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  1. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    Thank you! I am pretty excited! :)
  2. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    All of these were all taken with an iPhone But I am acquiring a new Nikon camera, so better pictures will coming soon! :) I LOVED being a Deputy and loved working for the county. It's going to be an adjustment coming to a PD. Different kind of people and calls. But this is a great agency and I know they will train me well. Hey 440, no those pics were in the Thorp area, towards Elk Heights. And I've been hired by Richland. But I do have friends at Yakima PD.. what's your license plate number? ;) haha
  3. Rodeo Girls

    No I think there has been like 3 or 4 episodes now.
  4. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    Thanks PD - I appreciate that! I've been a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the past year now, so I finally decided this is what I wanted to do in life... and surprisingly enough, my very first oral board I placed 1st out of 30 people and they hired me very quickly. I am with a great department and will be sent off to Police Academy in a couple months... It's going to be a very challenging year ahead of me, but also very rewarding. Unfortunately, the horses won't be getting much of my time, especially once I'm in Academy- due to it being 5 months long. But once I get into a routine, I think I will be able to integrate back into the horse world again.
  5. Rodeo Girls

    Patterns vary. It's really hard to say. I'm not too familiar with the arenas in CA and AZ... but the Sisters rodeo seemed accurate... I'm hoping they show them going to Walla Walla, Kennewick, Ellensburg, or Pendleton. Places I'm a bit more familiar with! And maybe I'll be in the background of the Ellensburg one LOL But like others mentioned, I do wish they showed more genuine down time with their horses.. there is so much prep that goes into rodeoing. Horse people would like to see that when watching the show, but I don't think it has the spark for the none horse people unfortunately.
  6. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    Ain't that the truth!
  7. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    haha I know right! My mom spoils the heck out of him. I do feel bad as he does not have the 30 acres that I had back in Ellensburg to run around on... he is now bound to a leash on a golf course But it is only temporary! And thank you. It has been a crazy ride.. and it has only just begun!
  8. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    Cinch is doing great as well!! Since I have moved back in with my parents, he has a lot of down time... But the big news is...... I have been sworn in as a full time police officer! So that has been my past 6 months in a nut shell! How is everyone else?! :)
  9. Hello, Hello..... Pictures!

    It's been forever and a day since I've been on HorseCity.... doesn't look like it's changed much As for me, lots of big changes have happened... but the horses are doing well. What would the point of this post be without pictures, right?! (let me know if they work.. pulling them off Facebook..) Start off with Cowboy... he has been pretty much a pasture pet lately due to work... but I hopped on him when he had about 5 months off, and we rode around the property like he hadn't missed a day. He is a pretty special horse. Had to have a photoshoot of course.... As for Shorty, I haven't been riding him much either. Just rope off and on... we made it to the Ellensburg Rodeo again this year.. placed 4th. The horses and I picked up and moved recently... so I am boarding them now, which sucks.. haven't done that in forever. They are typical brothers...
  10. Rodeo Girls

    Jessica Holmberg. Yeah some of the pity fights they have are ridiculous. Too ridiculous to be real. And quite honestly, the rodeo community is not like that. The rodeo community is very helpful and someone will always offer to lend a hand or help out another. You see more of that kind of cattiness at barrel races... which is a totally different environment than a rodeo.
  11. Rodeo Girls

    I like the show... It helps I know one of the girls in it. I did college and amateur rodeo with her. The show is not very accurate, as most people already know. Lots of added drama for TV of course. But yes, a lot of barrel racers dress up if they made it into a perf at a rodeo. Nothing wrong with it as long as they can still function.
  12. Cop Shoots Dog

    Last to the party on this one... but.... It was a justified shot.
  13. My Old Man Has Still Got It! Pictures Of The Ben

    LOVE the last two pictures!! You guys are both looking great!!
  14. 5 Star Saddle Pads?

    Thanks GreenHaven! He is a great little horse, but unfortunately, he knows he is good lookin too