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  1. Hard copy of Barrel Horse News

    Thanks! We are being featured as one of the gift items for Christmas and noticed the jump on the website. Just wanted to know what we'd be in for! LOL
  2. Hard copy of Barrel Horse News

    Have you received yours yet???
  3. KY Barrel Racers....

    Excellent! Just had to know. Here in Florida you could run two a weekend every weekend of the year if you wanted or could drive like a maniac...We were just worried we wouldn't be able to find the amount of runs we were accustomed to...
  4. KY Barrel Racers....

    Lookin' toward the north eastern part. Above Lexington...
  5. KY Barrel Racers....

    How many races do you get to run? I checked the NBHA site and there are only like 4-6 listed... We are looking to move to KY and my daughter wanted to know... Where do you get your barrel racing fix????
  6. Hey kaidee's us...I've got some info for ya! Drop us a line!
  7. GATOR COUNTRY..........

    LOL Gotcha! Of course she's still with us. We added another member and have had intrest in people distributing (selling) our shirts... Can't wait for this season!
  8. We ran 23.75 and won our first check!!

    Dang I want to run where a 22 wins a check! Congratulations on your success!
  9. Woo-Hoo! I didn't....

    screw him up! We ran last night in horrible conditions (2/3 of arena was under water). He calmly walked into the arena. I set him up, dodged the massive puddle before the first barrel, set him a little to close but recovered, cleared the first, then the second, then the THIRD! We ran home but not as fast as I know he could because of the conditions... It was plain nasty out there... So now it's back to practice and looking forward to the next opportunity to race! Ashley
  10. WHAT COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!

    Check out our halters...they go with ANY horse.
  11. Horse back from trainer...Now am scared I'll ...

    It's a local pee-wee rodeo so no major pressure. I'm not in the top ten in barrels so I figure I'd us this as a training run... But I am top ten with my other horse in poles so we have some work to do!!!
  12. Horse back from trainer...Now am scared I'll ...

    Yes she does. Her name is Cheryl Lynn Mann. She is a 4 time NFR qualifier and has done wonders with my horse. I know I probably just need to get my confidence but we know he's a good 3D-4D horse (which is a HUGE improvement for me) and anything that happens is my doing. I am probably a perfectionist that just needs to let go.... My horse is a 10 yr old dun gelding, former reining horse, he was bred to be a halter horse and does have his diva side. He is sweet and loves to RUN!'s just his turns that need help. He was over flexing and not driving from behind. Cheryl Lynn has done a great job. He has some major junk in his trunk now and looks great. If I don't sit at the proper time and set him though...his back end swings out and it is a quick but ugly turn. Wish me luck that I know when to put my big bootie down!
  13. Mess him up! Anyone been there??? He is going well, first run "in public" will be next Saturday... HELP!
  14. Talk About your Bling!

    Hey it's like my husband says... You can't hide money! LOL
  15. Need Advice on getting big Show Sponsors!

    What exactly are you looking for in a BIG sponsor?