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  1. The Decision Has Been Made

    TxPalominoKim......you reminded me of a picture I took on Sat.
  2. The Decision Has Been Made

    I retract what I said about no one else offering. I didn't realize there was a lot of PM's going on. I apologize. Thanks again to everyone. As for the fence that has the prong parts sticking up, I took care of those this morning when I went out to feed at 6:00a. I bent them down out of the way and will tape them off this evening. There was only 5 sticking up. I am still going to be working on the fence anyway. Next project...seeing if there is any way to install lights. It sure is dark at 6:00a. I normally don't post pics of my horses without making sure any of the fencing or anything else is in it. This is the reason why. Granted they aren't perfect but the horses can't get out, have never had one get caught in the fence. I rarely have one get sick. It will be one week Sunday that Achilles arrived. I will get pictures then. Until then.........
  3. The Decision Has Been Made

    Thanks Shelley and all who have supported this. The fencing where Achilles is at is very secure. As for pushing against it, he hasn't even tried. Not saying he won't. He goes up to the fence, noses with the mares and goes on his way. I do plan on fixing it so he can't get a hoof thru. The holes are graduated smaller to larger from bottom up. I've seen horses in much worse situations. It will get taken care of, don't worry. "But wibbly wobbly panels supported by thin pretty much non-structural t-posts. with some broken pokers of wire sticking up - and new horses on the premises..........is a bit concerning." Actually that is a totally different pen. Achilles is not anywhere near it. That fence with the parts poking up, that everyone is concerned about, well that is soon to come down. The mares that stay in that pen rarely even go near that part. They are not wobbly panels and the t-post are not thin non-structural t-posts. It just looks that way. TxPalomino - I got some duct tape to do that but have decided to start taking care of the fence this weekend. No, I didn't need/have to take Achilles. I saw someone who needed to place her beloved horses anyway she could. I didn't see anyone else offering to help. I was close enough to her to be able to get him. LuckE generously offered to bring him. He has a forever home here if need be. I have talked to Shelley about seeing if I could get a 4-H student in the horse club to help with him for a project. They have a very good leader and have done very well in Perry at the events there. If that doesn't work out, I have a friend who shows and trains who is willing to help when he is ready. He has only been here a few days and I already see a little difference. I will keep everyone updated as to how he is doing. I will check in off and on. Right now, I am going to get something to eat , watch Big Brother, dry my hair and go to bed. My emotions are running a little low right now. Later all.
  4. Mom's In The Hospital

    Sending [Huggy] and [Angel]
  5. The Decision Has Been Made

    Remy, thanks for the concerns. All is fine. The blue feeder was spur of the moment. I wanted him to eat out of something that gave him room for now. I am going to have my brother fix that for me. I have never had a problem before but understand your concern. The big hole will get taken care of. It has been washing there when it rains. I am going to pull the trees down that are on the little "island". Some of the wire where Vegas is at is going to be taken down and re-set. I have to work on that section. As for the tree....as soon as I can get someone to cut it up for me, it will be out of there. I will not use a chainsaw. Since my husband is now deceased, I don't have anyone to cut it up for me. Have had several people tell me they will come cut it up but nothing yet. Piper and Sadie thought it was fun to jump. The pens are dry for the most part but I rotate so I can make sure no one gets out while I better my fences. I have been taking care of the horses and the fences pretty much by myself for the last few years while helping to take care of my husband. As I said before, I don't have the best set up in the world but I make sure my horses are fed, wormed, etc.
  6. My Stud Is Goof

    How funny! I used to have a BS paint colt who used to "cut" guineas. We couldn't figure out why there was always feathers all over his pen. Then we went to the coast one weekend and a friend fed for us. They watched him with the guineas. They said he was pretty good too. He did come out of cutting stock. About a week later, I went out one afternoon to feed and there was a dead guinea and a bunch of eggs laying around. Yep, he got a little carried away and stepped on the hen.
  7. The Decision Has Been Made

    Andi, He's doing great! Eating like a champ. I give him several piles of hay so he can "graze". I have been giving him soaked beet pulp and alfalfa cubes. I am going to add some corn oil, maybe an 1/8 of a cup for now. Last night I added a half scoop of pellets and some oats that were sent with him. He gobbled it down. I did the same this morning. If his systems handles it and it seems to be, I will add more feed. I also have powdered probiotics. While he ate last night, I brushed him and cut a bridle path. He looks quite handsome now. Trying to get all of his mane to lay to one side. I taped him last night and he is about 850. He wants to hang out with the girls but I don't want to rush putting them all together yet. I may put my 25 yr. old mare with him and see how that goes. She is pretty easy going and doesn't move too fast. I will update regularly.
  8. Hope We Find Him - Oliver Has Been Found

    [Yay] Glad to hear he is back home.
  9. Help Translating From German

    Title:SCH?TZKEN... von HENGSTPARADE (eine Hommage an alle Dressurreiterinnen SCH?TZKEN ... from STALLION'S PARADE (eine a homage to all training riders) This is the first comment: HENGSTPARADE gelingt es erstmalig in einzigartiger Form das vertrauliche Gespr?ch zwischen Pferd und Reiterin zu f?hren, wobei sogar die von HANS HEINRICH ISENBART in unverwechselbarer Manier feinst artikulierten, klaren Dressuranweisungen die intime Unterhaltung zwischen Hengst und Dressurreiterin nicht verhindern k?nnen Tanslation: STALLION PARADE succeed the first time in a unique form of a confidential conversation between horse and rider to lead, with not even the HANS HEINRICH Isenbart finely articulated in a distinctive manner, clear instructions, the intimate conversation between dressage horse and dressage rider can prevent. I don't speak german(haven't since the 5th grade) and hubby or mil are no longer here to translate so I looked it up.
  10. The Decision Has Been Made

    Thanks for letting me know Shelley. I have posts every 4 ft. so they are less apt to push but like I said, eventually they will all be together and I will just use that pen to seperate at feeding time so he can take his time eating. I think there are some boards laying around that I can use. I will put them up. Don't worry about him mouthing lawnmowers, trucks, etc. He won't have much of an opportunity. Right now I am going to concentrate on getting him fattened up. He got some soaked alfalfa cubes and beet pulp this morning. I will do it for several days and then add some feed. I will worm next weekend. Didn't you worm him with ivermectin? Hopefully your hay guy will take her. Will she be close enough to you to visit? That would be nice if she is. I will keep you posted on Achilles. Should I make any decisions as to whether or not I keep him long term, I will let you know. I may see if a 4-H student will want to lease him. If not, I don't have a problem keeping him. He fits right in with all mine. All are some shade of sorrel except for 2.
  11. The Decision Has Been Made

    Shelley, he is doing fine. I checked on them this morning and he was making friends with my BS paint, Jingles. She was flirting with him. LC, they are wire cattle panels. For the most part it is temporary. They normally don't push against fence and as soon as they checked each other out, they went about their business. Actually, I had been thinking about putting a hot wire across it but like I said, they normally don't push against fence and no one even thought about throwing their feet out. I have never had a horse get caught up in the fence. As they get used to each other, I will let them together and seperate to eat. There is a 10' panel that I use for a gate that opens easily. As soon as it cools off a bit, I am opening up a couple more sections. That way they can be rotated.
  12. New Additions

    Are they ball pythons? Very pretty.
  13. The Decision Has Been Made

    It was nice meeting you LuckE. Yeah, you had a long day. He has settled in fine. I will keep everyone posted at to how he does. I meant to tape him but forgot. I will do that tomorrow.
  14. The Decision Has Been Made

    Just came in from feeding a few minutes ago. Kind of took my time so I could make sure he was doing ok. He hasn't stressed at all. He unloaded fine and we walked him down the driveway. He hollered a little bit once he heard the horses but not much. Mine carried on a bit but he was so calm and cool. Got him in his pen and just looked around a bit and stood at the gate. Took LuckE and her dad back up the their truck and trailer and got his feed and salt block. By that time Hibiscus had gotten here. After they left we went back down to the house. Took him his feed and his salt block that Shelley sent and took pictures. Great narration Hibiscus! Yeah, he made a funny face when he tasted the alfalfa and beet pulp with a cup of cool balance. He is settling in just fine. After exploring and visiting a bit more, he settled down to eat. He was eating when I came. He will be fine. ETA: Golden is 19 1/2 and is full TB. She tends to have a ribby look to her but she is fat. Black is 25 and having a bunch of foals has taken a toll on her. It's starting to show a lot more now. I have only had her for 8 yrs. Tempest is 27 and has a few foals. I have had her since she was 4.