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  1. Have You Ever Wanted To Be The Opposite Sex?

    quote: Originally posted by TheHorseTeacher: Wow, this has been such an eye-opener. I didn't know so many women still really believed it IS a man's world! It appears we belive that because of the experiences we've had, so who's to say it isn't.
  2. Takara detox footpatch....(w/pics now!)

    I used them for awhile. The center of the pad was foamy and white the first few mornings when I took them off. After that they leveled off and were just icky looking. They smelled like someone had cooked rancid bacon. I have a new matress topper now. They are a good excuse for getting new bedding if you use them
  3. Redeeming Yourself

    quote: Originally posted by Chopper: I don't know. My Dad had a hair trigger unpredictable rage temper until I was 15-16 or so and hit me a lot. I'm 32 now. I still don't know what stopped it or caused him to change but he did a drastic turn around ever since. I have a lot of respect for his ability to do that. I don't know if I forgive him, I have a lot of supressed emotion about that time. I love my Dad, a lot, but I'm... careful around him. In several ways he is almost a different person in my mind from that man who was my Dad, and we have a completely different, and much better relationship now, but every now and then I remember and deal with it privately. It has never gone away. I suppose if the situation was with someone else I would cut them out of my life. I have a similar relationship with my Dad. He's had his good parental moments, but the scale is still heavy with all the bad deeds and I can?t ever trust him again. My poor Mom isn?t to be trusted either, but for slightly different reasons. She is more of a victim, manipulator, and an instigator. Well?actually they both are that way, but with their own unique differences. They?ll be your confidant and best buddy, but later they sink the knife in your back. It isn?t done just to me?I don?t think they can help it by themselves. It is weird. They?ve had their shining moments where they?ve really come through, but other times they used their own heel to grind me into the dirt. Then the behavior changes and they pour out affection and ?gifts with strings? to make up for it. The only thing I know to do is never accept a ?gift? and now that I?m an adult I leave or hang up the phone when they start in on the abuse. Have I forgiven them? No. They have asked me for forgiveness about some things they remember and I told them not to dwell on the past, but I physically was unable to tell them that I forgave them. The things I am truly, deeply angry about happened to my sibling, and still I can?t forgive what was done. No one is perfect and the past lies inside me like a dark heavy seed. I hope I?ll be able to get past things one day. It isn?t healthy and I don?t like it, but I?d be lying if I said I?d forgiven them.
  4. im mad. And i want you to debate this.

    I'd be annoyed too. Banning purses won't stop some nut job from shooting up a school. You can stuff guns down your pants legs. Is there a metal detector to go through before you get into your school? What about mesh and clear bags? I know some schools here required all bags be see through awhile ago, but I don't know if it worked out. I really think the idea of just toting around your feminine products for all to see is a humorous and progressive way to deal with it. If boys laugh then who cares. Boys will grow up to be men who often still can't deal with the idea of a woman's monthly. Maybe they'll figure out that it is a natural cycle and not some "gross girl thing". I'd be tempted to make myself a pair of tampon earrings. Heck, just hang everything you'd usually carry in a bag from yourself like jewelry! I don't know how I made it through high school with all the stupid rules we it is so different. Some common sense on campus would be helpful.
  5. A New Way to Train Your Horse

    quote: Originally posted by mygoldfish: quote:Originally posted by HoofsinMotion: Looks like alot of weight for one horse to be pulling. With three Adults in it. i don't think the horse is pulling, it drives, and the horse just runs in front. the adults inside are driving it. i'm assuming. It is motorized and I'm guessing the harness the horse wears would keep it from falling down so you don't run over the horse you are exercising I thought it was interesting and more of something that would be of use in a veterinary setting, but there is also something about it I don't care for. Maybe it is the merging of old fashioned horse power with such a modern and odd looking contraption. Still, having owned a horse with respiratory issues I don?t think I?d have turned my nose up at having the ability to monitor the horse?s breathing and heart rate during outdoor exercise. However, I don?t know which a horse would prefer. Motorized horse cart thing, or being monitored indoors on a treadmill? Not that the choice to use it would ever come up for the average horse person. Also, they use it with camels. I?ve not found a pic of that, but I bet it would look even stranger with a camel in it!
  6. Bionic Buggy So, this just makes me laugh. Knowing the horse's vitals while exercising is great, but how much of an edge does a machine like this give to a training program? I know it would be helpful to closely monitor the health of working horses, but do you think it will produce more wins, less breakdowns, and longer competitive careers for horses? Only the wealthiest will be able to use it, and I can see how this would be very handy in a vet clinic that caters to racing/competition horses?then again you?d have to train them all to accept it too! Any thoughts?
  7. Off the Grid -System setup (PIC)

    Skippen just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to upload pics and give such great info! Great ideas in this thread!
  8. Men and Females

    quote: Originally posted by Arrows: quote:Originally posted by BABEnMAX: quote:Originally posted by Arrows: Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with this! When men refer to women as "females," it always seems snide, and falsely polite. I don't like it at all. Hmmmm....I've never found any hint of politeness in the term. The snide part always manages to shine through. I know, that's what I meant. Sorry if that was unclear. What I meant is that when men refer to women as "females," it always sounds like they are trying to be ironically polite. You know what I mean? Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining myself today. No biggie Arrows. I was just wondering if perhaps in some areas of the country the term was more complimentary than the way it is used here. See I don't make much sense either
  9. Men and Females

    quote: Originally posted by Arrows: Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with this! When men refer to women as "females," it always seems snide, and falsely polite. I don't like it at all. Hmmmm....I've never found any hint of politeness in the term. The snide part always manages to shine through.
  10. Men and Females

    I've yet to hear males refer to themselves or other men as simply males. I do believe the term "females" is often used as an unsubtle way to imply that the men of the group are in some way unsatisfied with the actions of the women in a group. There are people who have grown up using the term and don't realize the implications it can have. Therefore some people may be able to use it without any underlying animosity. Any word can be offensive depending on the tone and implication used in the situation. But yes, the term female can be a derogatory term as are many things in our culture. Hits like a girl, runs like a girl, screams like a woman. Does well at a, b, or c for a woman/female. So yeah, a lot of us are touchy about such things.
  11. How long should a handshake last?

    If they crush my hands I'll remember and if we every shake again I'll move fast and give them a taste of it. I give a firm brief handshake. I'm not all about having extended contact with most people. I know, not very peaceful or nice, but that ticks me off so much. Why do some people feel they have to try and have a power struggle while we are just meeting? As for the hand holders I've had to use my other hand to poke a guy in the chest while I pulled my hand out of his vice grip. I think that was some weird power struggle thing too, as he was leaning in so far I could smell what he'd had for lunch and breakfast. So I poked him like a pushy horse....He got offended, which is exactly how I felt. Offended and desperate for fresh air!
  12. Dumping Dogs Instead of Euthanizing.....

    I have a dumped dog laying by me as I type. She showed up over the winter with another dog who I couldn't keep and had to pay the shelter to take. There is a sweet, young declawed cat that got dumped out here recently as well. Trying to find a home for it, but no luck yet. All of the animals that have arrived lately are people's young and previously well cared for pets. A couple of years ago the animals that got dumped out here were usually skinny and afraid of people. A bullet is usually better than what they wil find out here. I can't imagine letting all the dogs in the pound free. They'll run livestock, hassel other people's pets, possibly endanger children. Eventually they'll get a pack going of the stronger dogs is any survive, and that can be real trouble. Very stupid solution. People will be mad at him anyway with all the strays causing problems.
  13. Is America oversexed?

    I think we are saturated with the idea of what marketing firms find sexy, and what they like is sellable sexiness. As many have already pointed out. Now since we are bombarded with an astonishing amount of visual sexual material the real question is can we have an independent idea of "sexiness" with all the outside marketing influence? We've been told what is sexy for so long, and media wise it has evolved into something that is clearly unattainable for the average person. Most people know this, but young people might see the media outlets as a pace car for their own lives. They then try to run along side it. That doesn?t work and they think something is wrong with them. As long as we don?t use advertising and t.v. for our sexual measuring stick I?d say we?re not oversexed. There are many forms of beauty and intimacy besides those that make money.
  14. GSD attacked!

    I would get nothing done if those two were at my house besides filming their cuteness
  15. Apparently humans are not deserving of the ability to domesticate animals. Shoving it under the rug just means sending them all to Mexico. I'd hate to see what a horse that rode double decker style from Canada to Mex looks like. I guess the meat will be pre-tenderized.