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  1. Hello

    Perfect! Thanks so much!
  2. Hello

    Popping in to say Hi! Edited to Add, not sure why my name is now Lady? Not Flying Stars anymore?
  3. Christmas Exchange.....

    I would like to participate, if no one wants to on here? I'd join wherever you are Pink :-)
  4. Just an update here. We are putting the filly down next week. :-(
  5. Yes Serah it is :-( . We trailered down for her appointment yesterday , he found bone fragments/chips around her hip joint. Her stifle,hock area is fine. Just that one spot where she took the brunt of her fall. Vet says not to give up on her, he said complete rest and than to have a follow up done on her, in 6-8 weeks. Her age is on her side, and she may bounce back 100% or she may have a slight limp. She will be able to be ridden lightly , no competitive stuff unless it's short of a miracle! Options/possibilities at this point would be. Surgery? To remove the chips? Other things to consider it going to be effective? Chiro Massage.
  6. She had a freak accident that has left her not wanting to use her hind leg. We are attempting to trailer her tomorrow to go get xray's done on her to see where the problem lies .
  7. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    HQ - They do for the most part have little to no markings at all, or at least what I've seen. I will be interested to see if she shows anything with her summer coat. I am glad I went ahead and had the test done. GH - I love the Red Dun's and now I am partial to the Bay Dun too...which is your normal classic dun with the flashy white socks! haha.
  8. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    Yaay! I am excited!! The Pali, is indeed carrying a copy of the Dun gene!! Navaho on the other hand is an LWO have to be responsible there! Possibly sell her, with the new owner being aware of it! Just thought I'd share the test results of the filly!
  9. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    We almost lost Gunner in summer 2013 due to a joint capsul injury, but found a product that literally saved him from being put down! We are pretty happy with his offspring so far! 2 from last year are being shown this year! I am forever more thrilled over that! Animal Genetics just recieved my samples today! 3-5 business days I'll know if one of my mares has LWO or not..and if the Pali filly is a carrier of the Dun gene! Tis a beautiful day out there!
  10. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    Very unique!! haha. I just want to tkeep rubbing and maybe more color would be there..
  11. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    I know that Journey, however throw the cream gene in with the dun gene..and it dilutes the Bold Crisp Dorsals, Ear tips etc etc. I've had enough people say it enough, that I am testing her anyway so that I know for myself , I've never delt with dunalino's ever to really know what to look for. To should have the dark, crisp dorsal that extends right into the tail. Dark ear tips, shoulder barring, zebra markings on the legs etc etc. I've seen several examples of tested Dunalino's * to me they shouldn't be * but they were indeed genetically Dunalino's lol. Trust me, i've been doing research and picking color genetics brains. I will know more this week if she is or not. If she isn't? That is perfectly ok..she will be a very rich shade of Pali! If she carries a copy of the dun gene! Fantastic! That won't change her registration any lol. Her at birth after being dried off. 2015 Filly 020 Than you have this one, that has no cream gene He's a Bay Dun, still reg as your normal Dun. Corbin 005 Corbin 047 Red Dun's also don't have black points :-) Gunners ear tips 015 I love these babies! Last years full sibiling to the filly from this year? Is an extremely light shade of Pali!
  12. Just A Few Baby Pics From 2015

    Thank you GH :-) The Pali will be leaving for her new home first week of July! Gonna miss her!
  13. [ [url='> First two photos, this little guy was born on March 24th! Nice Buckskin Tobi! Second set of photo's is of PRincess's baby! I suspect she's a Dunalino but am waiting on test results. Will still be reg as a Pali! Just thought I'd share!
  14. Place Your Bets!

    Aww So cute!!!