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  1. Apparently they changed the scoring method, likely because of all these issues in the past. I have found these Olympic figure skating/ice dance to be pretty accurate; it seems like the best performances are getting the best scores. I guess the new method is working well.
  2. Negative People...

    its a website where young people complain about their lives pretty much. but it started more with just the use of the term f*** my life.
  3. Negative People...

    over the past couple of years pop culture has taken a huge turn for pessimism. The whole FML thing has gotten way out of hand I think. I've always been taught to be thankful for what I have, and always be aware that no matter how much I think my life sucks at times, it really doesn't, and there are always people much less fortunate. It seems to be an influx of people who grew up with everything handed to them regardless of attitude and actions, who now act like the smallest most insignificant things make their lives suck. A friend of mine posted this site, which I love! http://www.givesmehope.com/ it's nice to know there still are people who appreciate the little things and don't fret over life's speed bumps.
  4. Birth-control

    i tried the ring for a few months. worst experience of my life. I really don't recommend it.
  5. How Far?

    We just traveled about 20 hours each way to buy a quality show horse. He is well worth the drive.
  6. Just Givin A Free Horse But...

    he needs foal ration and a dewormer... even if his breeding only entails he'll grow to 14 hands, he still seems underdeveloped. Whenever we've picked up young (3 and under) horses who are undernourished and not developed, we've put them on foal ration (along with other hi fat hi fibre rations) and seen incredible results, quickly. One we currently have looked like a yearling (thin, under muscled, and short) when we bought him when he was almost 3 and standing maybe 13'3. He started looking like a horse within a couple weeks and he grew a lot within the first 2 months. We bought him in March and now he is 15'1. I can't say much else above what everyone else has said. Read a lot. see if you can get involved helping a trainer (if you have the skills, or even just willingness to learn). I've never learned so much as when I spent a couple weeks living and working with a respected trainer. Watch others, think intuitively, be aware of what each person is doing that is working (getting a positive response) and what is not working. Above all, be safe and don't push yourself or the horse.
  7. Tail Bone/lower Back Pain

    I have not yet had an MRI done. I know that's the next step with the dr, and I've had an MRI done before and really didn't enjoy it, so I guess I'm avoiding it, but I do plan on getting to the Dr about it soon. I do have minor scoliosis. I'm also certain it is going ot continue to get worse as I age, which is incredibly scary, since I'm only in my early 20s.
  8. This may be a long shot, but I am out of ideas, so I thought I'd see if anyone has shared experiences here. I have this problem where if I ride for a lengthy amount of time (4 hours or more when I'm riding daily, after 2 hours if I'm riding only 2-3 times a week), I get horrible pain in my tail bone. I get a bit of relief on the horse if I stretch my back by curling it forward. However, at its worst, which is happening a lot more now that I'm in school and not riding as much, I get pain shooting through my whole body. It gets so bad that hours after riding there is so much swelling that if I put any pressure on my lower back/butt/tailbone the pain becomes infinitely worse. It often gets so bad that I can't move, because movement sends the pain through the body as well (at this point I usually kneel on the ground and fold my upper body over my legs, in a turtle like position), or I'll take lots of pain meds and try to fall asleep. There is no break, I have had xrays, apparently there is nothing wrong with the tailbone itself. I have minor scoliosis and a hemi vertibrae, and the chiro says that would be what causes the tailbone pain.... but it seemed like he was just excusing the thought because he didn't actually know.... anyways, I've come to see that there is not much that can be done medically for this, so I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and has any idea how to rid the pain? thanks!!
  9. Explaining The Need For Soft Contact

    so, good news! I worked with ma yesterday, and I think she kindof understands now. we'll see how long it lasts ;) thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Explaining The Need For Soft Contact

    so, she didn't go to the lesson despite my urging. At this point, there probably only going to be maybe 2 more opportunities for lessons before congress. I am going to try to explain this to my coach, as I do agree this is the best possible way to approach the situation, but assuming this isn't possible, can anyone try to make a clear, simple explanation as to why her method of getting a frame isn't effective?
  11. Explaining The Need For Soft Contact

    the latter of the two. She does always comes for my lessons, but tells the trainer "I don't know why SHE'S having such difficulty, he does ____ fine for me". mothers. ugh.
  12. Explaining The Need For Soft Contact

    thanks for the quick replies I should have added, mother decided to enter herself at the congress as well, but only in one class. Therefore, I will not be able to get her to NOT ride him. I'm not so much worried about the horse, because he is really smart, and like I said, I can get him fixed up pretty quickly. I want her to understand so she can do well with him. He is an all around type horse. We are only doing pattern classes with him. We don't want to waste time in the WP/HUS since his knee action would prevent him from making the cut regardless of how well behaved and consistent he goes. I was supposed to have a lesson today, but I'm sick, so I've suggested that she goes for the lesson. We'll see if she goes (I'm crossing all my appendages).
  13. So, I've been having some troubles with my horse lately. This is because I'm now back in my last year of University, I also work nearly full time, and live away from home, so I don't often get home to ride. Usually only 2-3 times a week. My mom rides him when I don't, which wasn't really a problem in the summer, because I'd ride most of the time, and he is pretty good with remembering how each of us ride. However, because she is riding more often than me, he's picking up some bad habits, mostly from her "method" of getting him to give his face. She rides only western, and her interpretation of western is no contact whatsoever really. This is problematic because she'll pull on the bit (usually see-saw), then release when he drops his head. (I'm cringing too) So, the result of this is that when I ride him, he's afraid of the bit, and wont accept contact. He pulls on the reins and tries to get a release with his head wayyy too low. Consequently, he ends up heavy on his forehand, and it becomes difficult to lift him up since he evades the bit, and he doesn't have much drive from behind. We're prepping for congress, so I ride him in lessons, which means I get the lecture on having him on his forehand and evading the bit. I am able to work him through it (usually about 15 minutes of rehab exercises haha), so this is not a horse training problem. Instead, I need suggestions on how to explain this to my mom so that she'll more readily accept a more correct way of riding. Keep in mind she gets frustrated easily. I'm trying to explain that the horse is only able to engage if you start from the hind end, and only support with the reins when he looks for the contact. You can't force him into a frame, you have to get him to willingly find that frame with your support. You need to use your seat and leg to push him forward, and have a soft contact for him to find and accept. She didn't really understand what I was saying. Any suggestions?
  14. Indentifying A Good Western Pl Horse- Video

    feast your eyes on these stunning babies. that is breeding and raw talent. awesome.
  15. Hb252 - Lovely

    if this passes, it seems to me like one of many steps to reap women of their rights. brutal.