to try and attack Carol? Really? I'm sure Carol knows what's going on and is doing everything in her power to fix it.
  6. Cappy

    Cool, Stars. Cool. Not like this was posted in MAY or anything. Carol - I didn't know this happened to Cappy, but I'm glad he is doing better. Poor pony.
  7. Something Is Bothering Me..

    A-freakin-men! Not every horse will look the SAME. Just like you cannot train EVERY horse the SAME way. Jesus chirst you guys. This is by FAR the most mature thread I think I've ever seen....
  8. Something Is Bothering Me..

    Really? Really you guys?! There are REASONS I LEFT THIS DUMB BOARD. Check out what level her sisters compete at, I HARDLY think she wouldn't do everything in her power to keep this horse healthy. NOT every horses can be "fixed" the same way . Some horses ARE going to be skinny, no matter WHAT you do.
  9. I Hate To Do This...

    Voted for ya :) I really love your second picture!!
  10. Lesson Pictures!

    So my trainer rode Tori today and I got some pictures on my phone. So my timing is way off and the pics SUCK lol. But she is back to jumping bigger stuff again :). The oxer was in a grid. It was just a cross rail to two strides to a fence. We're trying to force her to work more off her hind end and use herself better.
  11. Can You Give Me A Vote?

    Yeah, it's all of a sudden not working... hmm. Thanks for the votes guys!
  12. Gpa Speed Air

    Yeah my trainer also leaves her speed air on all day haha. One of these days I may have to invest in one..
  13. Can You Give Me A Vote?

    haha sorry, that was a vital piece of info... all you do is click like on my photo
  14. Can You Vote For Me Please?

    I entered a contest on facebook to win a (maybe more?) video lesson with Lendon Gray for help in my dressage with Tori. We are a semi-finalist :) If you could just vote that would be great!! Like this page: And then this is my pic/essay Thanks SO much!
  15. Can You Give Me A Vote?

    I entered a contest on facebook to win a (maybe more?) video lesson with Lendon Gray for help in my dressage with Tori. We are a semi-finalist :) If you could just vote that would be great!! Like this page: And then this is my pic/essay Thanks SO much!