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  1. He's 43

    I'm so, so deeply sorry LTR. Doing the right thing hurts. [Angel] [Huggy]
  2. Default Sport For Children?

    Ah..... I get it. So by the same token, I could put up a post like this: Root Board Admin a pathetic default idea of a job? Every time I visit bulletin boards, I hear everyone complaining about what an easy out a job as a root bb admin. position is. I mean, the RBBA gets dropped off after the other things for the day are finished and she is stuck left to play for a couple of hours 3 to 5 times a week. It might be the easy out way for her family to get rid of her for a few hours--you know--dump the RBBA off for a while.. Or, it might be she simply isn't skilled or coordinated enough to be viable in any other type of position so the RBBA is dumped to do something that requires less skill. Then I could come back a couple of days later, delete the original post and re-word it like this: Root Board Admin a real job? Oh my!!! If only everyone knew how difficult the position of being a Root Board Adminstrator is! I had a 'bad day' the other day and used some very lousy communication skills. What I really meant is the job requires Soooooo Much More! I honor all of the RBBA's out there in this world. I know how hard they work and how well-trained they are. Barf.
  3. Default Sport For Children?

    Not buying your story one bit Nikki. Backpeddle much? Very well said Nick.
  4. Psaint Is Sick

    [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel]
  5. Have A Nice Day!

    Oh my goodness flequus! That would make me nuts. I NEED organization in my work days! Plus I am the organizer, usually. Whoa. Be happy to share some of Spanish's brewskis with you!!!
  6. Hey All!

    I am cowgirl enough to accept your apology. Congrats on baby. Oh--Kina? Forgiveness is offered freely--dependant upon recurrence of said crime. If poster is a re-current offender or full of BS, the forgiveness will not be forthcoming. Kind of like in real life. :) Hey--the banana bread was awesome! Wish I could have shared it with you!
  7. Hey Buddy Roo

    LOL! Sorry I disappeared! I wasn't scared off or anything. I don't spook easy. :) But I DID do 4 loads of laundry, clean the bathrooms, sweep and scrub the floors, and change the bedding. :) Then....I went riding! Whoo hoo!! THEN I put together a chicken and rice casserole, that happens to be in the oven baking right now!
  8. Have A Nice Day!

    Kina, I just put another one in the oven. House smells fabulous! Spanish, I LIKE where you are going with this!!! I'll take good care of the brewskis. You take care of that skill saw. I will even tell you how your work is looking while I continue taking care of the brewskis. I bet it will all look straight to me, level or not! LOL! Aw Cindy!!!! Hugs to you and pony! Please keep us updated, ok? [Huggy] [Huggy]
  9. Have A Nice Day!

    fudge, you can tell me to stick iti ALL day today! I might pm admin and whine about it at a later date, but for now, stick it to me gently, girly! [Huggy] [bat Eyelashes] Lordy, a rest sounds heavenly to this over-worked woman! What kind of fences are ya building, LuckE??? You know what? I'd help so you could show me how that mounted shooting stuff goes. Way, way, way awesome! Plus, I'd offer you fudge's help too. I know she'd do it, cuz she is a good sort with a sweet soul. Kind to a fault and lets people walk all over her. She is like a ray of sunshine in my day. So yes, Fudge will build the fences while you teach me to shoot from a horse. K? Spanish, Hmmmm. No, it doesn't sound like a sarcoid. Glad the vet got it all and I bet you are right on the money about it bothering while cinching. I think if your vet had a real worry about it, the vet would have encouraged testing. It sounds like nothing major at this point. Hugs to you!
  10. Hey Buddy Roo

    [Not Worthy] I heart you, my friends. Mtn Penny, post the question! Between us, we can help you out! Cuz we are good that way. And my husband is a puter geek.
  11. Have A Nice Day!

    Spanish, was it a fatty tumor that Bucky had removed? My appy mare had one once, smack under her belly just behind the cinch area. Give Bucky a good pat on the shoulder for me, ok? He has a GREAT horse mom! fudge, you can tell me to stick it any time. I luff you anyway! Here is a piece of choco chip banana bread, fresh out of the oven! flequus, want some help making work cooperate? It's my day off, so I have work to spare! Willing to help! Chin up, my sweet friend! Draft Horse, now I have the urge to belt out the Barney theme song. Thanks a lot! Super-deee-duper! LOL! And my 14 yr. old is home from school sick. He's downstairs sleeping.....he'd call 911 if he heard me singing Barney. [Crazy] But then, I could use a rest. LOL! A bed, no dishes to do, and food delivered to me. Yea baby! I see the theme kiddo, I see the theme. LuckE, now THAT is very lucky!!! Enjoy your long weekend!!!
  12. Have A Nice Day!

    Thanks Spanish! It's housework and horsework for me today--day off! I hoep Bucky heals quickly!
  13. Hey Buddy Roo

    ruh roh! fudge too? Friend!!! [Huggy]
  14. Hey Buddy Roo

    Well sheeees LuckE. I think you have called me sweet before! [Huggy] Draft Horse, call me something. I shall call you.....friend. and LuckE? Friend!