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  1. Signs of spring?

    Good morning RR :-) I have been blessed to be able to have cut our own hay last year! We have rented 75 acres of land, a blessing in disguise! I too was tired of looking for hay , people honestly don't know how to do hay correctly around here! We put up 3000 Sq bales of Timothy hay, and have used approx 50 4x4 rounds as well to feed the preggo mama's outside. I need to figure out how to add pictures on here again! I am sure it's simple! I have been blessed with some amazing horses over the past 3 years. This is Zac, he is registered with APHA and AQHA. He just turned 2! Miley, she is a Grulla Tobiano filly and she just turned 2 April 16th! Our first show is the end of May!
  2. Signs of spring?

    Little Cow, I'm sorry to hear about the colic issues. I had a mare colic on me 3 times before Christmas...all in the span of 6 weeks. We did a Belly tap, added more alfalfa to her diet, blood work. Dewormed her for tapeworm. Finally at the end of it, both my vet and I were getting a little worried. I decided to have her stomach scoped! Sure enough, she had a very mild case of Ulcers. We treated her, and have not had another incident with it! I would also encourage a gradual switch in the hay vs just switching cold turkey! Hope ya's can figure it out!
  3. Name Change?

    Thanks :-) Glad to be back!
  4. Name Change?

    Ok, I'll give that a try Edited to add, that it worked!
  5. Name Change?

    Any idea's on how my name can be changed back to Flying Stars?
  6. Floppy eared horses

    I have had one, it did not appear to bother her too, more cosmetic than anything else.
  7. Hello

    Perfect! Thanks so much!
  8. Hello

    Popping in to say Hi! Edited to Add, not sure why my name is now Lady? Not Flying Stars anymore?
  9. Christmas Exchange.....

    I would like to participate, if no one wants to on here? I'd join wherever you are Pink :-)
  10. Would Appreciate Some Prayers For My Filly :-(

    Just an update here. We are putting the filly down next week. :-(
  11. Would Appreciate Some Prayers For My Filly :-(

    Yes Serah it is :-( . We trailered down for her appointment yesterday , he found bone fragments/chips around her hip joint. Her stifle,hock area is fine. Just that one spot where she took the brunt of her fall. Vet says not to give up on her, he said complete rest and than to have a follow up done on her, in 6-8 weeks. Her age is on her side, and she may bounce back 100% or she may have a slight limp. She will be able to be ridden lightly , no competitive stuff unless it's short of a miracle! Options/possibilities at this point would be. Surgery? To remove the chips? Other things to consider it going to be effective? Chiro Massage.
  12. She had a freak accident that has left her not wanting to use her hind leg. We are attempting to trailer her tomorrow to go get xray's done on her to see where the problem lies .
  13. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    HQ - They do for the most part have little to no markings at all, or at least what I've seen. I will be interested to see if she shows anything with her summer coat. I am glad I went ahead and had the test done. GH - I love the Red Dun's and now I am partial to the Bay Dun too...which is your normal classic dun with the flashy white socks! haha.
  14. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    Yaay! I am excited!! The Pali, is indeed carrying a copy of the Dun gene!! Navaho on the other hand is an LWO have to be responsible there! Possibly sell her, with the new owner being aware of it! Just thought I'd share the test results of the filly!