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  1. What To Feed A Horse With Bad Teeth

    His teeth were bad but it seems to be getting better. Like he's relearning to chew. Putting on some weight now too
  2. Anyonr here have a horse with bad teeth? My new guy cant seem to get the hay down. Had his teeth done last week and they were bad. Back were sharp and has a wave. Hes quidding his hay so was wondering what does everyone feed for a horse whi cant have hay? Hes a 23yr qh. Ive got him on blue seal sentinel ls, hay stretcher, omega horseshine and trying the standlee hay. Alfalfa. Before his teeth done he could handle the hay. I know it can take a bit for them to relearn how to chew. He needs weight. Was thinking of adding soaked beet pulp.
  3. Vacuum Horse?

    Update. I moved my new guy to my parents place and the two who've been stealing all the food are just fed further apart now. Seemed to have worked. Not real worried as they have hay 24/7 anyway. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. Vacuum Horse?

    Was watching the 2 more and it seems like they just swap places most times. But i did change the feed a little. Cut down on the grain and added the standlee hay pellets. It really is nothing but hay in pellet form. So he thinks hes still getting something. The other old guy gets the most food but he also fights to the death if anyone goes near him so i know he gets all his food
  5. Vacuum Horse?

    When I feed I can, which only on the weekends. I board, so owner doesn't want to deal with trying to separate them. Unless I can think of a quick system...
  6. Vacuum Horse?

    Hi everyone I have 3 horses who live in a run in situation. 2 oldies and a younger guy. Thing is the older guys eat on the slower side. One old guy (ghost) and young (apache) eat about the same amount of grain. They are both pretty easy to maintian weight wise. Well the other day i noticed that apache is pushing boundries with ghost and has won now with grain time. So hes getting double dippings. They have hay 24/7. This is mainly make sure they get all there nutrients. So question is, would a pelleted hay, like the standlee brand, add weight to apache when he doesnt need it? Is there something i can feed him that will keep him busy that has no real fat in it? Ive tried the anti bolt options for feeding but he just kicks ghost out eats his food then works on his food later.
  7. Sticky Feed?

    Great idea i'll try it. Thanks
  8. Sticky Feed?

    Hey all. Looking for a good stickyish sweet feed or treat to have powdered supplement stick too. I feed a pellet so the powder just sticks more to the bucket then to the feed. Gelding wont eat wet food. Thanks!
  9. Dandruff On Whole Body?

    She doesn't itch anywhere. And we did treated baths last yr. Nothing helped. Next time im over ill try to remember pics.
  10. Dandruff On Whole Body?

    So. my moms mare has dandruff on her whole body. Always had it since we got her. First time we noticed it though we thought she had a reaction to the fly spray we were using, which she did. That was last year. Mom brushes her everyday, usually twice AM/PM while she's eating. Her coat is wicked shiny but she still has the flakes. Not huge flakes. It doesn't spread from horse to horse either. So we know its not rain rot. Its not from over bathing, its still pretty much winter here with a dash of spring on some days. It does seem to subside during the winter months and is flakey spring-fall. Is it something she's missing mineral/vitamin wise in her diet? Oh she's also very easy keeper. About 1 quart of grain a day. Not a high fat grain, basic maintenance grain. 12 protien, 4 fat. Would switching her to a high fat help like a senior or performance grain?
  11. Calling All Pa Riders..

    Hi all, so work is sending me to Pittsburgh for a couple weeks and I've never been out there. I'll be there the 1-13 of Feb. Im sure there's not much happening in the winter but would even love just finding some horsey/country shops to go too. Any and all ideas welcome
  12. Twh?

    Ok so horse is great now I need a saddle. I've tried a semi and full westerns. Saw some online saying walker bars. What does that mean? Flared front?
  13. Twh?

    Hey all! Well that walker i found a few yrs back is now mine. Besides out of shape he's so much fun. I love his personality.
  14. Birds In The Barn

    Does anyone know how to get rid of birds in the barn? There's live 200+ birds in there and they are driving me insane. Its just disgusting. I've tried the whole decoy thing... that didn't work they just destroyed them. I'm considering poisons if anyone knows any good ones to give them? They are sparrows and starlings ( not state protected breeds )
  15. Rearing...how To Stop It From Happening?

    I had a guy like that. It was a "trick" the last owners daughter taught him, which was rip at his mouth until he went up. Then turned to can't have any pressure on is face or mouth. Didn't tie and would rear knowing he could get out of everyting he didn't want to do. Mom picked him out (she's no longer allowed to pick horses ) first trail ride he ended up dumping her, so she gave him to me and took my horse. Solution: we had a come to Jesus meeting under saddle. I rode him hard for 3+ hrs. Make him move, not in a straight line. Lots of circles, jump small logs/cavalettis. Make it so he thinks he's going to die. After that he has never reared on me again. I've had him close to 10 yrs now. Beautiful dressage horse now and ties. Usually takes just one of those type of rides to cure most things, works on buckers too.