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  1. Dude Ranches/ Trail Rides In Ca/az Areas

    It's in Wickenburg Flying E Guest Ranch
  2. Dude Ranches/ Trail Rides In Ca/az Areas

    Check out the Fly E Ranch in AZ I'm trying to remember what town it is in. My middle daughter works there during the winter. I got to go there last year and man it is a nice place with nice people that work there and the fooooodddd oh my. Lots of places to ride even has a pool.
  3. Hold Mudders Hand Please

    I'm just now seeing this. I know you did everything you could. My prayers are with you. [Huggy] [Angel] [Huggy]
  4. "survivor Tuckahoe"

    [Yay] Way to go Bud!! You ROCK!!
  5. I Need A Hug Real Bad

    [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel]
  6. Possum The Bunny

  7. Horse Problem. Update.

    Thanks again all. I love the fact that I can come on here with a horse problem and not get slammed! The temp pasture is about 100 feet long and 50 feet wide more or less I'll get pictures later. And soon she will be sharing it with a chicken run so the area will be smaller then that. So If I leave her on it for a while I am sure it will end up being a dry lot. Hubby had planned on adding it to the rest of the pasture, but now we will make it a permanent thing. Ok here is feed question. How much hay should I feed her once the grass is gone??
  8. Horse Problem. Update.

    Sorry it took so long to get back to this. Vet said it was begining stage of founder. He said to put her into the temp pasture we put together and mow the grass as short as we can get it. He also gave me Bute to give her. So we put hot wire on the temp fence and used a push mower with a bag to collect the clippings and set it as low as it would go. Let me tell ya that grass is SHORT. I've cleaned out all her hooves and they look ok. I will use what you guys suggested though. When I gave her her meds this evening, it looks like she is already walking better. Now I just got to figure out how to make my tooooo rich pasture, not as rich. sigh. Here I thought I was doing a good thing when I seeded it last spring.
  9. Horse Problem. Update.

    Got a call into the vet. Wish I could put her in a dry lot. I don't have any. I will go out and TRY to get a good look at her feet now. Thanks.
  10. Horse Problem. Update.

    She is not shifting at all, but she will NOT let me pick either foot, and I am not strong enough to force her. Her legs are not hot anywhere.
  11. Horse Problem. Update.

    Ok week before last we went on our first ride of the year. I did do about 4 days of lunge line work with her before that. Even though we only mostly walked we were out longer then I planned 2 hours. Over the last 4 days I noticed that she is laying down more then usual. I've checked her over got gut sounds all around so that isn't the problem. Today I noticed she is walking stiffly on her front legs. No hot spots not noticable swelling. She refuses to lift her front feet though and she seems very stiff, but not limping. Should I call the vet or will this work it self out?
  12. First Ride Of The Year

    Medical lake is south of Spokane. And without a trailor that would be really hard to get together. There are a lot of beautiful trails around here. I just wish I had that trailor so I could get to um. lol.
  13. First Ride Of The Year

    I live 50 miles north of Spokane. Near a tiny town called Chewelah. And with out a horse trailer, I am stuck to looking for local riders. sigh. Boy am I feeling the result of my ride......owwwwwweeeeyyyyyy...... lol
  14. First Ride Of The Year

    Yeah the weather has been real iffy here. So I took a chance and rode and hoped I wouldn't get rained on. lol Sure wish I had someone to ride with though. sigh.
  15. First Ride Of The Year

    Yeah, I had not planned on being out that long. Took me completly by surprise. Next time I bring a watch!!