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  1. What Can I Do With Frozen Spinach?

    OMG this!! Only with onion instead of mushroom.
  2. Election Day

    Voted. Anxious to see the end result today!
  3. Goodbye Karma

  4. Reina Has Arrived!

    Congrats on the new girl. She's a cutie!
  5. Halloween Decorations

    Thanks TPL! Alaskan...what is Trunk or Treat? I've herd of it before...but don't know where the TRUNK part comes from
  6. Halloween Decorations

    I just have some fall decorations out, that are outside. Here they are: Pumpkin with completely natural scaring, and it's the initial of our last cool! The whole front (with the unfinished flower box...and minus a similar flower box.)
  7. My New Addition

    She looks so good! What a cute girl.
  8. Prayers Please!

    :huggy: :angel3:
  9. Meet "curly" New Pictures Added!

    Congrats on the new horse...he's cute! Your selling Bella? Isn't that the little cute colt you just got? Dang...I wish the properties we look at actually ended up in our hands. I am husband approved to get another horse if we had the place for one and something like Bella is exactly what I am looking for!
  10. Another Pregnancy Question

    For myself I packed a couple of loose/big t's for nursing, a couple of yoga pants and socks/underwear and toiletries...and used practically none of it. I used the mesh underwear they had there, the hospital had and gave me a robe (which I was too warm to use there) and they also had toiletries, and nice, big fluffy towels for showering. For baby I brought a premie outfit, a newborn out fit and a 0-3 month not knowing how big she'd be. I also brought her a hat and blankets to come home with and of course the car seat. the hospital had diapers, wipes, receiving blankets and little shirts and hats there. You can dress the baby in what you want at the hospital, but they should have what you need while you are there, so you just need stuff to come home.
  11. Show Me Your Dogs!

    Kobe: Kale: Bree:
  12. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    I called a new pediatric office and they suggested reflux or just a gassy tummy. They are going to see her next week. The poor babe is now wheezing, gagging and gasping for air when she spits up, especially at night time laying in bed. I try not to be a paranoid, worried parent and wouldn't be concerned if she was just crying, fussing and spitting up...even if it did seem like all the time. But the nearly inconsolable, screaming, body stiffening, raspy and wheezing breathing, along with the puking that she does just doesn't seem right. I also want a GOOD dr. that will talk with me and listen to me and explain answers to questions, so a new dr. was definitely needed. Hopefully I will learn something useful next week! ETA: picture of her happy. She is trying her darndest to crawl...if only her arms and head would cooperate, she sure pushes her self around (or tries) with her legs.
  13. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    That's okay...I never really said much on here. And thanks! she just gets cuter by the day.