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  1. She is beautiful Heidi.
  2. Sending continued good thoughts and healing energy for you both. It will be an ongoing journey of recovery but recovery indeed! Take good care of yourself too.
  3. Wow have I lost touch! I didn't realize you'd had a little boy. Congratulations. Times sure have changed things with you. I can understand how the kids keep you busy so no horses for now.
  4. Heidi I haven't been on HC for the longest time. I am sorry for your loss. The story of her last day was very much like my Harley's. It was tough on me, but I was determined to not let him suffer and to send him off on a warm November afternoon. I sent him off with a Turquoise charm woven in his mane. So much love and so much pain with the loss but such is life. Love and light to you.
  5. She does look remarkably like Daniel!
  6. Good thoughts and lots of healing energy for HFF, her family and all involved in her care.
  7. That horse sure has heart!
  8. Beautiful little girl. So glad she is doing well.
  9. Wonderful pictures. Both of you are looking great. Bet you can't wait until next year to really be able to put some ride time on him.
  10. If I am not mistaken my Aunt who lives near Dayton, OH said she had WNV a year or so ago. She was very ill too. Had extreme flu like symptoms with the muscle pain and weakness you describe. I don't know how her doctors diagnosed her. She is an immunologist/biologist herself.
  11. Hi

    Hi Alleyway! Long time......... I've not been around much myself as of late. Was just down helping my sister who had a knee replacement. Ironically I was at her place 6yrs ago when she had her other knee replaced and you basically just come through your surgeries. I think about you often. Now I will have to check back more regularly to see if you've posted!
  12. I've got a Chestnut roan TWH. She's often mistaken for an Appaloosa because the roaning on her rump almost looks like a blanket! She was lighter than Ama when I bought her at 9mo. Between two and three years she really looked like a pink horse! Her color changes seasonally. She has a mixed mane and tail.
  13. Sam and I loved it! He said he'd even be willing to go see it again because he's sure we missed something while we were laughing hysterically. Truly is a funny movie.
  14. Continued good thoughts and healing energy for your brother and family.
  15. Congratulations! Haven't been by lately and almost missed this. Beautiful pictures especially Dad with his girls and the family pictures.