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  1. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    This makes me so happy! Congrats and I will keep him in my prayers for continued recovery :) Thanks for the alleyway update too, I've thought of her often over the years. I'm so glad she's well.
  2. Not completely though...first thread I noticed was provincial asking about bras :) Any old timers around tonight? I think I've been gone for actual years..
  3. Need A Diabetic Friendly Recipe

    Sayge, that's what my friend said I would need to do, but I've never used splenda for anything. Should be an interesting experiment. Goldentoes and mtn_penny - Thank you! All of this sounds very helpful. GiddyUp - I'd be interested in why that is as well. Certainly would be easier to just use the flour I have in my house, than to make almond flour. I also don't know if he is allergic to nuts, though almonds strike me as a low allergy-risk nut. Trin! It's been forever, how are you?!?
  4. A friend of mine is having a birthday this week, and he has requested a lemon cake with milk chocolate frosting. Trick is (in addition to the fact that this combo sounds gross to me so I've never made it haha)...he's diabetic. Anybody have a diabetic friendly recipe for this?
  5. Kittens Need Home Near I-95

    **UPDATE** The trip is on. So if anyone wants one or both, drop off would be Friday. One is solid orange, the other is solid black.
  6. Some of you may remember a litter of kittens I posted about a few months back, and I thought I had homes for all of them. I had hoped to send 2 to a board buddy in ohio, but my ohio trip got cancelled. I have another potential trip this weekend, this time to the Orlando, Fl area. Its dependent on my friend heading down there, but if she does, we could drop the kittens anywhere along I95 between Philly and Fl, or over into the Orlando area. They're both 7 months old now, not currently neuteured but I will give 50 dollars for each to new owner for clinic fees. They've been inside so far but they're still young and would be just fine as barn cats. Have been handled since they were babies.
  7. Trailer Towing Question

    Thanks again ladies, always interesting to hear the different takes on it. My friend got someone to look at her truck and she found that she was completely set up for hauling. Several hours after the whole thing started, we hit the road to go find the trailer which we were borrowing from a friend of a friend. Took us awhile to find it but not overly long to hook it up. Coming out the drive it felt odd but we double checked all connections and tires, and chalked it up to the driveway. Of course once we hit a point on the road where we actually had to stop, it felt bad. We detoured back to my friends house, making extra slow starts and stops to keep the jolting away. Then we call the trailer owner....brakes went out, she didn't fix them cause she doesn't use them. So now the trailer is at my friend's house, and I have to hire someone to move my guys. There's $200 that would have been nice to avoid [surrender]
  8. Trailer Towing Question

    Thanks guys! Serah - pepboys here quoted us as $300. Which isn't really worth it for me currently. I believe the trailer has electric brakes. Trinity - I could never do that in your area haha. When we were down there I used my brakes a lot just to get my truck around the curves and down the hills safely haha. Spacy - The reason we were going to take my truck instead of hers is she wants a mechanic to clear it for towing first because she bought a lot model and doesn't really know what she has, whereas I know I have the trailer tow package. I feel like the whole brake system should be included in the trailer tow it's safe for pulling trailers. As the name implies...crazy world we live in.
  9. I have a 2006 F-150 with trailer tow package but I've never had ocassion to pull with it because I do not own a trailer. My question for the day... Can I pull a 2 horse trailer (no idea on weight, but straightload, no dressing room) with 2 horses (about 2500 together) with my truck, as is? Or do I need to have a brake system installed? My friend called pepboys to find out, and they told her that if we pull as is, the trailer will be brakeless, it will destroy the brakes on my car, that the plug that goes into my truck from the trailer is just for lights etc... But he's also trying to sell her the extra brake system so he's not exactly reliable haha. Now she's freaked and won't pull the trailer. She was supposed to be hauling my 2 horses with my truck, because I (as a person) have never pulled a trailer. And I of course do not want to risk it if the guy is telling the truth, cause these are babies. Anybody here have experience with this? Can I tow without the extra brake hookup?
  10. Kittens Need Homes

    As it turns out, I'll be heading to Ohio sometime in the very near future; a friend needs help picking up dog crates in Colombus one of these weekends coming up. So if you are still looking we might be able to work something out. Is the barn at your house? Would the kids be handling the kittens, or would these be just regular old barn cats?
  11. Kittens Need Homes

    Poco, whereabouts are you in Ohio? I am not opposed to delivery
  12. Kittens Need Homes

    Not sure why it took me this long to think of posting here. I assume there aren't many people in this area but I could drive a bit to deliver to good homes. I would LOVE for them to go in pairs, but will split. I have 6 kittens that need homes ASAP. 2 have homes pending. I have: 2 black (sort of tabbyish in person) - 1 male, 1 female 2 black with white paws and blazes - 1 male (home pending) and 1 female 2 orange tabby - 2 males -1 dark (home found!) and 1 light 11 weeks old. All nice kittens. Not big on using their claws for anything; their mom is the same way. They'll bat you with their paws, but claws are retracted 95% of the time. They haven't been outside much, as a coyote moved in literally the day before I was going to transition them all to living outside. But their mother was much later becoming an outside cat and she has transitioned well. Kittens are wary of dogs, but do settle. Mama cat HATED dogs when she was she's best buds with my 4. Kittens all seem to be following the same personality development as her. I'm in college, and poor, so no one has been to the clinic yet, but I'm working on it. Everyone has been kept inside since I found them so mama would not get pregnant again. I live in the suburbs so no one around here wants them (in the suburbs, anyone who wants a cat, already has a cat). PM me for pics, this place will never accept my pictures. **UPDATE** 2 kittens found a home together with a dear friend. Dark Orange male, and one other will be going to their new home tomorrow
  13. Any Of You Moms Ever Think About...

    A friend of mine has 7 kids, ranging in age from 1-17. Sometimes she'll call me just to rant about her day; but without fail, within about 15-20 mintues, I hear her 4yo in the background saying "Mommy, play time is OVER. Come help me" For myself, as a nanny, I've worked for some moms who were total headcases about being with the kid. (I'm talking the 8 and up crowd). They did not seem to have hiding places, and they always came across as stressed to the max. My 2 favorite people to work for, because they're so calm and take everything in stride, definitely take advantage of their hiding spots. And as a result, their kids are calmer than those of the uptight moms. Not necessarily less rowdy, but less needy and insecure. The lady I work for now told me her spot is on the patio and that I should feel free to use it Not that I ever get a chance to do that because the kids watch me like a hawk so they don't miss out on potential fun, but it's a nice thought haha.
  14. How Long Did You Wait?

    Any chance you'd like a kitten in the meantime, Spacy? My cat has 6 kittens that will be ready to go in 6 or 7 weeks. ;)
  15. Broo... Flatcoated Retrievers...

    A good friend of mine has a FCR. She's awesome, but much closer to an Irish Setter than a lab in temperament and behavior. She is an extremely high energy dog, but focuses quickly and follows direction well. My cousin has a PWD. She is sooo cool. She comes to all the parties and even the non dog people admit she's special. Only problem with them is that since they are such a specialty breed, and now even more popular because of Obama's dog, your risk of the dog being stolen is many times higher than with other dogs.